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If You Were a Thief, Where in a Car Would You Ransack?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Brian10, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Brian10

    Brian10 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to see if there is a "safer" place in my car for my handgun. If I were a thief, I would walk the lot to try to spot something worth while to steal, like probably a gps unit. Then I figure it's smash and grab. While I'm inside, maybe spend 10 seconds to check glovebox and console area, but I'd probably skip everything else.

    With that line of thinking, you guys think places like under the seat would be "safer"?
  2. Averageman

    Averageman Well-Known Member

    Under the seat is where the guns are, then the glovebox and counsole GPS and any other goodies on the dash or arm rest, pop the trunk and Poof...!
    Skip the "Mommy" cars, the only thing under the seat is Happy Meal French Fries and spare diapers.
    "Safer" would be in a holser on your hip.
    The whole thing can be done in ten seconds.
  3. lions

    lions Well-Known Member

    No good places to hide a gun, car is too small and all the hiding spots are well known.

    You would be better off to secure the gun with a locking gun box secured with a cable looped around where the seat is bolted to the floor. They aren't too heavy duty but they would stop a smash and grab.
  4. Bullnettles

    Bullnettles Well-Known Member

    The only time my gun is in my car is I'm in it. Period. Unless you have an awesome lock-box, you're just giving another criminal the opportunity to be armed.
  5. iiibdsiil

    iiibdsiil Well-Known Member

    If I was randomly checking doors that were unlocked, I'd check the center console, glove box, glimpse at the floor, and the dash. That would be to stay quiet and minimize noise. Doors opening to check under seats, popping trunks, etc doesn't sound smart to me. Let's say that were in your driveway.

    But, people steal stereos that are bolted down inside the trunk, head units, door speakers... I'd venture a guess that nothing is really safe.

    I keep mine in the center console and lock the doors. If it's going to get stolen it's going to get stolen. I did my part when I locked the doors.

    A friend of mine had a smash and grab in front of his house. Broke the window and stole his $20 radar detector. They left the gun that was in the drivers door pocket. I don't know if the didn't see it or if they knew the cops weren't going to do anything about a radar detector but might start thinking about it with a gun involved. Probably scared out of their minds with the dog barking though.

    His neighbor got hit in the same fashion a few weeks later.
  6. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    Pretty much everywhere that things could be put. Most cars aren't that big. There was a report here recently that car thieves at various shopping places were so brazen that they didn't really seem to care if people were around or even watching them. It doesn't take that long to go through a car.
  7. Lv4snobrdg

    Lv4snobrdg Well-Known Member

    when I have to leave it in the car, Bank errands, picking up kids from school, I put it in the pocket behind the passenger seat.

    I would think that vehicle break in's focus on what they can see, fit in their pockets, and run with. In my experience however they steal the car then loot it.
  8. Just One Shot

    Just One Shot Well-Known Member

    It's not safe to leave an unsecured firearm anywhere in your vehicle.

    I purchased a lock box and bolted it through the trunk floor in my daily driver.

    For the wifes car I purchased one of the care safes with the cable and wrapped it around the seat frame. Even these can be defeated if the thief has enough time.

    Never leave your firearm in your vehicle for extended periods of time (overnight as an example).

    It's best to keep your gun on you when possible and use these for temporary storage only.
  9. Brian10

    Brian10 Well-Known Member

    The idea of a lock box has crossed my minds multiple times, but it essentially defeats the purpose. If you can't get to it, then I don't really see a purpose to it. I thought about a smaller box with a cable attachment, but that's something bulkier to hide and the cable really won't provide much security to a heavy duty cutting plier.

    My city posts their police activity reports weekly, so we can see the type of crime that is going on. Surprisingly, there are very few stolen car reports. However, there is an overwhelmingly large number of vehicle break-ins though, almost every one at a shopping center parking lot. I figure those are smash and grabs. I figure the thieves don't have that much time, so there's bound to be places they don't regularly check.

