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Illinois Rights Under Attack

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Denmark116, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Denmark116

    Denmark116 Well-Known Member


    ISRA Urgent Gun Owner Alert

    These two action items were released 10/19/2004:

    On Wednesday morning, 20 October, IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan will be joined by IL State Senator John Cullerton and IL State Representative Karen May at a press conference during which they will introduce the "2005 ILLINOIS ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN." This proposed legislation will include bans on most, if not all, semiautomatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns. It will also ban black powder rifles and any other firearm having a bore of .50 caliber or greater. The legislation will also require you to turn in your guns to the police or face forced confiscation.


    1. Call Attorney General Madigan's offices at (312) 814-3000 AND (217) 782-1090 and tell the operator to tell Lisa Madigan that you are a law-abiding supporter of the 2nd Amendment and that you resent her attack on your rights.

    2. Call Senator John Cullerton's offices at (217) 782-7260 AND (773) 883-0770 and tell the operator that you are a law-abiding supporter of the 2nd Amendment and that you OPPOSE Cullerton's Assault Weapons Ban.

    3. Call Representative Karen May's offices at (217) 782-0902 AND (847) 831-5858 and tell the operator that you are a law-abiding supporter of the 2nd Amendment and that you OPPOSE May's Assault Weapons Ban.

    4. Pass this alert along to all your friends and tell them to make those phone calls NOW.

    5. Please post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards that you may belong to.
  2. mattz357

    mattz357 Well-Known Member

    Not that it's fair either way, but is this a statewide proposition, or just Chicago? How is it that I haven't heard about this? Did anything happen today?
  3. Denmark116

    Denmark116 Well-Known Member

  4. ZeroX

    ZeroX Well-Known Member

    I fear the Domino Effect... :uhoh:
  5. kudu

    kudu Well-Known Member

    I passed this on to another site I read regularly.

    I hear you. :(
  6. J Miller

    J Miller Well-Known Member

    There are NO gun "rights" in Illinois, only state permited and controled "privlidges".

    Gun rights in this state ended when the FOID system went into effect.

  7. Jeff White

    Jeff White Moderator Staff Member

    So I can count on seeing all you guys in the senate chamber when it's time to kill this ...like we have the last two times it's been brought up.

  8. Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman Well-Known Member

    The ISRA press release is unmitigated bullhockey, but the truth is bad enough.

    ISRA says:
    The AG's press release calls for an exact mirror of the expired federal ban. See it here: http://www.ag.state.il.us/pressroom/2004_10/20041020b.html

    Of course Madigan and company are trotting out the same old lies about "'cop killer' assault weapons" that "allow rapid spray firing" that are the "weapon of choice" of criminals.

    And of course it's baloney. But ISRA's seemingly deliberate overstatement helps no one.

    This stupid, useless legislation needs to be fought tooth and nail, but it needs to be fought with the truth, not lies and exaggerations like the other side uses.
  9. Don Gwinn

    Don Gwinn Moderator Emeritus

    With all due respect, Matt, have you read the text of the bill? Until I do, I'm going to assume the ISRA is right about everything except, possibly, the shotgun part--which is open to interpretation. Here's why:

    As I said in L&P, for the past two years identical bills have been introduced at Mayor Richard Daley's request. Among that set of ten bills, there was one assault weapons ban each year. This ban not only restored the national AWB, but also called for confiscation and destruction of all banned weapons and included bans on .50 caliber firearms, including muzzleloaders and conceivably including shotguns (as it defined a .50 cal as a "rifle" with a rifled barrel with a bore larger than .49 inch in diameter, it certainly included all purpose-built deer shotguns which come from the factory with rifled barrels, no matter what anyone tried to say. Whether it could be interpreted to cover other shotguns that merely accept such barrels was the only question, and in Illinois it's certainly at least possible.) It also included no immunity for police officers or military personnel who possessed rifles like AR-15's while on active duty, as well as making it a felony to manufacture such items in Illinois, even for sale outside the state or to law enforcement or military agencies!

