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if you absolutely had to use a .22 for self defense?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by haplesshero, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. haplesshero

    haplesshero New Member

    I have muscular dystrophy, severely limited hand and arm strength that will progressively get worse. I have spent over 2000 rounds behind my Walther P22 in the last month, countless hours playing with the internals (polished trigger and hammer, feed ramp, trigger bar ears, etc.), and have modified my magazines to allow 12+1 capability(which I practice with and works reliably, every time). I am capable of rapid fire, currently scoring 4-5 bullseye and the rest in the 9-10 range from a single mag at 10-15 ft without the use of a front post sight. I am comfortable with this weapon as a CCW.

    I do not care to hear the inadequacy of my choice of round. I have fired 9mm from a full size polymer, and although i scored one bullseye out of four shots, I was uncomfortable with the recoil, follow up ability, and the sheer stress on my muscles afterward.

    I currently keep the weapon loaded with CCI Stingers (I score the hollow points with a small phillips head screwdriver.) As soon as the opportunity presents itself, I plan to do some independent ballistics testing.

    In the meantime, what round would you use, if you absolutely had to use a .22 for self defense? In addition, are there any modifications to the rounds that may increase their limited expansion, penetration, or fragmentation capabilities (while still remaining within the bounds of the law)?
  2. gunsablazin

    gunsablazin New Member

    Your choice of CCI Stingers is a good one. Obviously, reliability is extremely important in a self defense pistol, and the round you are using is a "premium" .22LR round. The extra quality control used in their production reduces the chance of a mis-fire, like you commonly see with the cheaper "plinking" ammo you buy in bricks. If I were in your condition, I would not feel unarmed with a good .22, while not the best choice, in the hands of a competent shooter,it can be effective.
  3. RickMD

    RickMD New Member

    A lot of people have been killed quite dead with a 22 LR. I've personally seen more than a few. If you can shoot it well stick with it. A well placed shot with a 22 will beat a miss with a larger caliber any day. Remember that most felons prefer not to be shot with anything.
  4. Claude Clay

    Claude Clay New Member

    i feel much the same as you but with a Sig Trailside and CCI Stingers.

    i practice 3 shoot groups and at 21' a quarter will often cover each group.
    when i play this game ( arthritis is developing) i also practice with my Ace 4-derringer.
  5. Scimmia

    Scimmia New Member

    The Stinger is a good round, my only question would be penetration. Would this be a situation where ball ammo might be superior?
  6. 481

    481 New Member

    To answer your question, if I was constrained to the use of a .22LR handgun for SD, I would use the fastest, yet heaviest practical (in .22 that would be 40 grain) plated RN bullet that I could find in order to insure adequate penetration. That accomplished, I would then train to place as many bullets into the vital zone of an assailant(s) in the shortest time possible.

    The reason I say this is that hollow point bullets in .22 are notorious for under-expanding (and failing to expand) even under the most optimal circumstances and usually don't weigh a full 40 grains to begin with. When .22 HPs do expand, that expansion is typically unimpressive at handgun velocities (the .22 isn't big to begin with) even with scoring the noses and what little penetration ability the .22 has is reduced by the braking forces induced by the expanded HP if it expands in the first place.
  7. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer New Member

    I tend to agree with this. I was shot with a 22 CCI Stinger when I was 17. It fragmented and caused little damage other than a broken bone. I often wonder what would have happened if it had been an FMJ with just a teeny bit more penetration capability to get to the squishy stuff on the other side of said bone. Take that fwiw but if it were me, I'd be carrying some fast moving FMJ and save the stingers for small critters.
  8. 56hawk

    56hawk New Member

    Yellow Jackets are the only 22s I have ever had any luck with. Of course this is with shooting small animals. Don't know how effective they would be on people.
  9. haplesshero

    haplesshero New Member

    Thank you much, this was the sort of answer I was looking for, as penetration is my primary concern with .22 center mass shots. Luckily, minimags are also the most accurate round out of my weapon.

    Thanks again.
  10. Sky

    Sky New Member

    That is pretty good shooten with the P-22.

    I had an uncle shot in the back when he was 10 years old from approx 50 yards with a 22fmj. He spent the rest of his life in a wheel chair.

    Personally knew a girl who shot a guy with a .22HP who had broken into her house. He was hit in the chest and ran outside where he fell over to rise no more.

    With the way you are approaching your self defense and the work you are putting into acquiring the skills necessary to protect yourself I have nothing but praise for you. Let us all hope we never have to fire a weapon in SD or out of anger.
  11. KodiakBeer

    KodiakBeer member

    You might consider a 10/22 for home defense. You can buy 30 and 50 round magazines for them. There are also a lot of aftermarket mods available like folding stocks, etc. For most people such mods are toys, but for you it might make the best home defense system.

  12. JoeMal

    JoeMal New Member

    Getting shot in the nose/eye/mouth would not feel pleasant, even coming from a .22. I think shot placement may be the bigger concern than ammo choice; FMJ or hollow point, being shot is going to make the BG think twice
  13. haplesshero

    haplesshero New Member

    For home defense, I am considering a Saiga in 5.45x39. The action is smooth enough from factory, and i plan on polishing it a bit. Besides, with my interest in taking things apart, i feel it would be a fun project weapon and good survival choice, as well.

    Thank you though, the 10/22 is number three on my rifle list.
  14. 481

    481 New Member

    Glad that I could help. :)

    You must be able to read minds also. :D After your last response, I realized that I had actually failed to name the round that I was describing in my response to you, but you nailed it anyway. :cool:

    From a 3.4" P22 barrel you can expect a muzzle velocity of 850-900 fps depending upon how your pistol barrel performs with that load.

    Have you had the opportunity to chronograph the CCI 40 gr. Minimags from your P22 yet?
  15. Chuck Dye

    Chuck Dye New Member

    On the ammo choice, Aguila Interceptor is touted as a 40 grain bullet, either solid or hollow point, at 1470 fps, presumably from a rifle barrel. I have yet to connect with any but have seen it on several vendors' web sites.
  16. KZinOKC

    KZinOKC Member

  17. KodiakBeer

    KodiakBeer member

    That would be a better choice. I just assumed you'd need rimfire in a long gun also.
  18. Lawdawg45

    Lawdawg45 New Member


    If your wife is a good cook and can do biscuits and gravy some southern justice, I'll be your bodyguard 24/7:D

    Just wanted to give you a chuckle and let you know you're amongst friends. I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and while I'm not in your position, I've had to make some caliber and weapon adjustments. Hang in there and keep smiling!

  19. Geckgo

    Geckgo New Member

    +1 for 40g solid minimags. Aguilla makes a 60gr bullet but they have problems in some weapons. Definitely test them first. I believe you can get them in solids.

    Most HP 22s will still have pretty adequate penetration for home defense, but I would vote no on the stingers. If you want a HP, get a velociter and call it good. Just my opinion.
  20. berettaprofessor

    berettaprofessor Active Member

    I'm sure that Robert Kennedy would not argue with the choice of a 22 for lethality.

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