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Inherited handguns

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by presspuller, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. presspuller

    presspuller Member

    What is the law concerning inherited handguns?
    The ones in question would be old enough they were probably bought at the local hardware store before federal paper work became the norm.
  2. flashman70

    flashman70 New Member

    As long as the inheritor is legally entitled to own a handgun, I can't imagine there's any problem. You can give a handgun away, sell it in a private transaction or will it to someone.
  3. trueblue1776

    trueblue1776 New Member

    No problems, you inherit firearms as you inherit other property. (As long as you can legally own them)
  4. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    Unless North Carolina has some sort of strange handgun laws, you need to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! If these guns had been bought last month & you had inherited them last week, you need to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. As long as the ownership of these firearms is legal (meaning no fully-automatic, no sawed-off shotgun pistols, no silencers, etc.) and you're not a felon or have ever had any domestic violence charges, you are required (by Federal Law) to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So...get to it! And enjoy doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    Now, to the important part. What'd ya' GET?!?
  5. presspuller

    presspuller Member

    Thanks for the info guys. I was pretty certain that I was correct, just wanted to make certain.

    The sad part is its not me that got the inherited the pistols, just a friend here at work and she was asking me.
  6. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    No Problem...WHAT'D SHE GET?!?
  7. wdlsguy

    wdlsguy New Member

    What state are the handguns coming from? Does North Carolina require any paperwork before taking possession of a handgun?
  8. presspuller

    presspuller Member

    If you do a personal sale you are suppose to go to a FFL holder and have them do the transfer.
  9. LAR-15

    LAR-15 New Member

    You need a sheriffs permit in NC for a pistol but I suspect most folks ignore that.
  10. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    Does that "Sheriff's Permit" Requirement mean pistol ownership or carry? I didn't know North Carolina had such a requirement, SORRY presspuller. Isn't it interesting that North Carolina reciprocates CCW Permits with 30 other States? I'll bet none of them require a Sheriff's Permission at home.
  11. np15cgg

    np15cgg New Member

    In North Carolina

    A sheriff's permit (or CHL) is required to take legal possession of a handgun.
  12. BlisteringSilence

    BlisteringSilence New Member

    missouri does. arkansas does not. require a sheriff's permission (or chief of police) to acquire a handgun.

    I know that when my dad got his new sig (missouri), it took him all of 10 minutes to get the ticket he needed. way less than the 50 minute roundtrip drive from his house to the county courthouse.
  13. presspuller

    presspuller Member

    In NC you have to have a permit signed by the sherriff to purchase a handgun. You also have to have a background check and his approval for a CCP.
    If you have the CCP then you do not have to get a permit from him to purchase a handgun.
  14. TehK1w1

    TehK1w1 Member

    And what if is not a purchase? An inherited gun is not being bought.
  15. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    Good Gaud I HATE to say these words...but we need a North Carolina Lawyer! Does the Sheriff's Permission allow you to buy or own/possess a handgun? It almost HAS to be buy or my Kentucky CDWL would be in question without one while visiting NC.
  16. wdlsguy

    wdlsguy New Member

  17. ED21

    ED21 New Member

    I find it hard to believe, although commendable, that someone from Texas had to answer a question on North Carolina laws. I just saw this post or I would have been able to assist. wdlsguy is absolutely correct. It does not matter how the pistol is obtained, a permit from the Sheriff is required before receiving them.
  18. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    That means I was COMPLETELY WRONG with my answer in Post #4. I apologise for my uninformed & unintentional mistake. Good thing I began my response with the "strange handgun law" disclaimer. Because that surely IS one. But I suppose it's strange only to someone who's never had to obey it.
  19. Missouri now does not require a sheriff's permit to purchase a concealable handgun. (Covered elsewhere on the board.)

  20. macmuffy

    macmuffy New Member

    NC Permit

    So if a permit is required before you get a pistol, this means that the state knows just how many and what kind of pistols you have.
    Is a permit tied to a specific gun or is it good for ,say, 5 pistols?:confused:


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