    Now, I was there for the committee hearing on that bill two years ago, and I listened to the bill's sponsor (who had not read the bill) declare positively that it only replaced the national AWB and was only introduced because the AWB might expire and leave us without it. In other words, he lied through his teeth in a committee hearing.

    Last spring, it became so obvious that they were going to get clobbered by Democrats--AGAIN--that they pulled it at the last second and refused to bring the bill out for a hearing. However, in the press, they repeated the lie over and over that nobody should be upset about this bill as it only replaced the national AWB. That was a lie; it was exactly the same text as the bill from last year.

    At the time, they promised to bring the same bill back in the veto session, and here they are in the veto session with an AWB, so I think we can be pardoned for taking the same claims that have been proven bald-faced lies twice before with a grain of salt.
  10. Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman Well-Known Member

    If the "proposed legislation" is the same as the 2003 bill, it is almost exactly a mirror of the 1994 ban, although it says a detatchable magazine and just one of the other evil features.

    If it's something else, I guess none of us has seen it yet, and all we have to go by is the AG's press release, which says that it's basically a mirror of the expired federal ban.

    I have no doubt they might try something else later, but until ISRA tells us exactly which "proposed legislation will include bans on most, if not all, semiautomatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns," I call BS.

    If they know something we don't, let `em show their sources.
  11. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Well-Known Member

    The ISRA does like to send out "they're coming to get your rifles --- unless you donate" press releases, but I think the only thing going for us in IL is that the other 98% of the state that is not Chicago will kill this.

    btw - just because we're in the Chicago metro area doesn't mean we're bad.
  12. WEPS

    WEPS Well-Known Member

    illinois has been jacked for a while now. it's probley the only state worse than **********. im supprised people who live there havn't seen this comming. i hate illinois:cuss:
  13. 44Brent

    44Brent Well-Known Member

    I have been searching the Illinois legislature's web site. It appears that no "new" bill has been introduced, but it was simply a press conference to urge the legislature to pass various existing bills that got sidelined.
  14. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    Vote for Keyes.

    A U.S. Senator cannot directly influence a state issue or legisaltive action, but has tremendous influence. And Alan Keyes is 100% PRO GUN.

    So if any Republicans or conservative Democrats have qualms about Mr. Keyes, or consider him a "carpetbagger", the alternative is worse.

    I know Alan Keyes; he is a good man, and will make a great senator.

  15. Top_Notch

    Top_Notch Well-Known Member

    I hate Illinois Gun laws, and Chicago's even worse. But I am a born and bred Chicagoan, now transplanted suburbanite. Keyes will get my vote (I do vote) and I bend the ear of my local state representative every chance I get.
  16. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    Just looking at Ann Madigans' ugly head convinces me she is a spawn of satanic couplings.
    Illinois residents, contact your state representatives, both Senate and House.
    Politely and firmly voice your disgust at the antics left wing socialists such as Mz Madigan try and impose on the good and free citizens of this otherwise decent state.
  17. Darkmind

    Darkmind Well-Known Member

    I live in Michigan and this even scares the heck out of me.:(
  18. Trigger

    Trigger Well-Known Member

    This comes up ever couple of years here. Never goes anywhere and is always shot down. There are never enough votes to pass this extreme stuff. It's usually just for a little political exposure.
  19. Dr.Who

    Dr.Who Well-Known Member

    We can only hope that the predicted rough ride for the Democrats during this next elections will be true. Unfortunatly, I have not heard alot in the news about this, and I'm north of I-80. This means that those in the rest of the state maybe in the same boat and not know about this propsed action. If it did get wide coverage, the state senate will loose the majority control. I plan to bring this up to our IDPA, Club members

    YES, I and my Family will vote... Will yours?

