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If you could own 1 handgun and 1 rifle...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Hoot Gibson, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Hoot Gibson

    Hoot Gibson New Member

    1 handgun for self defense/ home protection and one rifle for general use and were on a $1000 budget{I know, that would be hard} what would you purchase?

    {no I'm not looking for a sales pitch, just some honest opinions}
  2. Attila The Killa

    Attila The Killa New Member

  3. Too easy. I've got a Ruger GP100 stainless 6 inch and SKS:)

    I'd also go with some others below who said 357 magnum revolver/lever rifle combo: the GP100 and a companion lever rifle like a Marlin 1894C or Puma 92 in stainless.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2009
  4. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Do you own any firearms now and you're asking out of curiosity about people's personal opinions or are you looking for input for a first gun?

    If this is the latter then you really need to first find out what points naturally for you first. That way you'll be more accurate, able to handle recoil more comfortably and enjoy your shooting experience better. You wouldn't want to try to learn/use a bicycle that didn't fit you?

    If you're looking for a single long gun, many will advise getting a shotgun. Relatively inexpensive, readily available, configurable for hunting waterfowl, turkey, deer as well as able to handle home defense roles. Alternately, a rifle in 30 cal-ish will fill many practical roles as well as HD.
  5. Hoot Gibson

    Hoot Gibson New Member

    60 year old ex Air Force/Vietnam Security Police...I've got enough{these days does anybody have enough guns or ammo?} of my own...just curious, plus my youngest son probably will have to move out of state to get a decent teaching job when he finishes his Masters this summer....I'm thinking a useful Graduation present...if you get my drift?
  6. swiftak

    swiftak New Member

    308 bolt and a 45 auto
  7. c5_nc

    c5_nc New Member

    A Yugo underfolder AK-47 and Police Surplus Glock 22 (if they are unlikely to carry), Taurus Millenium Pro (OK both ways), or keltec (if they are likely to carry). Exactly $1000 here.
  8. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    I guess you'll have to find out whether the points a 1911, Beretta, Glock or CZ frame semi, or a revolver, the best. Once you find that out you can decide whether to purchase new or used to stay in your price range.

    I've not had any problems with CZ75-format semiautos. They point for my wife and my buddy (which means they don't point naturally for me), but I like them just the same. I have a 70 series Colt Combat Commander that I haven't had any trouble out of (you shouldn't out of a 30 year old handgun). I also have a couple of SA ParaOrds that have been champs for me. Another buddy points a 92FS and owns the Taurus clone of the Beretta. He's had good luck with it. I know plenty of folks with Glocks that never complain about them. Others own the S&W M&P and brag on the accuracy, ergonomics and reliability.
  9. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett New Member

    For me, I'd go with a Savage 10FP LE1, 20" heavy barrel in 308 and a Baby Eagle in 45 or 9mm.

    I've seen the Savage for $575 and you can get the Baby Eagle for under $500. Both NIB.

    Of course, accessories like scopes, extra mags, etc. will run you more and probably break your $1000 budget with ease.

    If you had to stay with your $1000 budget, accessories and all, I'd say get a non-LE model Savage or Remington in 308, a $100 scope (I know, it isn't going to be the best "sniper scope" in the world, but probably sufficient), the Baby Eagle in 45, and several spare factory mags.
  10. Shung

    Shung New Member

    glock 19 or 21 (or a nice 1911A1) and an Ar-15 !
  11. ZombieKiller

    ZombieKiller New Member

    Colt 1911 and an AK-47
  12. Atticum

    Atticum New Member

    cz p-01 or sp-01

    marlin 336
  13. Gunther

    Gunther New Member

    Glock 9mm or 45
    AR-15 or 308 Bolt
  14. Considering the budget of $1000, I would suggest a used Beretta 92FS, a used 870 pump, and a SKS. I know this is three, but I generally feel a man needs three at a minimum. Rifle,Shotgun,Handgun. If you go with used, all three should fit in the budget with enough left over for some ammo or a used marlin mdl 60 .22:)
  15. BillyBA

    BillyBA New Member

    gun and riffle (carbine)

    :cool:simple - Glock 17 and Kel-tec Sub2000 w/ Glock grip - both fun to shoot and mostly for the convenience factor of magazine switch capabilities . pea nut butter and jelly time ??
  16. 35Rem

    35Rem New Member

    2.5" S&W Model 19 (or 66) and a Marlin 1894C both in 357 magnum.
  17. emory d

    emory d New Member

    Considering the budget, I would go with a used Beretta 92 and a Golani. Both are available, reliable and tough as nails. I happen to own both and I would be happy with both in a SHTF situation.
  18. +1 for the 1894c/revolver combo!
  19. XD9WBT

    XD9WBT member

    9mm glock,Semi-auto Marlin Camp 9mm Carbine rifle. You aren't gonna be bragging about long shots on Bambi or become king of the snipers but the money you will be saving will let you buy anything in few years.
  20. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN New Member

    1911,Winchester Defender 12 ga and an SKS.

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