    Sounds like under the seat is not a good idea. Thanks.
  10. weisse52

    weisse52 Well-Known Member

    About sums this up. If it's in there, they will find it and take it.
  11. KenW.

    KenW. Well-Known Member

    I have a steel lock box bolted to the floor of my pickup. It only gets used when I have to go onto the local USAF base to restock my beer. Base security insists on being the only armed people on base.
  12. angel1216

    angel1216 Well-Known Member

    if i can't carry it on my hip, i would just leave it at home in my safe!!!!
  13. Sapper771

    Sapper771 Well-Known Member

    As others have said, a car is not a good place for a handgun.

    In my area, vehicle larcenies are generally always the top crime. It is often a crime of convenience/opportunity. There for a while, we had this crew of three juvies that would walk the subdivisions and appartment complexes looking to see who left their car door unlocked. They would steal anything from the cars, pens , key chains, flashlights, sandals, just minor stupid stuff.
    Then we had the guys that would just drive through neighborhoods looking into vehicles. If they saw something of interest (aftermarker stereo, radar detector, GPS, PDA, Cell phone) they would either bust out the window glass, or they would wedge the window and knock it off its track. Wedging the window glass was the preferred method as it was quieter.
    The next crew we had worked in teams. You had a couple of vehicles that would drop the guys off in the neighborhoods/subdivisions. The vehicles would then circle the area scouting for the police so they could alert the guys on the ground. When the guys on the ground would finish looting , they called someone in the car for a pick up.
    We had several other groups/individuals with slightly different tactics.
    It got so bad in my area, that my department actually posted a public service announcement, giving the community advice on how to minimize their chances of becoming a victim.

    As I have told others....If they want to get what's in your car/house, they will get it. For every security measure, there is countermeasure. Our criminals are getting smarter and smarter.

    The bolt on safes are a good idea, but not perfect. These dudes are usually toting equipment to pry with, so the safe(containing the gun) would be pryed off the floor and taken to a better location to be hacked open. Small safes generally scream "STEAL ME" to theives.
    Its better than nothing though.

    Most of the time when I show up to a vehicle larceny the main focus was the front of the cabin. The console, radio, glove box, etc. Most of the theives in our area are looking for something fast, easy, and portable. Something they can pawn quickly so they can go get their fix. We normally don't see too many ellaborate motives.

    I tell people to make their car look boring as possible inside. No bags, backpacks, purses, or wallets. Do not leave your GPS', MP3 players, or radar detectors out in the open. Don't even leave their cords out in the open, that is also a sign that something expensive may be inside. Most of the time the theif will look in your car, and if he doesn't see anything in your ride that's worth his time, he will move on. I have seen this many many times on the surveillance videos at Walmart while investigating a larceny.

    Like others have said, the best place for your gun is on your hip, not in your car. If you must leave it in your car, hide it well and make sure you have the serial number written down somewhere .
  14. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    If I wanted to ransack a vehicle, it would be all of it. Once you get a door or window open (by whatever means, including simply breaking a side window), the whole interior of the car is accessible. Your trunk will not be protected either, since the trunk release is now also accessible (unless it is an electric release that requires the ignition to be on, but don't count on that either).
  15. Just One Shot

    Just One Shot Well-Known Member

    The idea of the lock box is for when you leave and go someplace that doesn't allow CCW's. I retrieve my gun as soon as I return to the vehicle. It is available any time I'm in the vehicle because it's either on me or within arms reach at all times.

    My wife has a Ford Focus and the cabled box slides easily under the front seat. The cable and the box are out of plain sight.

    The cable on the dedicated gun box is case hardened. Nothing short of a set of bolt cutters will go through it. I don't know too many thiefs that walk around with bolt cutters in their pocket.

    As I stated, these are for temporary / short term protection, not for extended storage of a handgun. Used as such, these provide a certain level of protection from the unsavory elements of our society.

    Can these be defeated? Absolutely! But it takes more time than the average thief is willing to spend when it's a smash and dash operation. But it's definitely better than trying to hide yor fiearm in hopes that the thief won't think to check where you stored it!

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