    ISRA Press Release, 10/20/2004

    CHICAGO – The following was released today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA):

    The ISRA is predicting a rough ride to Election Day for some Democratic candidates for the Illinois General Assembly. This comes in the wake of an announcement today by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan that she will be pushing for legislation this fall that would impose a state-wide ban on semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns. Madigan, and other proponents of the legislation claim the action is needed in light of the sunset of the federal ban on semiautomatic firearms.

    “Congress gave the federal semiautomatic weapons ban an entire decade to prove its worth,†commented ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson. “When it was all said and done, the ban proved to be worthless, and Congress wisely allowed the law to sunset. Now along comes Lisa Madigan and the Chicago gun control movement with an attempt to compound the failure of the federal ban with a state-wide ban. I’m not sure what Madigan and company think they’ll accomplish by proposing this ban less than two weeks before Election Day, but they may find their proposal fraught with unintended consequences.â€

    “There are a lot of tight House and Senate races south of Interstate 80,†continued Pearson. “Many of the Democratic candidates in those races may wake up and find that tomorrow is day one of the campaign all over again. The only question important to downstate hunters and sportsmen will be whether or not the Democratic candidates support, or reject the Chicago-inspired attempt to ban their guns. Beginning today, the ISRA will be putting forth every effort to make sure that Illinois hunters and sportsmen know what is at stake here. They’ll know that Madigan’s semiautomatic firearm ban will be an acid-test.â€

    “Lisa Madigan’s proposal will really strike a nerve with many people in this state – gun control is a very emotional issue that will swing many down state voters this fall. It’s conceivable that Lisa Madigan may have cost her dad, House Speaker Mike Madigan, his majority in the Illinois House.â€

    - - -

    The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. For more than a century, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.

    This is also posted on US Newswire.

    Posted Wed Oct 20 21:06:56 CDT 2004

    Lisa Madigan & friends' press release announcing plan for assault weapons ban in Illinois, a plan to confiscate your guns:

    Chicago – Attorney General Lisa Madigan today urged the General Assembly to pass a state assault weapons ban. This legislation would ban the manufacture of non-sporting, “cop killer†assault weapons that are designed with military features to allow rapid spray firing, as well large capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

    The 1994 federal ban, which expired on September 13, prohibited the manufacture of 19 semi-automatic assault weapons and any semi-automatic firearm with at least two specified military features and the ability to accept a detachable magazine. It also banned production of ammunition clips holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition except for police or military use. Assault weapons and ammunitions clips holding more than 10 rounds manufactured before September 13, 1994, were “grandfathered†under the federal ban and have continued to be legally sold and possessed during the period of the ban.

    The federal ban was passed in large part because many police across the nation in the 1980s reported that semi-automatic assault weapons had become the “weapon of choice†for criminals. This year, when the ban was up for renewal, both of Illinois' U.S. Senators voted to extend the federal ban. However, Congress failed to pass the measure. In anticipation of the non-renewal of the federal ban, State Sen. John Cullerton and State Rep. Karen May sponsored a bill to return Illinois to pre-September 13 status when it comes to assault weapons.

    Madigan was expected to be joined at the news conference by Cook County State's Attorney Richard Devine, Senator Cullerton and other lawmakers, law enforcement leaders, including Hiram Grau, Chicago Police Department Deputy Supt., Bureau of Investigations, Gurnee Police Chief and incoming President of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police Bob Jones, Oak Park Chief Rick Tanksley, President of the West Suburban Chiefs of Police and Bellwood Police Chief Gregory Moore...

    We suggest you hold your nose and read the whole thing here, because you need to know what they have planned for you. Then light up those phones.

    Posted Wed Oct 20 21:03:31 CDT 2004

    :fire: :fire:
  20. Jeff White

    Jeff White Moderator Staff Member

    Dr. Who,

    This is front page news down here. The Centralia Sentinal ran it on the front page with a large typeset headline. It's been on all the radio news reports.

    We're already gettig the effort up up to stop it. You guys North of I80 need to start electing some gun friendly candidates.


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