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Is a 300 XTP expanding in 950 fps?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by WestbayWhisper, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. (Yes, Ive done search before posting.)

    I am going to use the 300 gr XTP to knock out small-mediumsized deer from a suppressed rifle. For sure they will go down even if the XTP acts like a solid in the subsonic range - but expansion would be appreciated.
  2. griz

    griz Well-Known Member

    You could try it by fireing it in to water (lots of water) and see what happens. Not a perfect media but easy to find and quit consistent.
  3. ChristopherG

    ChristopherG Well-Known Member

    There are two 300 grain xtp's; one says Magnum, and one doesn't. The Magnum is made for .454 Casull type velocities, while the 'standard' is made for the .45 colt. The 'standard' is supposed, on Hornady's advice, to expand at velocities as low as 800 fps. It should be verry capable of taking deer, and I have read testimony to its effectiveness in that capacity from handgun hunters.

    I've thought myself about what a wonderful bullet that would be for a suppressed rifle--but, alas, I cannot possess one legally here. What rifle are you using?
  4. Ben Shepherd

    Ben Shepherd Well-Known Member

    For clarification-

    He's dealing with 44 mag here folks.

    I don't know. The slowest I've ever ran that 300 XTP is about 1100. I could look in my hornady manual when I get home tonight. It has charts showing effective velocity ranges for all thier slugs.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2006
  5. ChristopherG

    ChristopherG Well-Known Member

    Ah. Thanks, Ben--search on his name revealed this project's background. My Hornady manual is a couple of years old and doesn't list the .429 300 xtp; but I wouldn't bet on it expanding subsonic. If it were me, I'd use a flat-nosed hardcast and not sweat expansion. If you can get such a thing in Sweden.
  6. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    Hi! It's been expanding "classicly" for me up to fifty yards at that speed , in small blacktail deer, from my 22" barrel 788 Remington .44mag. It's y 'quiet gun'!
  7. Hi Ben!
    Yes its .44 Mag and in a few weeks Ill get my Ruger 77/44 back with a 16-baffled reflex suppressor. Dont think its going to win any beautycontest but being a rather unique piece in my area.
  8. Ben Shepherd

    Ben Shepherd Well-Known Member

    Hornady 5th edition lists the 44 caliber 300XTP slug as having an effective velocity range of 850-1900. So you're on the bottom end, but it should work.
  9. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Suppressed rifle for deer?:scrutiny: You could probably get 30 days in the electric chair for that in Texas.:)
  10. Thanks alot for info - Ben and Gordon!
  11. Delay some months but here it is:
    Not as goodlooking as the american integral ones from Tom Denall, Johns gun or similar - but it is a unique piece here.
    Reached 1000fps over the chrono with 300 gr XTP / 8.2 gr Vv N330. Muzzle signature is like somewhere between pellet- and nailgun. Barrel itself is 10.8 " and not ported, with suppressor 17.7 " and suppressor diameter is 2 ".
    Now I want to try to reduce signature (but stay enough powered for roe deer) and am thinking of 300 gr cast bullets. Should be able to reduce powder that way and perhaps coat them with moly. "Masterblasterbullets" unfortenately doesnt sell outside the US.
    Any good idea about coating with polymers?
  12. Kernel

    Kernel Well-Known Member

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