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Ignorant/unscrupulous Dealers P*** Me Off

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Wildalaska, May 11, 2004.

  1. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    OK lookey here, Im not the easiest person to get along with, especially because of my low tolerance ofr ignorance, incompetance and know it allismm...

    But at a minimum, since I deal guns, I am expected to know more about about them than the average Joe....and I generally do

    Now everyboidy makes mistakes...in grading something you can miss a hairline crack in a stock..confuse A with B, mix up a variation...I understand that...

    But dealers, if you dont know something...look it up..or ask...if you dont I get suspcious....and if there is a flaw...say so

    Case in point..

    Customer comes in wants to transsfer in a Broomie...represented to be a 90% original all matching with original shoulder stock "military accepted" 1915...price $2500...

    I tell the customer even assuming that is true, its still $500 too much, but he wants it..OK...he says he has three day inspection..OK..send it up..

    Comes in today...

    Stock is original...good...

    Pull back bolt on pistol and start inspecting top to bottom...springs feel a bit iffy but can be replaced......OK..blue is original, no "military acceptance " stamps but OK, it has the right military proofs although not unit marked...turn it over...

    Whooa there Nelly...why is their no blue on the barrel extension near the bolt stop? Why does it look like a grinder has been there? Why is the whole extension around the bolt stop in the white and showing grind marks? Hmm lets look at the back..hey its cracked! Its cracked where it has been welded! This isnt a 90% gun...this is a heap of parts....

    Becasue once they are cracked, they cant be repaired. Becasue one they are cracked, they are bound to have other problems...its not safe to shoot, and has no value other than parts!

    Bottomline is we are sending it back...if the dealer does not give a refund I will of course post who he is...becasue here is the bottom line..

    Ya sell a Broomie for $2500 and rep it at 90% and it comes with a cracked and welded barrel extension I can only assume 2 things..

    Either the dealer is completely ignorant about Broomhandles..or..

    He was hoping that no one would notice and he could sell a piece of junk..

    BTW, ya shoot one with a cracked extension and you are risking seriuous injuries...

    Luckily for my customer, I study these things...

  2. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler Well-Known Member

    It'd piss me off too, if someone sold me a gun, saying it was in 90% condition, and I found out it was actually cracked and would be unsafe to shoot.
  3. S_O_Laban

    S_O_Laban Well-Known Member

  4. stv

    stv Well-Known Member

    We, the Customers Who Depend On Honest, Knowledgeable Dealers, thank you. :)
  5. Delmar

    Delmar Well-Known Member

    Wild-thank you for being on top of a situation where a lot of dealers would not have paid the slightest attention. It's a sad fact that most people going to Joe Average's gun store for a transaction like this are dealing with someone akin to a used car salesman. Not to say all used car salesmen are not knowledgable, but most wouldn't know the difference between a cam shaft and a chair leg.

    Case in point-when my wife wanted to buy a 1911, we looked around at an indoor range/shop facility here locally right after a shooting session. They had some new Colts, but the prices were much higher than I had seen in other stores. I'm one of those guys that figure the price is what it is, and I do not act like I'm in a flea market, nor do I berate the salesman.
    I just told my wife in front of him it was more than what we had in the kitty and she would have to wait.

    The salesman, who had been trying so hard to impress us with his knowledge saw he was going to lose a sale, says "Look at the Llama's-they're just as good as a Colt :rolleyes: and $200 cheaper.

    He then pulls the pistol out of the showcase, still in the open box. Wife picks the pistol out of the box, and I kid you not, the pistol was perfectly blued-on one side only! The other side was completely in the white:what:
    I chalked it up to the salesman not having handled this particular weapon before and thanked him for his time.

    We were back in the same range/shop a few weeks later, and this salesman was now on a mission to sell us a pistol. Calls us over to the sales display and pulls out a stainless Colt, asking over $1000 for it, and it is used. But, says he-I did a trigger job and its really sweet-did it himself. He proceeds to open the slide for inspection-smart, and then lets the slide fly on an empty chamber-not so smart, and the hammer follows. All the way to the firing pin, and he did not have his finger on the trigger.

    Wifey starts really diggin in this guys case, saying he should not put his stupidity on public display-I just clamped my hand over her mouth and start heading for the door......
  6. Treylis

    Treylis Well-Known Member

    After seeing his previous talk about Llamas, I would have formed a ghastly grimace on my face the instant I heard him talk about doing a trigger job himself.
  7. c_yeager

    c_yeager Well-Known Member

    As a dealer your really going the extra mile for your customer on that one. Your not the one who is responsible for the gun. And frankly a lot of dealers get peeved about doing a transfer in the first place. Kudos for looking out for your customers. I'm glad there are still plenty of GOOD dealers out there to help us customers out.
  8. BluesBear

    BluesBear member

    At the risk of repeating myslf from a previous thread I feel compelled to repeat myself.

    :banghead: It would seem that Rampant Stupidity is reaching Epic Porportions. :banghead:
  9. Leatherneck

    Leatherneck Well-Known Member

    I vote for the Broomhandle Mauser seller trying to rip off an unwary buyer--he knows that if he keeps at it long enough, somebody will bite and stay on the hook.

    Wild: How's the guy's feedback?

    TFL Survivor

    P.S. You done good watching out fer yer customer.
  10. roo_ster

    roo_ster Well-Known Member


    You done right.

