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Is 6 Shots Enough?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by BluedRevolver, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. BluedRevolver

    BluedRevolver Well-Known Member

    would this be enough?:

    A 6 shot .45 ACP revolver (Smith and Wesson 625) with an 11 shot Glock 26 9mm as backup. The Glock 26 would only be drawn and used if all 6 shots were fired out of the 625 and more were needed.

    I've felt a little "lacking in capacity" lately, so I've added the G26 as backup. Would you consider the combination of both guns satisfactory for sustained fire in say, a multiple attacker situation?
  2. memphisjim

    memphisjim Well-Known Member

    Sure but you can always grab a couple 33 rounders for the glock
  3. jeepnik

    jeepnik Well-Known Member

    There is the school of though that five is enough. And for decades six was enough for law enforcement. In addition, eight was plenty for decades, as well, with the 1911.

    The real question is, are you comfortable with what you carry?

    My personal opinion, as that seems to be what you want, is that the six in the revolver with a couple of moon clips as reloads will more than suffice. So unless you think you may want to arm someone else, the glock is just extra weight.
  4. BluedRevolver

    BluedRevolver Well-Known Member

    Well if I ever had to draw I'd probably grab for the revolver first, with the Glock incase I need more ammo.

    Some of y'all say that statistically you'd only need 6 or less shots but "Murphy's Law" can require more with multiple attackers or a lot of misses. I agree with that. Would 6 shots plus 11 on a re-draw be enough? Or would the time for drawing the Glock make it impractical?
  5. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Carry my 5 shot .38 all the time, so you KNOW what I think about the question.
  6. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    I carry a reload for my 1911, but it's more to clear a malfunction than to have more shots. If I'm in a situation that 8+1 can't solve, it is unlikely that more will help. (I should have brought a rifle.)
  7. HGM22

    HGM22 Well-Known Member

    It really depends on what a likely encounter would look like. I imagine most possible encounters would be very short, and that most likely the assailants will be trying to run away as soon as they realize you are armed; they likely won't want to sit around and get in a big long gun fight if they can help it. That being said, anything can happen. Myself, I'd feel comfortable, especially having two weapons (in case the primary goes down). Perhaps a speed strip or extra mag would make you feel better? Maybe leave it nearby (car, desk drawer, etc.) if you can so you don't have to carry so much stuff.

    *Note that this is all my own opinion and I have seen very little data to back it up; it is mere speculation.
  8. beatledog7

    beatledog7 Well-Known Member

    Multiple attackers from different directions will get to you if you have 100 rounds.
  9. Impureclient

    Impureclient Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't be enough if you had a whole swat team covering you or are you supposed to be playing the good guy in this scenario? Forget the handguns too, carry an Uzi with a high cap. magazine.
    You also need to give more details of the situation like if you have superpowers, what the opposing forces are armed with(maybe they're just undead), what time your mom wants you home, etc.

    J/K :D...Stay safe and remember once one bites you, you will eventually turn to ;)
  10. fallout mike

    fallout mike Well-Known Member

  11. smitty704

    smitty704 Well-Known Member

    Not IMO. I feel the more the better. I carry a G19 with an LCP as a BUG. But I am still in the market for a mag carrier to carry an extra G19 mag.
  12. JEB

    JEB Well-Known Member

    honestly, i think the 6 rounds by itself would be enough. with the addition of the g26 you should have plenty for any situation. here lately i have been carrying a g27 (10 rounds) with an LCP (7 rounds) as backup (more of an "always gun" rather than an actual backup). sometimes i carry just the LCP.
  13. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    Six HITS would be enough in nearly any civilan encounter.

    If I wanted more SHOTS I would just carry the auto and whatever number of magaznes seemed suitable instead of humping a heavy .45 revolver; much as I like the type.
  14. CZguy

    CZguy Well-Known Member

    True, but I'm counting on the Claymores taking out at least a few of them. :D

    All joking aside, five is enough, if you can shoot well. Twenty five isn't enough if you can't. :uhoh:
  15. jimbo555

    jimbo555 Well-Known Member

    How do you keep your pants up? For me I would make the g26 the primary and get a light pocket 380 for a backup.
  16. Dean1818

    Dean1818 Well-Known Member

    Odds would seem to favor you dramatically that 5 would be enough

    Factor one

    SD scenarios almost never happen, especially if you dont put yourself in dangerous situations. Sort of like getting hit by lightning as odds.

    Factor two

    I have read that a great many SD scenarios that do happen, end immediately when a weapon is presented and no shots are fired. The BG runs away. I imagine this happens a great deal, and isnt publicized as much as a shooting

    Factor three

    Some studies point to the vast majority of SD shootings involve 1-3 shots from the person being attacked

    Factor four

    Carry a reload, this will give you 10 rounds...... Practice , practice, you will be fine

    If you puts these factors together and think defensive and not offensive........ The dramatic odds are you wont need the extra rounds

    Should you jump in and be a hero for the $28.37 at the cash register being robbed at
    the Seven-11?

    Let me say, that unless an innocent is directly in a true threat............. I am not playing the hero.

    Do I want to start slinging lead at a BG with him shooting at me as well? What if an innocent is
    killed BEHIND me, because I started firing when i didnt really need to, and the BG was a bad shot??? (do you think most BGs go to the range to practice accurately?)

    I am NOT seeking a gunfight. That mentality may keep someone from getting killed.

    My weapon is LAST resort, when all else fails.

    Life is almost always not like TV, with protracted gunfights.

    Could there be a case where 5 isnt enough? Yes..... But unless you are an LEO, you LIKELY will
    never, ever, ever, need it

    I believe the mentality of the CCW will also contribute to rounds fired and the outcome of the encou ter
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2012
  17. mgmorden

    mgmorden Well-Known Member

    My normal carry gun (LCP) only carries 7 rounds and I don't usually carry a reload, so my answer is "usually".

    Really though my decision to carry that limited number of rounds is pretty much just based off of ease of concealment. Its pretty warm down here most of the year so small guns are what I can conceal. For the short period of the year that I can wear a little more and conceal a little more, I've settled on carrying a CZ-82 for the time being. 13 in the gun plus 12 more in another mag on my belt is a lot more comforting.

    That said, I am strongly considering looking at a Ruger SR9c as an alternate to that. Shouldn't be any harder to conceal and I'll have a more powerful 11 rounds in the gun plus 17 more on the belt in the full-sized mag.
  18. FoMoGo

    FoMoGo Well-Known Member

    I commonly carry 1 or 2 Combat Masters.
    6+1 each.
    Even with one of them I never feel undergunned.
    I also carry a taurus 445 5 shot .44 spl.
    Never feel undergunned with that either.

  19. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Personally, I'd go for the easier to carry Glock and a spare mag. Leave the awesome 625 for range duty. That way you've got more shots on tap (in the astronomically unlikely event that you need it), and you'll be much less obstructed by all the extra weight on your belt.

    I love revolvers and carry a 629 fairly frequently. But the question you're asking is very much like, "I've got a 1950 John Deere model B tractor that I drive 40 miles to work every day. Do you think I should tow my Honda Civic along behind it in case it runs out of gas some day?"
  20. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    I usually carry 6 shots in this or an Officer's Lightweight model or an AMT pocket .45
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2012
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