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IL atty Madigan asks SCOTUS for extention on appeal on gun case

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by usmarine0352_2005, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. usmarine0352_2005

    usmarine0352_2005 Well-Known Member


    I didn't realize that there was a time frame for an appeal to SCOTUS. Is there? What happens if they go past the time?


  2. TheSaint

    TheSaint Well-Known Member

    More attempted delays and tomfoolery with trying to deny law-abiding citizens their rights. She and the governor's office are doing their best to ensure the only armed individuals in the state are the bad guys and LEO's. Justice delayed is justice denied, as the old saying goes. Hopefully their attempted 'work-around' will go by the wayside and we get a strong shall issue carry law, or constitutional carry soon. As a resident of IL, this has been going on for years and years, while countless lives have been lost. Talk about an national embarrassment!
  3. robmints

    robmints Active Member

    You are not alone Saint. Maryland is one of the most sociologically backward states you will find. The progressive democrat cult rules with an iron fist.
  4. liberty -r- death

    liberty -r- death Active Member

    Per the decision if they can't come up with a common sense law for CCW we will have carry with our FOID (Firearms Owner I.D.) I think the drop dead date is June 9.
  5. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Well-Known Member

    I hope they fail to come up with a law. It would serve Illinois politicians right to get constitutional carry.
  6. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Well-Known Member

    It time for the court to hold her and the Governor in contempt of Court and have Federal Marshals arrest them.
  7. gbran

    gbran Well-Known Member

    I don't see all the fuss.

    After IL is forced to allow folks to carry, they will structure something so that the net affect is it will be as hard to ccw in IL as it is in DC post Heller to own a gun.
  8. vito

    vito Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I feel like there is a conspiracy to make me miserable. First I thought we would get concealed carry, but now I think IL will continue to make it impossible to carry legally. This state is the worst, in so many ways, that I am not surprised that I cannot recall, in the 17 years I have been stuck living in IL, ever meeting a single person who said that they are proud to be from Illinois! Now, when I am very close to retiring, I have a mortgage that puts me underwater and prices here in this part of the state are still bottomed out so I just cannot afford to take the big loss by selling. Almost anywhere seems like it would be an improvement over IL, except NY, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey.... hey, maybe IL is not actually the worst place to live. I have fond memories of living in Texas, other than the unbearable heat for over half the year. I could almost bear the thought of living out my days here in the land of crooks, if we would only get the personal freedom of concealed carry. Enough ranting for today.
  9. denton

    denton Well-Known Member

    Vito, what do you expect from a state that has a name made of the words "ill" and "annoy"? :)
  10. Texshooter

    Texshooter Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not knowing, but this FOID card. What the heck is it? Do you have to buy one before you can even buy a weapon and then also pass the background check?

    If so, that is bogus as all get out.
  11. TheSaint

    TheSaint Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is bogus as all get out.


    I applied with the IL State police and never got back to me. I had to call them for three weeks straight (not even joking) and each time I got a busy signal from Springfield, the capital. They have a half-dozen staff members in their office to process literally thousands and thousands of FOID applications. By law, they must process your request for a FOID within 30 days of receipt. As is typical for IL, they dragged the whole thing out by their understaffed office. Only after threatening them by writing to my local Representative to get their butt in gear and issue me my FOID, did the state finally mail it out to my house. Illinois is the state where a law-abiding citizen must have a FOID i.d. to buy a gun AND ammo.

    Furthermore, IL is a state where the socialist demagogues refuse in some areas to actually check i.d.'s when people vote. The corruption is institutional in nature, and it goes well beyond second-amendment abuses. I have lots of good friends in IL, and the state is beautiful in many parts, but the corrupt political machine of Chicago runs it just like the gangsters of old did. Heck, at least Al Capone offered a service the public wanted with the booze, plus he was pro-gun. Al Capone wasn't so bad after all, was he? I jest, but just barely... :what:
  12. Trent

    Trent Resident Wiseguy

    Yes, this state is corrupt. Yes, the Chicago democrats have full control over both Chambers. Madigan has committed so many IL house procedural violations this year I have lost count. Apparently, no one gives a rat's behind. He runs the show in the IL house.

    If it wasn't for some stalwart downstate Democrats, we'd be truly and fully screwed.

