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Indiana handgun purchase laws

Discussion in 'Legal' started by The Wiry Irishman, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. The Wiry Irishman

    The Wiry Irishman Well-Known Member

    I'm a Michigan resident, but I've been going to college and living in Indiana almost exclusively for a couple years now. I'd very much like to buy a handgun, but I'm never back in Michigan for a long enough period of time to jump through all their legal hoops, so I've decided to become an Indiana resident, since I live here all the time anyway. Today, though, one of my friends from the university gun club said that sale of handguns to residents of bordering states was legal here. That doesn't seem quite right to me, but I'd like very much not have to go about getting a new drivers license and re-registering my car, getting new insurance etc, but I won't have time to go out an ask a local FFL for a few days, so I was wondering if anyone here could answer my question. Thanks.
  2. Silvertip

    Silvertip New Member

    Hope you don't mind an answer from a first time poster here. I am almost 62 and have lived most of my life in Indiana. 1968 Gun Control Act and enabling legislation by the states, allow an Indiana resident to buy long guns in adjoining states, but not handguns. Sorry, at this time I have no links to this, but if I find them, I will add them later.
  3. lacoochee

    lacoochee Well-Known Member

    Hey Silvertip, thanks for posting and nice to meet ya!!!
  4. Autolycus

    Autolycus Well-Known Member

    I believe once you have an IN drives license your good to go. Then go and get your carry permit and enjoy your freedom. What university are you at in IN?
  5. kludge

    kludge Well-Known Member

  6. rkba_net

    rkba_net Well-Known Member

    The "adjoining states" language was deleted in 1986 with the passage of the Gun Owners Protection Act... it is legal to purachase a LONG-GUN only from any out of state FFL (no private sales) as long as both states laws are obeyed... College students living in another state are considered to be residents of both states per the BATFE.... however most FFL's do not know this.... an FFL can accept rent or utility bills to determine residency... although most will only accept a state issued DL or ID.... it is easest for you to just get an Indiana DL to be able to purchase a handgun in Indiana...
  7. The Wiry Irishman

    The Wiry Irishman Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the response. I figured I'd have to get an Indiana DL, as the ajoining states thing seemed a little hoaky to me. No matter what the situation, I'd have gotten one at some point, just to get the a lifetime CCW.

    For the person that asked, I go to Purdue. The Rifle and Pistol Club here is completely student-funded and student-run, and is the second oldest student organization at the University. I don't remember the exact age, but its over 100 years now. (All of them without any sort of firearms-related injury) We do field competetive rifle and pistol teams as well, and we're trying to get more people interested in serious practice so the teams are capable of besting teams better than the campus ROTC.
  8. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    It is within your best interest to obtain an Indiana Operator's License and purchase your handgun here in Indiana.

    So, are you buying from Les? Or Stan? Or Bob? Or Jim? Where?

    What are you looking for? I know someone with more handguns than he knows what to do with.:uhoh:

    My standing offer remains valid: any THR Member who is a Purdue student is welcome to contact me to go shooting at Wildcat Valley. I bring the guns (I have a few or so), you buy the sushi.:)
  9. kludge

    kludge Well-Known Member

    What if I'm not a Purdue student... anymore? :D
  10. The Wiry Irishman

    The Wiry Irishman Well-Known Member

    As for what gun I'm looking for:

    1911. Its by far the best pistol I've ever shot, and by far my favorite round to shoot. Right now I'm looking at a Kimber Custom II Target. My plans are to keep the gun for "real" shooting and home defense, then equip it with a match-grade Marvel .22 kit for shooting at Purdue, as they only allow .22s to be fired at the range in the Armory. I'd be getting two guns in one, I'd have a good quality gun of my own to shoot at club, instead of relying on our rapidly aging S&W 41s, and practice at club would be readily applicable to using the "real" pistol in a self-defense or IDPA competition situation.

    As for the FFL, I'm not sure yet. It will most likely be at Guns & Gear (That's Les, right?) or Stan at Applied Ballistics. Several friends from club have had pleasant dealings with both.

    I might have to take you up on your offer some time. I'm not sure if you're aware, but there are several Purdue students on THR, and I know of three or four recent alumni, as well.

    Thanks for the hospitality.
  11. IndianaBoy

    IndianaBoy Well-Known Member

    I bought a significant portion of my firearms from Les while I was a Purdue student.

    Good guy. Gave me some good prices on Ruger and CZ firearms.

    Transferred a Sig and an AR lower for me too.
  12. Dean C

    Dean C Well-Known Member

    El Tejon, what about really really ex Purdue students (Graduated 1970). Just give me some heads up when you're ready to pick me up. I'll be ready to go. There's a bunch of very very fres sushi just west of here.

    OOPS, a little too far. Oh well, if you're in this area, give me a call, I'll take you shooting.


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