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*IF* One Were To Build a Range...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Dionysusigma, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Dionysusigma

    Dionysusigma Well-Known Member

    ... how would you do it? What distances would you have? What would the range house be like? I wanna hear any and all ideas that y'all have about your perfect gun range. :)

    Personally, I want both indoor and outdoor areas, each with their own features and such. Indoors would be limited to handguns and submachine guns, and would feature adjustable light levels, moving targets, and the like. Distances would be from 2 yards to 50.

    Outdoors would be primarily for rifles+MGs and shotguns, with separate areas for both types. Firing line is sheltered, with sturdy, comfortable benches and chairs. Dividers prevent flying brass from hitting innocents. Distances go from 2 yards to 1000, and would be placed near the side of a mountain on my dream ranch in New Mexico. :D This would help prevent innocents from being hit by fliers and ricochets. Shotgun area is set up for skeet, trap, etc. with a patterning board nearby.

    The plinking range is off to the side, and the general rules for it are as follows: You bring your own reactive targets--whether they're old appliances, fruit, bowling pins, love letters from your ex, etc. but you MUST shovel the remaining debris into the berm when you're through.

    Range house has an area with folding tables where you can buy Hoppes and patches and clean your guns before you go home. Restrooms are immaculate and in good repair, and there's a small sitting-room area (properly ventilated, of course) with ash trays and a small cabinet humidor and cigarette machine. Coke machine is by the door heading outside.

    So... what ideas do y'all have? :)

    Unfortunately, this is just a dream of mine... it'd take more time and money than I'll ever have. :(
  2. airmonkey

    airmonkey Active Member

    good ideas but i would seperate the mg's from the rifles and add a outdoor combat range
  3. Joejojoba111

    Joejojoba111 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about old tires, walls of old tires. Maybe even get paid for taking them. More for stopping sound, but steel-belted might slow a bullet down, or maybe put some dirt in them.

    Hey new idea, wall of old tires with dirt in them and small trees/bushes growing out, for more noise reduction and because a wind-brake is always a good thing! You could lay the wall down 1 layer at a time, shovel some dirt in each, and chimney-stack the next layer, then put a bush on top.
  4. Chris Rhines

    Chris Rhines Well-Known Member

    An even dozen square-range bays, each fifty by fifty yards. Two or three would be dedicated to falling steel, while another two would have advancing/lateral moving target setups. All the bays would have lights. For the USPSA/IDPA guys.

    A covered 30-point 50 yard pistol range with target turners, for the Conventional Pistol guys.

    A covered 30-point 600 yard rifle range with pit service and intercoms, for the Service and Match rifle guys.

    A two-story 360-degree covered modular shoot house. Perhaps a city street setup, too. Both fully equipped with remote-controlled reactive targets. For classes.

    A 1500 yard multipurpose field rifle range, with targets and target frames scattered throughout.

    Half a dozen combination skeet/trap fields, with high-capacity traps.

    I don't care about the clubhouse, as long as it has enough bathrooms and water fountains.

    - Chris
  5. Waffen

    Waffen Well-Known Member

    I would have a total of 3 ranges with varying ammounts of shooting stalls at each station. This would require a D-10 or dare I say bigger dozer.

    Rules: No "personal" targets. No shooting crap. No shooting old appliances. Must wait 1 second between each shot. No full auto except on specified days/times.

    Pistol Range:1-75 yards. Target boards scattered throughout with steel reactive targets placed at 5, 10, 15, 20,.... up to 75. High 10 ft high berms on all sides of the range, with tires as the visable "walls" on the inside of the range. A total of 15 pistol stalls. Covered with 1/4" thick steel overhang. Concrete benches and concrete "stools".

    Rifle Range:1-500 yards. Target boards at 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500. Steel simulation targets at above ranges as well. Markes on the side of the berm indicating distance. Sheet metal deviders in between each stall, concrete stall slab angled downward with stool and bench resting at a compensating degree. Metal brass catchers like a "rain catcher" on a football feild/track. Grass "shooting field". Range would be 20 stalls big.

    Shotgun Range: 1 50x50 yard area with surrounding berms for sighting in slugs, or patterning your favorite load. Seperate would be the skeet pads. 3 different ranges. Concrete stations, with red granite on the range. High and low house painted red with white surrounding where the bird would exit the house. Electronic throwers with at least 100ft cord.
  6. Smoke

    Smoke Well-Known Member

    Rifle oout to 300.
    Skeet and trap.
    Dynamic pistol range with multiple targets and angles, throw in a good supply of steel targets and poppers.
    Closed to the public.

    Oh wait....I already have that. :neener:

  7. jefnvk

    jefnvk Well-Known Member

    That is just something I could never go for. Maybe set up an area where target shooters can shoot without being disturbed, but not prohibiting all rapid fire.

