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Is the Sig Sauer P225/P6 9mm Pistol DAO or DA/SA?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by chbrow10, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. chbrow10

    chbrow10 Well-Known Member

    I am interested in the Sig Sauer P225/P6 9mm Pistol. I'm trying to figure out if it is DAO or DA/SA? Specifially the surplus guns from AIM...
  2. NGIB

    NGIB Well-Known Member

    It's DA/SA with a decocker and no safety...

  3. chbrow10

    chbrow10 Well-Known Member

    are you happy with the accuracy?


    are you happy with the accuracy? I am considering this for a competition pistol for my 9 year old son.
  4. M1911

    M1911 Well-Known Member

    The Sig 226 is a double stack gun. The grip is way too big in circumference for a 9 year old child. I wear a medium to large glove and it is marginally too big for my hands. Your son will not be able to reach the trigger. And the recoil will be too much for a 9 year old as well. Look for a single stack .22lr pistol instead.
  5. chbrow10

    chbrow10 Well-Known Member


    Thanks for your advice. I said P225/P6. It is a single stack. Regarding recoil, he currently shoots a fullsize .45ACP 1911 very well. My local club will not allow anything smaller than 9mm. I am looking for something for him that he and his younger brother can shoot and call thier own that isn't too expensive.

    1BLINDREF Well-Known Member

    P225s are plenty accurate.
    The slim grip due to the single stack magazine will probably be OK for a 9 year old. If not and you want a single stack Sig, check out a P239 in 9mm. The grip is slightly smaller. This picture might help. The P239 is on the left wearing the Hogue finger groove grips.


    I bought the P239 in the picture for $340.00 out the door with the original box, papers, and 2 magazines. If you shop around, you can find good deals on them.

    If you do end up buying a P6, you can change to hammer spring (main spring) down to an 18 or 19lb spring for a lighter DA pull. The factory P6 hammer springs are very heavy and the DA pull might be too much for a 9 year old.
    Good luck.
  7. chbrow10

    chbrow10 Well-Known Member


    Thanks very much for your comment and picture. Very helpful.
  8. NWdude83

    NWdude83 Well-Known Member

    I was reading someplace maybe it was the Sig forum. But a bunch of people were saying get the actual P225, not the P6.
  9. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn Well-Known Member

  10. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    Please pardon my ignorance. What is the difference? I figured the P6 was just the name given to the P225 for the german po-po. Kinda like how the Beretta 92FS is called the M9.
  11. NGIB

    NGIB Well-Known Member

    The 225s had a slightly different barrel from what I understand along with the "normal" hammer. Some P6s don't reliably feed JHPs but mine does just fine. A real 225 commands a much higher price than the surplus P6s...
  12. highorder

    highorder Well-Known Member

    I have a P6, and was wondering about converting it to DAO; anyone familiar with Sigs care to enlighten me on the possibility?
  13. AK103K

    AK103K Well-Known Member

    If you get the P6, your definitely going to want to change the mainspring. The DA triggers are pretty stiff. The P225 mainspring brings it back down to what you'd expect from most other SIG's. Check out top Gun Supply if you get one, they have all the parts you need and the Armorers CD to help you tear it down and reassemble it.

    While the P6's grip is somewhat thin, its really not a whole lot different than the grip of a P226 or P229. I have all three and see little difference in them. I also have a P239, and as 1BLINDREF said, its grip is slightly smaller, and especially thinner than the other models.

    If your willing to spend a little more, I would suggest finding a local SIG dealer if possible and let your son try all of them in his hand and let him choose. After all, its going to be his gun. There are deals on CPO's and used SIG's out there, but I doubt you'll find one as cheap as the P6's are going for now. Other than my P230's, the best I've been able to do has been in the $450 range for a used SIG above .380 in caliber.

    I would imagine if there are P225 DAO parts available, it would be fairly easy to switch. I have a P245 that was converted to DAO that I just recently restored to DA/SA. Just a matter of swapping the hammer and trigger and replacing the decocker in my case. In yours, you'd be eliminating it.

    Edit to add... they do show a DAO hammer here, but nothing about the trigger. Not sure if the one in the gun will work with the DAO hammer or not. Maybe try over on the SIG forum for an answer there if you dont get one here, or maybe just call SIG and see what they say.


    As compared to what other loaded pistol in the hands of an unattended 3 year old?
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2008

    1BLINDREF Well-Known Member

    Harley Quinn
    Hmmm...... loaded Sig is unsafe in the hands of a three year old.

    That's a very interesting statement that you made.
    Which make loaded gun do you think would be safe in the hands of a three year old? :scrutiny:
  15. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn Well-Known Member

    Colt 1911 Government model is a pretty safe weapon :D

    Yea that was an interesting statement. The Sig is actually very dangerous for any and all people who are not familiar with it.
    Best thing is don't allow 3 year olds to hold a gun:(

    My head was wrapped around a shooting that was really bad and I should not have posted, but I did now I am done:eek:
  16. AK103K

    AK103K Well-Known Member

    I think you had better quit while your ahead, and that was back there with the three year old. :D
  17. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Actually, I'd be about as comfortable stuffing a loaded & cocked SIG in my hip pocket as I would be doing the same with a loaded Glock.

    The SIG trigger has a long two-stage pull before it gets to the break.

    And even if you tripped it, the trigger / FP safety would most likely engage before the hammer hit the firing pin.

    A loaded de-cocked SIG is as safe as any gun can get.

    In any case, I don't intend to stick a loaded & cocked SIG, or a loaded Glock in my hip pocket.

    But I'm just saying!

  18. Lonestar49

    Lonestar49 Well-Known Member

    Harley Quinn

    There is a shooting that occurred in No CA that was terrible a young child of 3 killed himself accidentally with a Sig. I believed the gun was pretty safe, guess not.

    Hmmm...... loaded Sig is unsafe in the hands of a three year old.

    That's a very interesting statement that you made.
    Which make loaded gun do you think would be safe in the hands of a three year old? :scrutiny:


    My take is the same as 1BR.. :scrutiny: but, possibly to answer the question to the best of my ability, a gun with a safety (ON), unlike Sigs decocker only, and with a new Parent-owner with some "basic knowledge of gun safey around kids"

    Sorry, back to the OP's subject..

  19. M1911

    M1911 Well-Known Member

    chbrow10 -- sorry, I must be getting dyslexic in my old age. I guess I saw 225/P6 but read it as 226. Yes, you are certainly correct that the 225 is a single stack. I remain amazed that your 9 year old can shoot a 1911.
  20. chbrow10

    chbrow10 Well-Known Member


    He's big for a 9 year old (he just turned nine Saturday). He shot his first match Saturday, and beat the 13 year old girl, who was shooting a Glock 19 and had shot in matches before, on the stages that she competed in (she skipped the last 2 stages).

    About the only things he needs to work on are the longer shots at the 8" plates and the fact that he is flinching and forcing the barrel down.

    Nonetheless, I'm pretty darn proud of his performance, safety, and gun handling at the match.

    I took some video of him, and may post what I call his best stage on Youtube.

    Thanks for you advice.

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