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Im intrested in a Sig, trying to diversify my collection

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by datruth, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. datruth

    datruth Well-Known Member

    I have always loved glocks and still do, I had to relinquish happily, my beloved glock 19 to my beautiful wife, as her first "dedicated" concealed carry weapon, now im looking for something other than another glock , no hk for price in comparison to glocks not worth it in my opinion, and I have the 1911 ive always wanted. Sig Sauer's have always seemed like a good guns, stellar reputation and decent looks. Im looking for something full-size to compact in 9mm, between twelve to sixteen rd capacity. Tell me your experience with your sigs,and suggestions , pics if possible. What are they like for defensive carry or just range guns.
  2. sheephearder

    sheephearder Well-Known Member

    Like the 228, a nice handling 9mm. Have not tried a 40 or 45 Sig but they should be as good as the 9mm. Like Glocks but like the Sig equally well just a different stile and feel, would not want to choose between the two. Good luck : bill
  3. wojownik

    wojownik Well-Known Member

    I've carried the P229 and P226 for years. P229 is reasonably concealable, extremely accurate, and highly reliably. P226 is full sized, so a bit less concealable - better for open/duty carry, IMHO). Both have expanded cap magazines that are readily available (CDNN, TopGunSupply and others...)

    The P232 is an even smaller, more concealable, good backup gun, but the mags won't permit you the capacity you're looking for.. If it feels right in your hand, take a serious look at any of the three. Or, if your budget (or spouse) permits, all three ;)

    Having said all that, the Sigs I've used or owned have all been some years old. I've heard issues with Sig Sauer's recent quality control (mostly cosmetic, but some corner cutting in production process). For example, some come with a plastic guide rod :confused: . You might want to consider getting a OEM bar, or an older metal bar.
  4. LancerMW

    LancerMW Well-Known Member

    i use to have a P228 that was amazing (got rid of it because a "gunsmith messed it up)
  5. pogo2

    pogo2 Well-Known Member

    Sig fan here

    I bought my first Sig about 10 years ago - a P226 in 9mm. Now I have four of them, a P239 in 9mm, a P229 in .40 and a P220 in .45. I tend to carry the P239, which is the smallest one. The others are mainly range or home defense guns, although I have carried the P229 on occasion.

    I like Sigs because they have been absolutely reliable for me, and I can shoot them better than most other brands of handguns. They also look good, take down easily for cleaning, and have good ergonomics and trigger feel. You asked for some pictures:



  6. datruth

    datruth Well-Known Member

    what does an all black parkerized 226 go for

    how many mags come with a new one , what is normal capacity and what type of military/LE program do they have?
  7. wojownik

    wojownik Well-Known Member

    IIRC, they had a $100 military/LE discount (actually more than just LE, they extend it to EMS and other first responders). For a while, they were shipping civvie units with just one mag, but recently went back to two mags.

    As far as mag capacities, the 226 factory mags are 10 and 15 round capacity, and the 228/229 are 10, 13 and 15 rounds. Mec-Gar also offers 18 and 20 round mags for the 226.

    The 239 comes in an 8 round mag.

    Factory and/or MecGar are your best choices (especially since MecGar makes the factory mags...)
  8. EOD Guy in VA

    EOD Guy in VA Well-Known Member

    I have 5 SIGs and have been very happy with them all. I'd recommend either the P229 or P226 depending on your intended use.
    Range... P226 (if exclusively ranges... go P226 ST
    Carry... P229 (superb carry pistol)(if you like DAO check out the DAK trigger)
    Carry exclusively... consider the P239
    There have been complaints on the quality of current products so you might want to consider a lightly used pistol vs. NIB.
  9. wojownik

    wojownik Well-Known Member

    Another lower-cap option is a good used sig p225/226. 8 round capacity, similar profile to the 228, but slimmer (single stack mag). Some of the German police police trade ins look to be hardly fired at all, though the finish is well worn from holster carry. I got one recently, and am very pleased with it.

    As both EOD guy and me are pointing out - the recent production units are alleged to possibly have lower quality control. I have a recent p220 (.45), which has not posed a problem, and came with two mags. A buddy picked up a p220r - one mag - which had to be sent back for some fine tuning.
  10. Fat..Boy

    Fat..Boy New Member

    I really like my P220 .45 cal and P226 9mm. I got the Stainless Elite version and have no complaints as of yet BUT if I had it all to do over again I would get the .40 cal and then get the 9mm and/or get the 357 sig conversion kits as well. Gives you a lot of variety in a high end gun.
  11. weisse52

    weisse52 Well-Known Member

    I picked up a NIB P226 as part of a package in trade for a Jeep I had. I am a dye in the wool 1911 guy.

    I have not shot it yet, but am thinking I may keep it to have a 9mm in the safe. It does have a nice feel, just not sure if want one. I have it listed on a local web site to see if I can trade for another 1911. If I do not get any bites I guess i will be the proud owner of a Sig...
  12. cchris

    cchris Well-Known Member

    When I can afford a P228, I'm buying one. I don't own any Sigs, but that's something I plan to change...one of these days.
  13. Surefire

    Surefire Well-Known Member

    You cannot go wrong with a Sig.

    If you want 9mm, I'd go with either the P210, P225, P226, P228, or P229. I think only the P226 and P229 are easy to get in the US now... as the other models are either discontinued (P210?) or only available easily in Europe (P225,P228).
  14. datruth

    datruth Well-Known Member

    where is the best place to get a new or cpo black 226

    if possible
  15. rellascout

    rellascout member


    On of my favorite Sigs... anywhere from 13+ 1 to 17+1 with Xgrips
  16. weisse52

    weisse52 Well-Known Member

    What is the price of a CPO in your area?
  17. datruth

    datruth Well-Known Member

    dont know

    i need to look around to see what the sigs are running in the area

    DRYHUMOR Well-Known Member

    Two of mine.

    The P228 has a stamped slide, the P229 has the stainless slide. Magazines are interchangeable between the two.

    They're kind of like Lay's potato chips, you cant stop at one. :evil:

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  19. Guns and more

    Guns and more member

    I'd say, hold one in the store before you buy if you can. I'm not questioning the quality, but the size of the grip and the reach to the trigger. Make sure it feels good TO YOU.
    I wanted a 226 Blackwater, but it felt heavy and the grip was wide, in addition, a long reach to the trigger. I never thought I had small hands. I didn't buy it. I'd still like a Sig and I have a P-238 on order.

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