    I like the shotgun range at the club I go to right now. Eight lit shooting areas. The left-most two are strictly skeet, the right most are strictly trap, and the four in the middle are variable depending on how many people there are. Also a nice sporting clays range.

    Probably a 600m shooting range, covered, good benches that are moveable to suit differnt shooting configuations or if you want to shoot prone. Definitely would have a gong at different ranges. Majority of lanes would be 100/200 meters, with provided target frames. Probably some man-sized pop-up targets at longer ranges. Like I said, maybe seperate a part of the range for those benchrest shooters that can't stand others having fun by rapid-firing away at pop cans and such.

    Indoor pistol range, probably a dozen stalls, range of 25m.

    Clubhouse with a small deli/restaurant type thing. Cleaning area, maybe some rentable tools. Small pro shop that would sell things like ammo and clothing.
  8. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    I'll assume I had a huge acreage - from then on - my list of range design attributes would be - LONG!!!! I have envisaged the ''perfect range'' - well, to my spec' anyways.

    I need probably only a modest $2 to $3 mil to do it. Much moving of dirt of course and that soaks up dollars. But building too and very sophisticated target mechanisms would be included. No one would ever have to walk or drive to 600 yards - nope - all done mechanically. It would - in a nutshell - be shooting heaven on earth.:)

    (Dream on .... P95!)
  9. Byron Quick

    Byron Quick Moderator In Memoriam

    Move to Terlingua. Take the four wheel drive and drive out into the desert with a laser range finder and my gear. Check out the area. Pick a spot free of hikers, etc. and with a good backstop which is just about anywhere. You can find land for sale in that region as low as $100/acre. Course that is with no water, no electricity, and no phone.
  10. Gifted

    Gifted Well-Known Member

    Man, I"ll have to draw a diagram. 2000yard range, skeet/trap combos, a few ranges varying from 25-500 yards, all paper. There would be general purpose ranges, with an extra fee for you to dump the junk you brought to shoot in the dumpster nearby.

    And of course the Maze. This would be surrounded with double height berms, with barrels full of dirt, or pallets of tires full of dirt serving as movable berms to make a course for steel and action shooting. The normal method here would be a back-and-forth course, you carry an air horn, when the guy ahead of you turns the corner, you can head down, waiting at each corner. The steel would self reset, and have a sensor to automatically score.
  11. jaysouth

    jaysouth Well-Known Member

    Before you spend any money, call your insurance agent and run your plans by him. Eat lots of Wheaties before you go and be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to find insurance when your regular guy gives you the Marine Salute.

    Go down to zoning and talk to them. There are a lot of counties that just flat prohibit outdoor ranges.
  12. Gifted

    Gifted Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd share a diagram I made up in Paint.
  13. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Gifted - that'll do nicely - as a start! :p

    I think all ranges should have some state-of-the-art target retrieval and placement system - no need under normal conditions for any personnel to have to go downrange!

    As to the ''how'' - well heck - we have 2 to 3 mil to spend (yeah!!??) so, we'll come up with something. ;)
  14. Dionysusigma

    Dionysusigma Well-Known Member

    How about like they have in bowling alleys for the balls? A retrieval system like that for paper targets, but instead use rollers (think typewriter/printer/fax machine) to transport the target. :) Then, you have an automated system clamp onto the top of the target (just like a bowling pin).

    Or a tram-style system like the one over at H&H (other okies can ekplain that one better than I) :eek:
  15. Control Group

    Control Group Well-Known Member

    Of course, the bowling alley has the advantage that the pin setup mechanism almost never takes a .30-06 at 3000FPS.
  16. Gifted

    Gifted Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm seeing no big deal with walking to targets under 100-200 yards. Only the 2000yd range has the automatic setup. The targets are printed on large rolls of waxed paper(so it's waterproof). When you're done with a target, you hit a switch and it rolls to the next one and a charge is added to your tab. The TV camera is in an armored box positioned appropriately. I'm not thinking I'll need more than three or four positions on that range.

    If you want to shoot junk, that's possible. A large dumpster is kept nearby for you to throw the trash in. You just pay a little extra to cover the trucking costs for that.

    One idea I took from the local range. It's supervised, but they don't call ceasefires and such. Not really nessecary as there's generally only three our four max that I've seen on one range. You check with the others, and then proceed downrange. Since the ranges are seperate, the guys shooting 300yds don't have to stop for the guys on the 200yd range, etc. A fourth wall can be added to the shelters, making winter shooting reasonable, and illumination for after dark.

    I just realized a good way to make that range better. I'll have to go do that now. I also need a few hundred acres, a good hill for the 2000yd backstop, and some money.

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