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Interesting targets at the range today.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by SHvar, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. SHvar

    SHvar Well-Known Member

    My new Bushmaster gas piston upper groups very nice once you get used to the bigger bang, and a recoil that feels different (hard to describe, not really a bigger recoil, but it feels different than a DI rifle).
    2 groups fired, 3 shots each (one double holed), PMC factory load, from S.Korea.
    I used this target initially to make the last 2 adjustments on my Bushnell 1x32 MP scope after switching back from the open sights for the paper plate match.
    Now, after making a few nice groups I switched to Barnaul brown bear (bigger bang, more recoil), not very tight groups in comparison.
    What to do with your old harddrive after upgrading your PC, this thing has been sitting around for over a year, I dont think much info is readable from it now.
  2. Rockwell1

    Rockwell1 member

    Oh sure, they'll buff right out.

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