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Is 'Florida Gun Works' a scam?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Ignition Override, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    Was trying to use Google to locate a phone number and the first page had some really serious complaints against them, from a few years ago.
    Pardon the eror if these allegations were not proven to be valid.

    If this is the wrong forum, then what is the correct one?
  2. pgeleven

    pgeleven Well-Known Member

    i think 'general gun discussions' would be the proper forum.

    but hey, not everyone visits every forum so no harm in posting here and there in order to get the proper answer. never heard anything about your problem though, sorry
  3. Duke of Doubt

    Duke of Doubt member

    FLORIDA is a scam.
  4. kingpin008

    kingpin008 Well-Known Member

    Ooohkay then. :scrutiny:
  5. Nero_Atrum

    Nero_Atrum Well-Known Member

    Wait. What? :confused:
  6. Duke of Doubt

    Duke of Doubt member

    "Florida" is a vast young peoples' conspiracy to get all the old people onto an enormous earthen diving board which first will compress beneath their ample weight, and then send them careening into the rising waters of the Caribbean Sea.
  7. Nero_Atrum

    Nero_Atrum Well-Known Member


    I see no phone number on their actual site just a email and address. As for them being a scam I would not know.
  8. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
    It has only been about a week since ordering a Ruger mag.

    There has been no e-mail reply to my order, as was always the case at Sportsmansguide and Ammoman.
  9. WardenWolf

    WardenWolf member

  10. Mot45acp

    Mot45acp Well-Known Member

    Dont know if its still good:
    The reviews are not very promising
  11. feedthehogs

    feedthehogs Well-Known Member

    If you check the Florida shooters network you'll find Fla gun works in the Miami area is something to stay away from.
  12. yosarian

    yosarian Well-Known Member

  13. Loggerlee

    Loggerlee Well-Known Member

    I bought two mags from there,A 10 rounder and a 20rd for my mini-14,the 10 round was a real high quality piece,just like a Ruger mag,the 20 round was nice too,only it was for a AR,so I got a hold of them,he said to ship it back,and he'd send me another,but hell by the time I shipped it back it would cost more than the magazine had.
    So no I have a 20 round AR mag...sheesh

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