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Impulse Buy Marlin 1895 GG 45/70

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by chas08, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. chas08

    chas08 Well-Known Member

    Like I said, I've had the itch for a new gun. Something I've never owned before. So today a Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in 45/70 followed me home. I'd like to hear the pros and cons. I've shot the caliber before. The gun belonged to an aquaintance who was into CAS. But I've never shot hunting loads. What should I expect? something similar to hot 12 ga. rounds in recoil? I'm thinking of putting a leupold 2.5X scope on it and dedicating it to hog hunting. I'd like some input.
  2. Balrog

    Balrog Well-Known Member

    Nice gun. It hurts to shoot a lot though. How far away are the hogs you are shooting? I would not scope it if less than 100 yards. I think scopes on lever actions are super-cheesey.
  3. kanook

    kanook Well-Known Member

    It should work on hogs with no problem. Mine isn't the Guide Gun. Let me know how you like it with the porting
  4. Asherdan

    Asherdan Well-Known Member

    I'd expect a quick handling easy-point rifle with a little bit of a bark, especially if ported. Rem factory 300g clock 1580 fps out of mine and has well less than 12 guage recoil, the Rem factory 405g should run ~1150 fps and be a soft shooter.

    I've run Weaver 2.5x and 1-3x on mine and find your scope choice just about dead on for the rifle.

    Do you reload?

    If not a good all-around factory offering is the Federal 300g load using the Speer Unicore bullet.

    Have fun with it!
  5. Rob96

    Rob96 Well-Known Member

    Unless you hand load that bullet to around 1800fps. I have a 1895GG in 45/70 and simply love the rifle. This year is going to be my first deer season with. Hopefully i will have a good report.
  6. PO2Hammer

    PO2Hammer Well-Known Member

    A friend has the full size version and handloads 300 grain bullets @ 1,300 fps, very easy to handle, very impressive gun.
  7. Badlander

    Badlander Well-Known Member

    I did not buy my 45-70 to shoot light loads I like the hotter rounds. but that is the beauty of it you can have it mild or wild.
  8. chas08

    chas08 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses guys. As to the scope, my 53 year old eyes just don't see iron sights as well as they once did. The hogs in question will be killed at about 100-125 yds. And usually right at dark. I bought the non-ported model. I'm not fond of the extra noise that porting generates and I've never been recoil shy. (I hunt Geese with a 10 ga.) I don't reload anymore. I lost all my equipment to the Guadalupe river in '98. But I do have a few Buds that do, I'm sure all I would have to do is buy the dies. I bought some Hornady Leverevolution 325 gr to start with and see how it goes from there. Once again all input is greatly appreciated.
  9. edrice

    edrice Well-Known Member


    I bought one on impulse too after telling myself that I didn't need one for four years. I had gone out to Rahaugaa's in southern California where twice a year all the manufacturers bring their wares and for the price of a few rounds of ammo you can shoot anything you want. Remington, Browning, Marlin, Winchester, all the major manufacturers are there with load of guns. I had been wanting to shoot the guide gun for some time so at the next event I loaded myself in the car and drove out there and plunked my money down for some 300 grainers and shot at some clays perched on a wooden rail. That rifle just loved me and would hit anything I wanted. It was just beautiful the way it pushed my shoulder back and ended up pointed at a cloud. And the center of the clay was missing. So I told myself that I had absolutely no need for one of these and went home and never got over it for the next four years. It was a blued model but I never could get the stainless one out of my mind.

    Sooooo... a few weeks ago I was loitering in a gunshop and there was the stainless GG on the rack where it had been conspicuously absent for quite some time. They have been scarce for a while and an interview with the guy behind the counter said that was the only one they had and didn't know when they would get another, and since I had bought three previous guns from that guy behind the counter, he said he's make me a deal. And he did. A good one.

    So I still have no need of one, but it is mine. I still haven't been able to get out to the range with it yet, but it is mine. I don't have the 45-70 dies yet, but it is mine.

