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Indiana public ranges

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by GLOCKT, Mar 17, 2006.


    GLOCKT Well-Known Member

    Now that the DNR has closed the public range at Atterbury for major renovation,my question is where do I go to shoot the rifles 100 yards and out?
    Besides joining a private gun club for the next year,where can I go to shoot in a short drive outside of Indpls.
    The DNR is preparing the range at Atterbury and it will be closed roughly for a year.A major overhaul,the DNR rep I spoke to today said somewhere in the price range of $8 million Federal improvement funds and tax payers dollars.
  2. ARperson

    ARperson Well-Known Member

    I think DNRs website has a list of public ranges. The hunting and trapping guide has the list too if you have that laying around somewhere. I'd call each place just to make sure they were open since I wouldn't trust DNR to have the "updated-est" list.

  3. Jayb

    Jayb Well-Known Member

    I'm an hour north of Indy, but you're welcome to join me at one of two 200 yard ranges near Marion. One is a private club, and one is a friend's range.
  4. dhondo2000

    dhondo2000 Member


    GLOCKT Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the insight

    Thanks for the insight guys.I checked out the DNR webites and found a fer perspective locations.
    I guess I should just be come accustomed to shooting more NMC macthes and better aquainted with the HRA M1 in my short collection.
    Jayb thanks for the offer.I'll pm you and trade some information with you.
    Fall Creek Valley and Hoosier Hills Rifle and Pistol club are looking pretty good also.I need to join a private club anyway and increase range time and not fear of being chased off by some RO because they believe you've been on that lane long enough.
    Thank again,for the info.

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