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Indiana State Police officers...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by IThunter, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. IThunter

    IThunter New Member


    New Weapons
    - Megan Jennings
    12/20/2005 6:12:28 PM

    High-tech fire power makes its way to the hips of Indiana State Police officers. The troopers got familiar with their new weapons this morning. State Police are turning in their old 40-caliber Berettas and being issued new 40-caliber Glocks.

    Training on the new weapons is going on all this week. State police say they tried out several different models before deciding on the new weapons.

    Firearm instructor Ritch Reynolds says the new weapons can take a beating, "The Glock has proven or shown it can operate in any kind of environmental situation, freezing weather, snow, drop it in the sand, water, mud, bring it up and it will perform."

    The state police traded in the old firearms and received 1,300 new Glocks at no cost.

    i like the no cost part...:neener:
  2. jc2

    jc2 member

    You get what you pay for! :neener:
  3. Joe D

    Joe D New Member

    There is a great off shore market for police trade ins. I wonder why that police spokesman would even think Glocks hold up well? :D I have shoot some that had over 400,000 rounds through them.
  4. Phantom Warrior

    Phantom Warrior New Member

    I love Glocks, but the article makes it sound like they are trading their flintlock muskets in for Glocks. Not just changing brands (same caliber, even).
  5. medmo

    medmo New Member

    Old 40 cal Berettas.... what? Pistols that they have had for about 7 years are old? I guess the M9's that were issued in the 80's are artifacts and should be in a museum somewhere. I own one of the ISP trade-ins when they transitioned from 9mm to 40. It is a 92G with night sights and their emblem on it. I still have the gun and it was and still is in great condition. I really can't beleive that Glock would do this with no cash and trade only. Is this real?
  6. isp2605

    isp2605 New Member

    "I really can't beleive that Glock would do this with no cash and trade only. Is this real?"

    Absolutely quite possible. Glock just swapped out all our 2100 Glock 22 which were new in 1999-2000, even for new Glock 22s. Our only cost was $53 each for new night sights.
    You'd be surprised at the deals gun manufacturers will cut just to get a PD contract. We carried S&W autos for 32 yrs. Every time we swapped out S&W cut us a heck of a deal. Most of the time it was even swap, new guns for old. When we went to Glocks in 1999 Glock shot us a bid of a bit over $1/4 mil for 2500 new guns, new holsters, and 750 rds of transition training ammo for 2500 officers. They took our old S&W 5904/6904 in trade.
    A local PD made a heck of deal with SIG right after the 357 SIG round came out. That rd was almost dead, no one was picking it up. The PD put out bids to trade in their tired 6904/6906. SIG swapped them even for new 357 SIGs, leather, and transition ammo and took the old 6904/6906 on trade. No cost. In addition, SIG told them if the 357 rd never picked up in the next 2 yrs then SIG would swap all their barrels for .40 at no cost.
    These deals are called marketing. When a large PD picks up carrying a manufacturer's gun then the non-LEO market will start buying that gun. Great advertisement. As a result there's a lot of competition between companies to get that big agency.
  7. medmo

    medmo New Member

    That seems absolutely nutty to me. I don't know how they do it and stay in business. These practices redefine the term "cut throat business practices". Does anyone have the news article? The link above is dead. Thanks
  8. poppy

    poppy New Member

    So are you still wondering why new Glocks cost us poor slobs more than $500 a copy? poppy
  9. isp2605

    isp2605 New Member

    It's really pretty smart business practice. Here's what will happen. INSP had carried Berettas. If Indiana fell in line like other areas of the US, and there's no doubt they probably did, after the INSP started carrying Berettas the non-LEO sale of Berettas increased in the state. The INSP is free advertisement. Then INSP started looking for a different gun. Glock now has the bragging rights that they took business away from Beretta and now can add INSP to their advertisement.
    That's the way business works, and not just for guns. In 1991 Chevy redesigned the Impala and turned out 'the Whale'. It was a dog in the sales end. The public just wasn't buying it. So Chevy came out with some very deep discounted Impalas for fleets, ie, police, taxis, etc. Their idea was to get more and more Impalas on the street for the public to get use to seeing the new body design. Also, people think if such and such PD drives that kind of car, and taxis are buying that kind of car, it must be a pretty tough, reliable vehicle. So the public starts buying it too.
    It's all about marketing. Just read how many posts even in this forum where someone will talk about using such and such ammo because it's the same as used by SEALs, USSS, FBI, SD PD, NYPD, etc.
    The best sales advertisement is getting the product in use and out there for people to see. Glock just did it again in IN.
  10. Texshooter

    Texshooter New Member

    It is fantastic what some people will fall for.

