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IDPA .45acp Power factors

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Ak Guy, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Ak Guy

    Ak Guy Well-Known Member

    I'm fairly new to IDPA and to reloading .45acp. The IDPA rules say that the power factor for SSP is 125.000, and for CDP is 165,000. So, I guess if you shoot .45acp in SSP, it's 125,000, and if you shoot .45acp in CDP it's 165,000 ??
    Sounds pretty simple, but it also sounds pretty inconsistent for .45acp.

    Assuming I've got this right, why the big difference? Seems like all .45 for IDPA would be the same ?? But then again, I am a newbie, and may be missing something.........?? Thanx for any input..........
  2. GeneS

    GeneS Well-Known Member

    Ak Guy,

    Your numbers are correct. I believe the logic is it wouldn't be fair for a .45 acp at 165 pf to HAVE to compete with a 9mm at 125 pf. In Stock Service Revolver probably the most popular gun is a .45 acp with moon clips and ammo loaded to 125-130 pf.


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