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Improvised Plinking Targets, lets hear what you use

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by 7.62wolfman, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. 7.62wolfman

    7.62wolfman Member

    What do you all like to take out and shoot for a good round of plinking? A couple of my favorites have been cinder blocks (fun way to test impact power) and computer keyboards-call your shots using the letters (works best with a scope). For some reason spoiled yogurt and eggs are a blast, nice splatter effect. I'm usually relegated to bringing common household items like glass jars but if you hit right the lids sail off like sporting clays. The hardest thing to "kill" was an old Nordica ski boot- that thing was almost indetructable. Hit by AK-47, Mauser 8mm, .45 ACP, 12 ga, .357mag and about a 1,000 precison placed .22lr and it kept going for several shooting sessions.
  2. mbs357

    mbs357 Well-Known Member

    We used to stick spent .22 brass on twigs and hang things from the clothes line out back.
    heh. XD
  3. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee Well-Known Member

    Golfballs were my favorite, but they outlawed them at the range. :(
  4. dillonuser

    dillonuser Well-Known Member

    I use small pieces of wood. That is, after I have spent the last 2-3 hours picking up the broken glass,shot up computer monitors, and other trash left by previous "sportsmen".

    I wonder what the inside of their homes look like....
  5. Biker

    Biker Well-Known Member

    I like old water-filled milk jugs and empty cans. Great for impromptu shooting. The old 1000 for a buck paper plates work well too.
    However Wolfman, I have to say that under most conditions, the "household...glass jars" you mention just aren't cool. All that broken glass is nearly impossible to clean up and as far as I know will be around for ever and creates a hazard for people and animals. I'm no tree-hugger, but this is one of the things that can give shooters a bad name. Had a dog lose a paw-pad to broken glass in the field once.
    Just a thought...
  6. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Well-Known Member

    Stopsigns, mail boxes ... what? Why's everyone looking at me like that? :uhoh:

  7. james481

    james481 Well-Known Member

    Best reactive plinking targets that I've found are Sam's Club sodas. Buy a 24 case for like $3, and then just shake 'em up real good before setting them up. Good size for close range handgun or 100 yard or so rifle. You can see real well when you get a hit, plus after use they are easy to clean up (unlike glass, etc). Also, you have a good supply of terrible cola to drink on those long dry range days.

  8. PAC 762

    PAC 762 Well-Known Member

    When at the grocery store and go to the produce section. Find the door that goes to the back produce room and stick your head in. Ask if they have any rotten melons, orages, grapefruit, etc. Chances are they do and they'd rather you take them then them having to carry them to the trash.

    Melons explode when hit. :D
  9. armedcitizen

    armedcitizen Well-Known Member

    Playing cards hung on string, CERTS or other small mints, Necco wavers, crackers, Christmas light and "ball" ornaments. Clay pidgeons make nice reactive targets too.

    One time a buddy and I were shooting an M1 carbine on private land and the guy had a junk pile. One of the items was an old porcelain toilet. Reducing that thing to dust was just about the most fun I've ever had with a gun.
  10. RavenVT100

    RavenVT100 Well-Known Member

    Back when I lived in Indiana I found a decent sized round glass table top in a junkyard. I was considering using it as a target but then I realized: Rolling it down a hill would be so much cooler.

    The joys of being a teenager.
  11. afasano

    afasano Well-Known Member

    exploding bullseyes, charcoal, Oreos, spray cans, fruit and a shovel to clean everything up.
  12. RavenVT100

    RavenVT100 Well-Known Member

    I bet those little tiny rubber superballs would be fun. Also probably easy to clean up.
  13. Parruthead

    Parruthead Well-Known Member

    My 5 yr old enjoyed Shooting Ballons for the first time this week with our 10/22 Cheap and Easy to clean up. I blow them up big for my little guy at 25 yards to get him hooked I make them small for me for at 100 yrds with a scope.
  14. Seven High

    Seven High Well-Known Member

    Coffee cans> Political yard signs. It just seems appropriate!
  15. aerod1

    aerod1 Well-Known Member

    Fill a 2 liter Coke bottle about 1/4 to 1/3 full of gasoline put the lid on and let it sit out in the hot Texas sun for a couple of hours. Then shoot it with an incendiary round (just a thought).
    I also like to shoot oreo cookies, cow patties, eggs, bottles full of water, clays, golf balls (to piss off my golfer friends).

  16. Dionysusigma

    Dionysusigma Well-Known Member

    Thistles that grow in front of the berm. Hard-boiled eggs with the shells removed. Spoiled fruit. Paintballs. Saltines.

    Basically, anything that'll not require any clean-up from me (I'm lazy). I'd rather spend my time cleaning the guns. Besides, the rotting fruit and eggs make a decent mulch, thus helping the thistles to grow even taller. :D
  17. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    You really don't want to know.
  18. lysander

    lysander Well-Known Member

    I have had success using sets of the cheapy orange plastic sports cones. They actually hold up for a good while...and are sufficiently reactive enough. I think the last set I bought set me back about $8.00 for a dozen....and I still am using that set.

    Plus...clay pigeons are always a quick and cheap fix.
  19. shermacman

    shermacman Well-Known Member

    My office buddies and I chip in for soda and snacks every week. I don't drink soda. But I take my share!
    To the range and splatter full cans of Diet Coke. And yes, I clean'em up.
  20. Creeping Incrementalism

    Creeping Incrementalism Well-Known Member

    I just save my empty soda cans, and I have a couple extra big coolers. Fill the coolers up with water, submerge the cans in them (it takes a few minutes to get 'em all), then throw the cooler in the back of your pickup truck and head to your shooting spot.

    I was thinking it might be possible to use glass bottles without making a mess by taking along a heavy drop-cloth and a bucket and placing the bottles on the cloth. When you're done, carefully roll it up and throw it in the bucket.

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