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Iowa Purchase Permit

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by FenderBender, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. FenderBender

    FenderBender Active Member

    Purchase Permit


    I have been reading here for a couple weeks and now I have a question.
    In Iowa to purchase handguns you first have to obtain a purchase permit. I went to the sheriff of my county and filled out the necessary form, but I was suprised by an extra form to fill out. I had to state on there why I felt the need to purchase a handgun and I had to list two character references. I was then told after paying $10 that my permit could be rejected on the basis of my purchase reasoning. I know in Iowa that you have to state a reason to be able to carry concealed but I just want a purchase permit. I have read the code of Iowa and thought that as long as I met the guidelines I would be issued a purchase permit. Does anyone have any ideas if this is within the sheriff's power?

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  2. Sentry

    Sentry member

    I'm sure it is, some of our lovely Sheriff's like torturing the people. Did you forget to mention you're a diamon dealer, and list your two business partners?
  3. Hawkeye755

    Hawkeye755 Well-Known Member

    Because you have to go through the Sherriff to get the permit there is always the potentialthat they could deny you. Right or wrong If that happenes then the only recourse that you would have would be to take him to court and explain why they did. All this is providing you are not disqualified for being a felon or mentally disturbed, or a domestic abuser.

    I have never heard of this new form, what county do you live in if you don't mind me being nosey. Feel free to PM me.
  4. Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman Well-Known Member

    The Sheriff may not require you to fill out additional forms.


    Click on 724.17
    And 724.19:
    He's screwin' with ya. Don't stand for it.
  5. IAJack

    IAJack Well-Known Member

    Please let us know what county this is and don't stand for it! I would place a call tho the Iowa Atty. Gen. office and see if they take an interest and pursue this as far as possible. I have never had to do this, never heard of it and as stated above it isn't required in the law!
  6. FenderBender

    FenderBender Active Member

    Thank you for the information.

    That is also how I read the law to be. I live in Mahaska county with the county seat being Oskaloosa. I went in on friday the 24th and filled out the forms. I am qualified under the law to receive a purchase permit, and I was hoping I would get it this week, because of the gun show this weekend. I will wait until next week and if I do not receive one I will be talking to the Iowa Department of Public Safety.
  7. IAJack

    IAJack Well-Known Member



    I knew the sheriff there was controlling especially when it came to carry permits (mine is restricted) but I didn't know he was pulling this!

    If you need or would like help pursuing this please let me know ASAP and we will get on it. Please keep us updated as to what you find out and the status!

    PS:call or contact me anytime at info below,

    Steve Hensyel
  8. IAJack

    IAJack Well-Known Member

    Also FB, myself and a couple others in Osky are always looking for new shooting buddies to waste ammo with! We have all kinds of evil weapons and such. I am a certified NRA instructor also and mainly shoot pistol and highpower!

  9. FenderBender

    FenderBender Active Member

    I will let you know what happens and if I need any help I will not hesitate to get a hold of you. Thanks for the shooting invite I will have to take you up on it sometime.

  10. Sentry

    Sentry member

    "shall be issued to the applicant immediately upon completion of the application"

    Sheriff Zeller of Linn County must not have read that part. Takes at least a week, and 8 dollars to get a permit.
  11. Sentry

    Sentry member

    On second thought, you should put (2nd amendment right) on the purchase reason, and if he rejects it, take him for all he's worth in court.

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