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is my TA 90 a good gun?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by chad b, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. chad b

    chad b New Member

    Hello all--new here and I was hoping you all could fill in some blanks for me.
    I have recently purchased a 9mm Tanarmi TA 90 made by Fratelli Tanfoglio S.p.A. and imported by Excam Inc. Hialeah, Fl. I think I am saying all of that right. The gun came with the box and two 15 shot clips, owners manual and everything. Even has the origonal price tag that says $430.00 on it. The back says 2-7-89 paid implying that is the date bought. I bought it from a gun store for $295.00 and it has hardly been shot. It is high tinsile nickel steel (that's what the box says). I seen the gun and was all like stainless, 15 round clips, external slide lock-decocker $295.00...can I see that please.:what: So I picked up the gun and was totally impresed with the sturdy feel and smooth action. Didn't rattle or feel cheep in any way. So I bought it and start doing reserch with the home page for this gun maker and realize they make some pretty kick butt guns. I have found alittle information on the net but not alot. I have found more searching here but still not alot. I have not shot the gun yet. I know some of these old auto-loader are finiky about ammo. I got some corbon and some federal to try. Anyway I know nothing about Italin firarms (exept Berretta) any advise are comments about the new purchase would greatly be apreciated. Thanks ...CHAD
  2. ARTiger

    ARTiger Well-Known Member

    It's a clone of the CZ 75 design. Basically an EAA Witness with another branding. Parts may or may not interchange with the Wintess series. Not a bad deal at <$300. Should be a good shooter. Wouldn't dry fire without snap caps.
  3. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    The TA-90's are excellent guns, a little better built than the newer Witness model. I picked up a compact version (BTA-90) for my girlfriend. Also paid $300 for it.

  4. Snowdog

    Snowdog Well-Known Member

    I don't know anything about the TA-90, but I know that rainbow Kershaw Leek is a nice knife. :D My wife loves hers!
  5. Richard

    Richard Well-Known Member

    I have owned clones and both have been great. I sold the compact and I am sorry I did. I still have the EZ75 and I will probably go to my grave still owning it. Regards, Richard:)
  6. loop

    loop Well-Known Member

    Ta-90 is one heck of a gun. You got a good deal, but right now they (TAs) are a good deal. Hang on to it a year or two and it will double in value.

    Shoot it and you'll figure out why it is a really good value.

    Sell it and you'll regret it.
  7. DougDubya

    DougDubya Well-Known Member

    The TA 90 always has a place in my heart. I don't mind the slide-mounted decocker at all, and yet it still has those sexy CZ-75 looks.

    I remember when they were called TZ-75's.
  8. Jiml3

    Jiml3 Well-Known Member

    The TA 90 is a very nice gun, I use to own one. The bad news is that European
    American Armory out of Florida, the current importer will not support any repairs or parts on it. They are absolutely terrible to deal with. My BTA 90 had a small crack in the slide and when I contacted EAA, the owner told me he does not work on guns that he did not import. Asked if he could refer me to some place where I could purchase a new slide, he said "No". Asked if the slide was compatible with the current model, he said he didn't know. He was useless and
    disagreeable. I even wrote to Tanfoglia in Italy and got no help.
    Anybody wanting to buy a Witness, I would suggest getting the original, the CZ
    75 line. They have a very good customer support system
  9. Deanimator

    Deanimator Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine used to have one. It seemed like a decent pistol if you don't mind SA/DA pistols that can't be carried cocked and locked.
  10. 66912

    66912 Well-Known Member

    My first "High capacity" 9mm was a TA-90. Super reliable, super accurate and super heavy! I think you got a great deal on it being the way things are now. I paid that same price back in 1990. Eventually the gun was traded up towards something that fit the, "Must Have" emotions of the time. Now I have a true CZ-75. Again, I think you did great on the price, shoot the H**l out of it and enjoy.
  11. chad b

    chad b New Member

    thanks for all of the input and as far as shoot the he(( out of it...you can count on it
  12. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    If you still have the gun, call numrich. They don't have the BTA 90 listed on the website, but show a TA-90 slide in stock for $135.
  13. cz-75-et-al

    cz-75-et-al New Member

    Tanarmi BTA-90 and other similar guns...

    I bought a TZ-75 in the mid 80's after reading a gun review about them. It has been a good and reliable gun. At the time I wanted a CZ-75 but they were not sold in the USA then. I later bought a BTA-90 since I liked the compact look and feel of it plus the finish of the nickel steel frame and slide. The BTA-90 is an excellent cheap 9 mm auto. I note mentions of 15 round clips. Mine has 12 round clips; with one in the chamber it equals 13. The TZ-75 holds more since it is full size. 17 I believe. I later bought a real CZ-75 from a pawn shop in the early 90's near a military base. I guess someone brought it back from Europe when they came back to USA. It is my favorite of the three guns and it shoots very well and is accurate. I also bought a 22 slide conversion kit for the CZ-75 and it is a total 'blast' shooting that gun with 22 shells. 'Cheap and cheerful' is how the English would describe it. All three guns are accurate, for that matter. I recently bought a Witness in .45 ACP. I like the ultra finish OK but wish it was nickel steel like the BTA-90. I will need to change the sights on it, I think, since it shoots a little low and slightly left. I could do work to make it straight but low needs new sights. I am considering target type sights like the CZ 75 Cadet slide kit I have since those are excellent sights with adjustments for L/R and Up/Down. I think you will find the BTA-90 to be a fun gun to shoot. I have had mine over 20 years now and it is easy to keep it working well and it does not rust. :)
  14. recovery agent

    recovery agent New Member

    I purchased my Tan in 1996. A guy I worked with needed the money so he sold me the auto, case, inside pants holster and shoulder holster for $250.00. I knew I got a great deal and then I shot it. Fantastic.

    I don't use it much but each time I go to the range I'm reminded of how accurate this is. You got a great deal and I'm glas I found this thread.

    Good luck and safe shooting.
  15. Janos Dracwlya

    Janos Dracwlya Well-Known Member

    I've noticed that Cole Distributing is listing these for sale at $289 (90%) and $269 (80%). Are magazines available for these?
  16. Janos Dracwlya

    Janos Dracwlya Well-Known Member

    Still hoping for information on magazines for the TA 90. Thanks.
  17. Janos Dracwlya

    Janos Dracwlya Well-Known Member

    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    I'd still like to get info on magazines for the TA-90.


    GSCSRET Member

    I have a TA 90 B (Baby) I bought in 1986 or 87. Love it! Very good shooter, zero problems. I have been on the search for magazines as well, no luck. I also sent an email to Tanfoglio as mentioned earlier in this thread and did not receive reply either.

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