    I also lost some sales, back when I was in retail & B2B sales due to looking out for my customers' interests. Funny thing was, they appreciated it and came back to buy later or sent other business my way. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best kind, IMO. After all was said & done, I probably did not lose any money and was able to sleep well at night.
  11. Thumper

    Thumper Well-Known Member

    Even though it's nice to have him/her at the counter, it's a good idea to have your best gun person working the log book.

    Also saves you from the occasional hole in the wall.
  12. 2nd Amendment

    2nd Amendment member

    I'd have to agree about the absurdity of Llamas being as good as Colts. I've always had MUCH less trouble with my Llamas. :)
  13. Tom Servo

    Tom Servo Well-Known Member

    I once had an interesting conversation with a pawn-shop dealer. He had a used Glock 17 for $200. My first question was what was wrong with it that he was selling it so low.

    "Oh, man. That thing was carried by a cop, so it's got some wear, ya know."

    "Seems like it's never been oiled or cleaned at all. Most cops I know take care of their guns."

    "Um. Well, I mean, it's the same type the cops carry."

    "No, the cops carry 22s. What can you tell me about the seller?"

    "If you're a cop, you have to tell me."

    (Not true. In any case, my mind was made up not to do business here. Then I racked, or rather ground, the slide back, and when it fell...)

    "Hey, it looks like the serial number's been filed off here."

    "Ah. Well, ya know. Lots of wear, probably from the holster."

    I handed the gun back to him and walked out. I called the police from my car, and they told me they'd look into it. That was three years ago. I drove by the other day, and the guy's still in business, still advertising that he sells guns. Crap like this scares me.
  14. Treylis

    Treylis Well-Known Member

    Those pesky Kydex holsters, always rubbing off serial numbers... ;-P
  15. Don Gwinn

    Don Gwinn Moderator Emeritus

    Dude, it is NOT a good sign when the guy you're thinking you might make a deal with says "Hey, if you're a cop, you have to tell me!"

    It's even worse when it happens at Dairy Queen. :uhoh:
  16. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Oh the humanity. A butchered Broomhandle. :( It's good for a museum piece or parts (caveat emptor).
  17. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Glad we have some straight dealers around ..... to spot the crap ones.

    ''WildatleasthasintegrityandenoughknowhowAlaska. :)

    The ignorant and dishonest dealers need to go shoot these guns they pass as ''90%'' etc ... let em enjoy a kaboom or three!:D
  18. one45auto

    one45auto Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean about ignorant dealers, because the shop I frequent has an employee who knows next to nothing about guns. Why, he once tried to sell me a Model 36 that had a rust spot the size of a dime on the inside of the barrel (not to mention residual oxidizing around the cylinder release and crane) saying that it was in "excellent" condition. Oh please! Maybe after I sent it to Smith & Wesson for a barrel replacement and reblue, perhaps, but by then his $300 snubbie would have turned into a $500 restoration project. :rolleyes:

    So why do I stick with them? Easy. Back in 1998 I purchased a Ruger Vaquero and, as always, paid in cash. (I refuse to use plastic) However later on that afternoon (and when I was miles away from the shop) I suddenly discovered that I was $100 short and remembering that the woman at the bank had cautioned me that new bills sometimes stick together, I called the shop. I explained the situation and asked if they could please compare their receipts to the drawer total and let me know if it was over by exactly $100. They promised to do so and instructed me to call thirty minutes after closing, assuring me that they would answer the phone at that hour.

    Well, they were as good as their word and when I called shortly after 9:30 they informed me that I was right - they were over by precisely that amount. While I sighed in relief they said that they would leave the money with the clerk and I could come by anytime to claim it. Sure enough, the very next day I was back at the shop and lo and behold there was a crisp hundred with my name clipped to it behind the counter. Some dealers would have lied about being over and pocketed the cash, either that or the clerk would have palmed it, but they didn't. They did the right thing and that's why I only buy from them - even if I do have to deal with that ignorant clerk from time to time. :rolleyes:

    What I hate more than ignorance (because I can tolerate that, knowing guns as I do) is price-gouging. That reallyticks me off. Case in point, the range I frequent wants $110 to do a transfer - and that doesn't even include the $10 fee for the background check! Considering the money they make on the range, you'd think they might be a little less greedy but no - not them. Talk about bloodsuckers, I almost dropped the phone when they gave me that quote. Needless to say they'll never be getting my business. I'll shoot there, but buy from them? Never.
  19. BarnsBeware

    BarnsBeware Well-Known Member

    Hey, I know a museum that might take it. Since its not worth stealing, they don't have to worry about theft insurance, and it sounds like its pretty on the outside. Best of all, it sounds like they don't even have to worry about conserving it either! :(
  20. azrael

    azrael Well-Known Member

    Good for you Wild...you gained a customer for life with that guy...PLEASE tell us who it is if he doesnt make it right...

    The local FFL guy that serves as my 1..Gunsmith 2..wailing wall 3..holster dealer, has saved me from making a several VERY stupid mistakes....He gets my business...

    It is truly a shame to butcher a Broomy...I have wanted one for years and it makes me sad to hear about things like this...Whoever did it should be dragged from his dwelling and beaten with the Broomy..:fire:

    Davesweetdreamsaremadeofthis B.

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