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IDPA Match Sunday in San Antonio

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by TEXASTACTICAL, Jan 28, 2004.


    TEXASTACTICAL Well-Known Member

    Texas Tactical will be putting on an IDPA Match
    this Sunday February 1st at the Blackhawk range
    in San Antonio. The weather should be fantastic,
    so come out and shoot in the great weather! Bring a friend or two!

    Date: Sunday, February 1st, 2004
    Time: 9:30AM
    Shotgun Sidestage after the match. (birdshot only)

    Texas Tactical holds an IDPA Match the 1st Sunday
    of every month at the BLACKHAWK range in San
    Antonio, Texas. The match is open
    to all safe shooters of all ages and skill
    levels. New shooters, please sign up no later
    than 9:30am for a new shooter orientation. For
    map and directions check out our website:


    Hope to see y'all there. When you come into the
    range and cross over the dam turn left and sign
    up will be on the 3rd bay on the right.

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