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Implications of Panic Buying

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by XD Fan, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. XD Fan

    XD Fan Well-Known Member

    I wonder who is buying all these ARs. I am sure a significant portion of these purchases are a bunch of us (gun enthusiasts) buying in case of a ban, but I am hoping that no small portion of the recent spate of purchases are accounted for by people new to the AR world, or even better, new to gun ownership.

    If a lot of this purchasing consists of newbs, we are strengthening ourselves for the coming fight. If it is just us buying more guns (an urge I certainly share), I am afraid it just reinforces the negative image neutrals and antis might have.

    Anyone seen any reliable statistics about how many of these purchases are first time buyers?

    Thoughts about whether this panic buying helps us or hurts us? Is is it just neutral?
  2. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-Known Member

    IMO it's a lot of first-timers who don't know any better.

    I've actually got customers bringing in AR's and AK's to consign because they figure having half a dozen in the safe is enough, and the one in the back collecting dust can be let go if some fool will pay $1000 or more for it.
  3. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    I saw an elderly gentleman plunk down $1100 for a plain Jane A1 AR a few days ago. When asked if he wanted a flat top, he refused and insisted on a fixed carry handle.

    I think many people are buying these to sell later at a premium.
  4. au01st

    au01st Well-Known Member

    My dad got his first AR for Xmas. It was a purchase he put off because he has other hobbies that he gets more enjoyment out of for his money. Actually, he doesn't even view firearms as a hobby like I do, more of a necessity, and a common trait in our family is thick skulls: tell us we can't do something then by god we're gonna do it. The thought of the possibility of not being able to get one made him go follow thru.
  5. Warp

    Warp Well-Known Member

    My observations indicate a lot of first time buyers.

    First time gun buyers acquiring all kinds of guns, and gun owners buying their first AR type rifle.

    My dad is one of them, although I managed to get him in before the panic. He got his first semi auto rifle, an AR, in June, and then added a Colt AR after the election, but before CT. I hear a lot of similar stories, esp the past couple of weeks
  6. CashGap

    CashGap New Member

    My half-dozen coworkers were all first-time buyers.

    Three asked for advice (My advice was... buy what you like, but FAST).

    Three told me what they bought after the fact. ("I think it was a Wyndham? Windham? Not sure, it was the last one left...").

    So I think there are quite a few new buyers.
  7. Warp

    Warp Well-Known Member

    And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I still believe that, more likely than not, there will NOT be a new ban.

    Possible...but I think probably not.
  8. XD Fan

    XD Fan Well-Known Member

    Warp, that is my thinking too. Not that we can relax and to fight with everything we've got. I sense that more and more people were leaning our way. I hope the new interest reflect greater strength in our numbers.
  9. bayesian

    bayesian Well-Known Member

    My impression is that there are a large number of folks that are buying purely *because* this is the thing that they *think* they won't be able to buy next year. There is nothing like forbidden fruit to make something really really appealing.

    I know two fence sitters on ARs that essentially rushed out and bought the first thing they encountered. These are two fence sitters that were probably best advised to stay on the fence. As in, I don't think they have money for it, and I think they've got more immediate concerns. Frankly, both of their wives are likely to be doing some serious kicking right now because of these purchases.

    My predication is that at least these two ARs will be the objects of serious buyers remorse and will be on the second hand market in a few months.

    Market panics draw in a good number of low information buyers that basically jump in because everyone else is. I lived in the Bay Area during the dot com years, and this stuff is small potatoes, but the same psychology is at work.

    On the bright side, I'm looking at armslist for my area and this recent panic seems to be shaking loose some interesting safe queens that I really do hope get sold and end up back on the market in a few months. I'm not buying at $4k but some of these at $2k? Yes sir.
  10. JVaughn

    JVaughn Well-Known Member

    I'm a little embarrassed to say I bought one for the first time right after the shooting. I got in before they were all flying off the shelves and the price shot up, but only by mere days. It was hardly my first gun purchase but was my first AR. Never really wanted one before, just seemed like the right time just in case. I am starting to like it, but I can't find any .223 to shoot with it.
  11. ID-shooting

    ID-shooting Well-Known Member

    I have allready seen a few where they bought just to scalp them this weekend at a gun show. One still had the $799 sticker, he was asking $2k. One guy had AR mags at a table for $75. Told him I didnt want any but asked what he paid. He wasn't shy about paying $15 last weekend and cleaning the store out then rented the table just to profit. No better than ticket scalpers who buy huge lots and sell out an event just to drive prices up for thier pockets.
  12. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    I purchased an upper only days before the shooting with the intention of customizing my own lower and furniture for it. Lowers are still available here and there on the internet but my local shop is heavily gouging (for lack of a better term... I'm a die-hard capitalist). My concern if I purchase a lower is being able to stock up on affordable mags and ammo. There is simply no way I can afford or justify over $50 for pmags and the ammo as everyone is aware is scarce and expensive. I still have a bunch of leftover 7.62x39 from when I owned an AK. I'm close to just selling the upper (likely at a profit given current prices) and picking up an SKS. That way at least I'll have something that shoots and have ammo for and won't be stuck with half a rifle with no ammo if something does happen.
  13. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    A lot of those guys will be forced by their wives and credit card debts (plus Obamacare's hidden, growing costs) to sell in the next few months. Those of you who are on good terms should be the first on their 'WTS' list. If they sell much later, they risk losing a chunk of money.

    They will feel like they are in a typically awkward episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond", and a cold week.
    My "gun guru" told me that over a year ago, his friend in Texas was forced to sell an AR-10 when his wife discovered the secret.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2012
  14. au01st

    au01st Well-Known Member

    Good to be single!
  15. stickhauler

    stickhauler Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking I'd have gotten rid of the wife, myself. Legally, not literally.
  16. bldsmith

    bldsmith Well-Known Member

    Most of the panic buyers at the LGS were first time, at least to the AR world, buyers. They would walk up and say what ar 15s do you have and they were all right in front of them. A few guys were "investing" in more but those were far fewer then the newbies. Sold 5 guns in 30 mins all consigned and all 40% higher than the week before. Last time I visited they had 2 baseline used AR's for 2k. They will sell but not flying off the shelf.
  17. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    Lots and lots of first timers from what I've seen. Many of them know little of the AR now, even less before the MSM limelight 2 weeks ago. As was said above, forbidden fruit.
  18. Alaska444

    Alaska444 member

    Good to be old. I fear for my young grandchildren.
  19. gdcpony

    gdcpony Well-Known Member

    Of the ones I know of:

    I already had an AR15 and bought a large frame .308. I had wanted one anyways and my wife urged me to move the purchase up by 2 months.

    Two others were firearms owners, but no black rifles.

    12 were new gun owners or never bought a gun but rather had some from family pass down.
  20. x_wrench

    x_wrench Well-Known Member

    i have wanted an AR-10 type rifle for several years. and not even so much for the "tacticool" image or way of thinking. i shoot a lot. and from everything i have read, most of the semi auto hunting rifles will not hold up for thousands and thousands of rounds. as far as who is buying all of these right now, i can not say for sure. but i think a year after we get another pro gun president, there will be a lot of barely used rifles on the market, for a very good price. that is of course, as long as the anti-gun crazies do not get their way and get them banned. or if we do not have to start civil war 2 in order to take our country back from the criminals who play like they are running our country right now.

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