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Interested in an EOTech Battery Conversion?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Davandron, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Davandron

    Davandron Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering how interested people would be in a conversion kits for the EOTech / Bushnell holosights.

    • Kit one: drop in rechargeable N-size batteries. The downside is they would have half the run time of the N-size alkalines, but are rechargeable hundreds of times. Cost would be on the order of $20 for four batteries.
    • Kit two: replacement cover that would convert the sight to 2xAA. Would look very similar to the factory AA, and offer 3x the battery life, but like the factory AA the sight would grow by almost an inch. Price would be less than $40
    • Kit three: replacement cover that, like the new XPS, uses a single lithium 123A transversely. It would keep the sight the same length. Again, less than $40


    HGUNHNTR Well-Known Member

    Eh, not at. If there were a kit that could extend battery life that may be a plus. Additionally, would these conversions potentially void Eotech's warranty?
  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    What I would like to have is a cover for my 511 with a built-in OFF switch.

    The N-battery 511 EoTech runs down batterys in storage with it shut off.

    They told me it stays in "stand-by" mode even when turned off.

    Taking the batterys out every time you get done using it sucks for a SHTF weapon sight!
    A real "Off" switch that really disconnects the batterys from the circuit board would be a good thing to have.

  4. RedAlert

    RedAlert Well-Known Member

    RC... You mention that the sight stays on in "Stand-by" even when turned off. Does this include using both the up and down arrows simultaneously to turn it off as directed in the manual?

    My manual states that it will turn off automatically if left in the on position. It will turn off quicker if the "down" arrow was used to turn the sight on. Does this differ than your experience?

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