    MINE, I tell you!

    BTW, while on this subject, I see Hornady is coming out with a new 45-70 load, and while it is a bit low on sectional density, it's bound to be a flatter shooting 250 grain screamer.


    This looks like it going the new Superperformance ammo that attains 100-200 fps faster rates than equivalent ammo, *even* with s-h-o-r-t-e-r barrels...

    I'll probably load up 350 and 405 grainers nyself, but this new ammo development should open up new doors...


    edit: I had to edit that 1st link. The original one was a youtube video.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2009
  10. Brazos

    Brazos Well-Known Member

    The GG is an awsome gun everyone should have. So buy one!
  11. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    Must be something about that rifle. I bought one the exact same way. It was just sitting there and I had to have it.

    I put a Leupold scout scope with XS systems mounting rails on it. Took 2 deer with it the last 2 seasons. Nice rifles. The 45-70 recoil isn't that bad to me, but I'm not loading anywhere close to max loads. Mine are fairly soft shooters. I took the front sight completely off, may do some co witness thing someday, probably won't do anything.

    Don't laugh at my hunting house sheets, they were on sale......

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  12. geologist

    geologist Well-Known Member

    With factory 45-70 ammo it is a pussycat to shoot. A gentle shove. With gas checked 400 gr hardcasts at 1800+ fps it's a different matter.
  13. Badlander

    Badlander Well-Known Member

    You asked for pros and cons. There are no cons.
    Enjoy your new rifle.
  14. wvshootist

    wvshootist Well-Known Member

    You have acquired an excellent carbine. The 1895G only came ported the first year of manufacture. Mine is not ported :)

    Factory loadings for the 45-70 are really mild unless you get into Garret Hammerheads or Buffalo Bore. If you reload you can have the best of both.
  15. eldon519

    eldon519 Well-Known Member

    Mine is probably my favorite rifle. Fantastic weapon. I've got one of the stainless ported ones which you don't see too many of. I am not a fan of porting in general, but on a relatively low pressure round like the .45-70, it isn't irritating at all. Wouldn't have it any other way in fact. A fantastic caliber for reloaders as well.
  16. Maj Dad

    Maj Dad Well-Known Member

    300 g hp/fp

    I have loaded the Hordady/Sierra 300 g HP & FP for my 1895 since I bought it in 1973 at the Ft Benning PX. I used 53 g of 3031 timidly per one of the manuals, then brazenly up'ed it to 56 thinking I was on the verge of catastrophic failure. All the way, it grouped (and still does) into 1" at 100 yds with a Weaver K3W, the reason I have never changed. Now, I see Hodgdon lists the data below ( url http://www.hodgdon.com/ ) :what: I really need a chronograph; I have blasted deer and never lost one with my old load but wonder if I dare tread on this threshold...???

    300G SIE HP .458" IMR 3031 2.525" 58.0 1971 21,900 CUP 64.0C 2196 29,500 CUP

    (P.S. 405g slugs at top velocities are not uncomfortable with my hard, curved buttplate; they are excruciatingly painful...)
  17. chas08

    chas08 Well-Known Member

    All these positive comments make me even more anxious to get it out and put it on paper. That probably won't happen till next weekend. And as I previously stated, thanks for all the input.
  18. I think that'd probably be its highest and best use.

    I can think of FAR worse impulse purchases! :)
  19. shooterer

    shooterer Well-Known Member

    Yes, I steal things for the "greater good"

    Funny you should mention the sheets, I hijacked your picture a few months back and posted it on www.scoutrifle.org as an example of my rifle (sorry)

    I have been waiting for someone to comment on the pretty sheet pattern.:)

  20. Publius1688

    Publius1688 Well-Known Member

    A good while back I went into my local Dick's to buy targets and RemOil, and came out with a .45-70 guide gun. Got to be something about the ol' Marlin that just grabs a certain kind of guy.
    Love the heck out of it. Can't think of a 'con'. Shoot it a bunch!

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