    All the glockoholics rave about the high % of LEOs that carry glock with no mention that they give them away for free.

    glock should know what their product is worth I guess.
  11. williamlayton

    williamlayton New Member

    I guess the boys made out OK but that does not mean I would follow.
    I have no desire to own what someone else owns because they happen to be police, military or fameous.
    I would rather own what I want. i think I can make good decisions without the aid of being a heard follower.
    Glocks are good, that said I will not own one because I do not like them.
  12. isp2605

    isp2605 New Member

    I know that SIG and S&W have done the exact same thing with their LE marketing.
  13. stinx

    stinx New Member

    when my Dept was changing weapons, THe Walther Rep staed they would gives us P-99'sholsters,mag pouches,night sights and armorers course on an even swap for our old weapons. My Dept declined the deal beacuse at the time no Dept is the Us was using the gun,we did not want to be the guinnea pigs.
  14. denfoote

    denfoote New Member

    I must be an idiot.
    Somebody explain to me just how Lord Gaston intends to make any profit on this deal?? Is it on the service/ maintenance?? I thought Glocks didn't need no maintenance!! Heck, I was under the impression that they barely needed cleaning!! Chuck Taylor proved that one!!

    Yeah, I know. Advertising. Does that mean that we are all supposed to go out and plop $500+ on a new Glock just because the ISP got theirs for free??

    Is every Podunk PD in Indiana supposed to go out and do the same??

    I can see them saying the same thing as me: "Hey Gaston, buddy, where's MY free Glock!!"

    A company who gives it's product away ain't long for this world!! :evil:
  15. medmo

    medmo New Member

    Yeah, I know it blows the mind but I think this might be true. When I see a uniformed officer carrying a pistol that I wouildn't, I think.... "Poor Schmuck has to carry that gun...". Some folks that don't know much about anything and have no opinion formed think, "Must be the best of the best if that LEO is carrying it on his hip..... That's what I'm buying next." It sounds like all of the manufacturers are doing this not just Glock.
  16. denfoote

    denfoote New Member

    Don't get me wrong.
    I own four of the things!!
    I'm just wondering how Glock can make any money if they are giving (valuable) product away!!
    I can't help thinking that the gun buying public is being asked to take up the financial slack!!
    I'm also concerned that if such is the case, what confidence does Glock have in the intelligence of the average American gun buyer?? Especially after this revelation!! How many other departments are toting free Glocks?? It does tend to cheapen the "Glock Perfection" claim!!! Are police departments issuing the gun because it really IS the best on the market or is it because the Chief saved the people of his city a whole lot of bucks because he got the suckers for FREE!!! Are they now under some agreement to NOT disclose the facts on how the pistols were obtained?? Are they now obligated to spout the holy rhetoric?? This revelation sheds new light on the Glock KB problem, at least in my mind!! Perhaps Glocks are NOT the perfection that Gaston claims and the only reason the company markets then IS to give them away!! Questions abound!!
  17. SAG0282

    SAG0282 New Member

    Glad to hear the ISP upgraded.....hope the GLOCK works out for them as I expect it to.
  18. medmo

    medmo New Member

    "Don't get me wrong."

    My "Poor Schmuck" comment wasn't aimed at any brand in particular and definitely not Glock. Throughout my travels I have seen some interesting things riding in some LEO's holsters....
  19. Iggy

    Iggy New Member

  20. kent m. lane

    kent m. lane New Member

    The no cost was a grant from Dunkin dounuts:neener:

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