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Is Cobray still around?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Dionysusigma, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Dionysusigma

    Dionysusigma Well-Known Member

    While I was purchasing my Winchester 1911Ls yesterday, I noticed two parkerized SxS pistols, one in .357/.38 and the other in .45 LC and .410... upon closer inspection, they are/ were manufactured by Cobray.
    Now, since the AWB, Intratec has gone out of business, but has anyone else? Were these just rare finds from a company long gone? Thanks for any advice or info...
  2. dangerousdude

    dangerousdude member

  3. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler Well-Known Member

    Yes, Cobray is hanging in there. Check out their website.

    But if you're interested in a MAC type pistol, you'd probably be better served by an MPA-30 from Master Piece Arms. Their website is messed up right now, but check gunsamerica and other places.
  4. Dionysusigma

    Dionysusigma Well-Known Member

    Well, Macs are nice (although my roomate tends to disagree with me) but does anyone know what models those SxS pistols might be? They seemed as simple (operationally) as a side-by-side shotgun, and strongly built... something that'd be good for tackle/ tool boxes, boats, and the like.
  5. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-Ray Well-Known Member

    I always thought Macs were made by Ingram. Is Cobray a knockoff?
  6. MagKnightX

    MagKnightX Well-Known Member

    Actually, I believe that Cobray is the company that Ingram (the designer) worked for, but I'm not sure.

    As for MAC pistols, I'm not getting one until I can get FA. Derned price and age barriers...
  7. Fly Navy

    Fly Navy Well-Known Member

    Does any country, police agency, etc. use these type of submachine guns for service use? I always wondered that and I figured maybe you guys know.
  8. standingbear

    standingbear Well-Known Member

    ingram originally made the macs in powdersprings GA then they moved to texas and went under.cobray is not the same as ingram.cobray took up after the original macs(military armament corp.)went under.cobray started with the SWD(wayne daniels) made macs,which also went under and is now being marketed as fmj,leinad(daniels backwards).made in ducktown down south..the cobray website is in north dakota i think.he makes parts,very good ones.the mac design has been and is being made by lotsa manufactureres today-rpb out of georgia,nighthawk down there somewhere, and elsewhere.some of the current "macs" are assembled by distributers from parts bins from days gone by and some are made and assembled at the factory(rpb)which went back to the original closed bolt design from texas and modified it to improve function.they work quite well and have eliminated all the problems that plagued macs of the closed bolt design.open bolt designs(can get replacement parts,just not completed guns) can no longer be manufactured,they are simply too easy to make fa.the macs did see some use with military units but very limited.never really caught on.go to the website,the guys name is harvey.nice guy and hell call you back and give you the info you need on any mac.or go to macguns.com.another good website dedicated to macs.
  9. DougCxx

    DougCxx Well-Known Member

    I never owned one of any, but as I remember the actual MAC guns were a bit on the expensive side, while the Cobrays were rather cheap and less-well fitted together. You bought a Cobray if you couldn't afford a MAC.... --->$189 Canadian dollars is about $140 US dollars, for example.
    Also, Cobrays were the classic "flat receiver parts kits" guns that I saw.
  10. dangerousdude

    dangerousdude member

    The Macs always the one in my collection the non educated gunners want to handle first and they usually refer to it as an UZi. LOL:neener:
  11. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member

    For those with a Cobray M11/9 submachinegun, they now make a nice carbine upper that greatly improves control of your bullet hose.
  12. tommyc

    tommyc Member

    I worked for them (Cobray) when I was in high school. That was a really interesting job :) They (Cobray) also used to teach several different types of "anti-terrorism" training classes. The classes ran the gamut from unconventional weapons, search and siezure, evasive driving etc ..... I believe they also has some kind of ties with Brigade Quartermasters.
  13. AK103K

    AK103K Well-Known Member

    My bullet hose works just fine with that stubby little barrel, thank you very much! Control is no problem at all once you know how to shoot them.
    Open the stock, lose the strap and hold on, cause you ride it rather than shoot it. :)
  14. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member

    I prefer riding mine with a barrel extention/foregrip screwed on the barrel. I like to get a few of the 32 rounds to hit the target. :) However, I've been eyeballing the carbine upper for a while now.
  15. standingbear

    standingbear Well-Known Member

    rpb has that side cocker too,no more bolt smacking back n forth up top.would be kind fun if rpb or cobray had made a miniture version in 22 l.r. that took stick mags from a ruger auto or something.this way i could actually afford to shoot one.ive seen the adaptors but would rather have a mini scale version.they are fun novelty guns.
  16. AUTIGER04

    AUTIGER04 member

    Hey! A Tec 9 junk? Never!:p
  17. THA

    THA Member

    If I remember correctly, MAC (Military Armament Corp) was Werbel's and Ingram worked with him. These are the origional Powder Springs and Marretta open bolt subguns. MAC went Chapter 7 and SWD took over (that's Daniels). The Cobray was the logo that Daniels bought at the bankruptcy auction as well as the famous ...$6.00 guns. Cobray was a combination of Cobra and Moray Eel. Next the guns went to Texas and, I believe, Jim Leatherwood. Now associtates of Daniels has it back.

    I bought my first M-10 for $60.00 and first M-11 for $75. Suppressors (SIONICS) were $75 in either of the 3 cal. I bought 25 SWD's for $150 each when SWD went out.

    As a trivia teaser, what do the initials SIONICS stand for???
  18. THA

    THA Member

    Sorry, made mistake. I should have said RPB after MAC and not SWD. SWD came after Leatherwood, I believe. My 25 guns were RPB's Most RPB's were Marrieta MAC's stamped on other side with RPB
  19. aryfrosty

    aryfrosty Well-Known Member

    Cobray weapons..

    I recall also the prices when the Werbells and Ingram started biting the dust. A dealer offered the M-11s for $75. and the M-10s for $65. Back in the 80's I took a hankerin' for a short shotgun and had a Class III dealer find me one. It's a Mossberg M-500 with an 11 and 7/8ths inch barrel, pistol grip and barrel shroud and the neat little "Cobray" insignia on the receiver. It's a very nice conversion but I have never found anyone else who ever owned, saw or handled one. :)

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