    But come June 9th, if we don't have a new law on the books, I'm packing. Period.
  13. TheSaint

    TheSaint Well-Known Member

    We could only dream of carting off these blatant abusers of the Constitution. They truly believe that the law doesn't apply to them, and that what they say has more sway than what the highest court in the land has ruled and mandated. In short, if we had an honorable President, he would have sent the U.S. Marshall special taskforce down to the capital and haul these blatant law breakers away in heavy irons, all while announcing on a live press conference that such egregious offences against the office in which these individuals 'served' will not stand.

    This just in over the weekend:


    Humboldt Park Homicide: 1 Dead, 13 Wounded Over Weekend, Including Man Who Pointed Shotgun At Cops


    Yes, that's how dangerous of a warzone Chicago is. We MAY not hit triple digits in terms of murders for one year. What an achievement! It is so dangerous in parts of the city that honest people won't travel in certain neighborhoods, even in the daytime. I feel most sorry for the honest people that live on Chicago's west and south sides and can NOT avoid these hot zones.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2013
  14. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

    There isn't a time frame for SCOTUS. In this case, IIRC, a lower federal court ruled and the state didn't like it so their only hope is to appeal to the SCOTUS. SCOTUS did not accept the case in the last round of reviews for the year. So that appeal was basically dead.
    This "new" appeal is just another way of filling the same appeal with a hope and a prayer that SCOTUS will pick it up. It also gives the state the excuse of saying "we have an appeal pending" when really the appeal was already dead. Before they had nothing, now they have almost nothing. When the clock runs out they will be back to nothing.
    If SCOTUS does not accept it and the time passes then the lower courts ruling stands. They can explain to the court why they spent the last few months arguing the same case, they already lost, when they were supposed to be writing a new law as ordered.
  15. TheSaint

    TheSaint Well-Known Member

    Oh, and for those fortunate Americans that live outside of IL, you may wonder why we are so desperate to get concealed carry in the state, especially near Chicago.

    Take a look at this sobering article:

    Chicago Most Gang-Infested City in U.S., Officials Say

    The 320-page report says the Windy City now has more than 70 gangs with more than 150,000 members


    Yes, the politically connected Chicago P.D. 'leadership' thinks it is "neat" that they just now are catching on to the fact that gangs are recruiting at a frightening pace---oh, and they use facebook. Meanwhile, beat cops are routinely shot at without aggravation by thugs, thousands of crimes go unsolved due to witness intimidation by criminal elements and property values plummet anywhere near the war zones.

    It makes my blood boil. Although there is much to love about Chicago and Illinois in general, I am considering leaving this state, as the 'leadership' above cares not one hoot about the safety of honest citizens. Add in ever-increasing taxes, poor job prospects and so forth, it just saddens me that I feel we are watching the crumbling of a once-great American city/state. :(
  16. JFtheGR8

    JFtheGR8 Well-Known Member

    There is not much to love about Chicago. It is a vile place that produces more scum than good. I'm sure there are some good people there but their lack of getting involved at the simplest level, voting, has bred this environment.

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  17. DonP

    DonP Well-Known Member

    She's not asking for an extension to appeal

    She's asking for an extension to "consider" whether or not to appeal.

    From what I understand the clock keeps running until:

    1. She actually appeals the decision, 5+ months after it was made (clock running)


    2. The appellate court grants her appeal to have it reviewed by SCOTUS (Clock stops, waiting for SCOTUS to grant cert ... or deny cert making the appellate decision final.)

    I'm thinking Judge Posner will not look kindly on an obvious attempt by this dumb as a post political hack, with a bad haircut to ignore his court's decision and stall implementation.

    Probably makes him wish he would have just said "immediate" instead of 180 days. Heck, they've been punting on the pension debacle for five years now. CCW is just another thing to be delayed to many of them from Chicago.
  18. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Well-Known Member

    You wouldn't think it would be that hard to get an anti-gun law passed in Illinois.
  19. -Jake-

    -Jake- Active Member

    well crap I might be getting a job in the Chicago area soon. It is a foot in the door of an excellent company, but I'll be getting out of IL asap!
  20. Comrade Mike

    Comrade Mike Well-Known Member

    I'm just praying June 9th will come and go and Rham the Bomb and the Madigans will be dragged into this thing kicking and screaming. Personally I can't wait to carry a gun down Michigan Avenue.

    I'm sure Obama will give a speech about how shameful the actions of the courts are and how they've condemned every child in his "great city" to death or some nonsense.

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