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Is the Smith Wesson SW99 out of production?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by AirPower, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. AirPower

    AirPower Well-Known Member

    I remember there's SW99 that SW did with Walther based on the P99, but now that SW's own MP9 is out, has SW99 production stopped?
  2. tlen

    tlen Well-Known Member

    The Model SW990L Pistol in 9MM & .40 S&W is still listed on the S&W website but I don't see them in the 2008 catalogues.
  3. searcher451

    searcher451 Well-Known Member

  4. fastbolt

    fastbolt Well-Known Member

    According to S&W the SW99 & SW990L is out of commercial production.

    S&W will still make them for their LE customers who are using them. The frames have to be ordered from Germany, of course.

    However, as you might imagine, they might offer some incentive for LE customers currently using the SW99/990L series to consider switching over to the M&P series. ;)

    I remember when they were previously discussing the possibility of keeping the Sigma, SW99/990L and the M&P all available for commercial sales. In the end they decided to keep just the budget Sigma and the completely new M&P in their catalog. As you might imagine, since the licensed SW99/990L series is only half made by S&W they would still have to get the frame (and components) from their Walther partner.

    The 99 series is a fine design and a good pistol. There have been some interesting refinements and subtle changes to it over the years. I guess it might be said that it just never really caught on in this country as much as had been hoped.

    I won't be getting rid of my standard size SW99 .40 S&W or my SW99 compact 9mm. I may not carry them much, or even shoot the .40 model much at all nowadays (too many other guns with which I train, practice and qualify), but I do appreciate the design and features.

    Personally, I tend to prefer the traditional double action models (which Walther calls AS, or Anti-Stress) over the DAO or QA (Quick Action, which was used in the 990L model).

    Nice pistols.
  5. FieroCDSP

    FieroCDSP Well-Known Member

    I like my 990L. Nice conceal piece and I got it reasonably cheap.
  6. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member

    CDNN is selling SW99's now priced very reasonably.

    I have a Walther P99/AS, and my buddy has a SW99 (which except for the slide/barrel is basically the identical pistol) and when he and I shoot them "head to head" I see no appreciable difference in accuracy or reliability between the two...

    I believe SW99's come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.. Not sure about one bought used.

    Very good gun in my estimation.

    Best Wishes,

  7. Storm

    Storm Well-Known Member

    What Fastbold said!

    I really, really like my 9mm SW99C and SW99 .45. For a .45 Walther style P99it's the only game in town and is an incredibly smooth and accurate shooter. The P99 offers a great platform for the .45 ACP. That Walther never went with a .45 99 is no surprise, but I'm a little surprised that Smith didn't keep the .45 in production.

    Owning and having shot both, unlike some Walther owners, I consider the Smith version to be the equal in terms of shooting quality.
  8. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    Ah, we Walther owners can be a snobbish bunch....:)


    I just remembered.. I'm the guy who just sold a Walther PPS in order to finance a NIB S&W 3913LS...... :D

    And I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY with the swap...


  9. Storm

    Storm Well-Known Member

    I'm even worse, a Walther owner and collector...

    I don't think I'd swap my PPS to have gotten my 3913, but heck, I own them both so I never had to face that choice. That's not to say I haven't made some other very, very painful trades :eek:
  10. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    My problem with the Walther PPS was not that it isn't a fine pistol.. My problem with the Walther PPS is that it has the "glocklike" trigger/striker and I simply don't care for it..

    I had two Glock 26's in years past, never could get comfortable with the triggers, and sold 'em. I hoped I could develop confidence in MYSELF with the PPS in spite of the trigger, but it just didn't happen.

    I'm an old fart, and in my youth we were NOT trained to "keep our fingers off the trigger" in the manner of today. I think the new way is safer, makes more sense, and I teach my grandchildren to keep their fingers off the trigger, but I'm guilty of not doing that myself.

    I have always been a traditional DA/SA guy.. My early experience with pistols/revolvers were all with the general Smiths/Colts of the time, and all DA unless cocked. I was taught NEVER to "cock" a firearm until I was ready to shoot it, and I was taught to NEVER apply pressure to a trigger until I was ready to shoot something, but keeping my finger in the triggerguard, lightly resting on the trigger was simply the way it was done, back then.

    Some folks will assume I'm full of crap when i say this, but all they have to do is watch old tv programs, or movie's from the 50's & 60's (perhaps beyond) and you won't see anyone's finger lying along the slide or cylinder, it will be on the trigger.. Trust me on this. :)

    I have always considered the heavier DA trigger pull as my safety.. I'm sure all of the thousands and thousands of leo's of the time did the same.

    I never got comfortable with the PPS in my FIST iwb holster, and if you aren't comfortable with your cc firearm of choice it's time to change something.

    The 3913 offers me the heavier 1st rd trigger pull. I don't even keep the external safety on. The 3913 is reliable, self defense accurate, and I feel comfortable carrying it concealed. (and the reputation of ALL 3rd Generation S&W pistols is of absolute reliability)

    My PPS was my SECOND PPS.. The first developed ejector problems that the folks at S&W could not fix so they gave me a new one. The 2nd PPS balked ONCE with Winchester White Box value pack jhp's. and when it malfunctioned the first time I was done with it.

    Chances are excellent the pistol wasn't even at fault. WWWB ammo has been known to be "iffy" and has caused problems in other pistols of mine in the past, and my buddies as well.. But up until this very moment (and yes, I'm knocking on wood) I've never had a 3rd generation S&W pistol fail in any way...

    Chances are IF Walther in their infinite wisdom manufactured a PPS with the fine "AS" (anti-stress) trigger (such as my P99/AS has) I'd buy one.

    But I just don't care for Glocks, Glock triggers, or "glocklike" triggers.. :barf:

    I'm confident and safe with a DA/SA firearm... I was not confident with the PPS and it's glocklike trigger/striker.

    As I said, it's ME, not the gun.. But keeping a firearm I don't like makes no sense, and buying a firearm I've wanted for some time, by selling the aforementioned firearm, makes excellent sense..

    Well, to me anyway. :D

    No offense intended.

  11. Storm

    Storm Well-Known Member


    None taken. Not at all. If I had to chose between my 3913 and PPS the PPS would go and the 3913 would stay. I guess I'm an old fart as well as I like the same things about the 3913 as you do. I've come to prefer hammer fired guns. I picked up my first 3rd Gen Smith back in 1989, and to tell you the truth, dozens and dozens of guns later I think that these are some of the finest guns in existence.

    The thing about the PPS is that I shoot so danged well with it so I overlook the trigger. I find that to be true with other Walthers (and Smith/Walthers) as well. It's also small enough that I would carry it in situations that I might no one of my compact Smiths. If the PPS had a true DAO trigger I would be no-brainer. I do prefer the PPS trigger to a Glock.
  12. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    I'm an old Walther fan.. Had a PP/P1/P5/ P99c/AS/PPS, still have a full size P99/AS.

    All of the Walthers were accurate, but the P99c/AS was REALLY accurate. I sold it when I got the PPS because the qualities of the two overlapped and having both was redundant. Turns out the P99c/AS was the more accurate of the two, but the thickness of the double stack was not as cc friendly.

    Just a couple of weeks ago I bought a NIB 5906 from CDNN. I have replaced the excellent P99/AS with the S&W 5906 simply because I like it better. Also, I was using the P99/AS for a "home defense" type pistol. I have also ordered a Crimson Trace Lasergrip for the 5906, and I am of the opinion that it will serve better than the P99/AS in the event that "bump in the night" noise we hope to never hear comes a callin'.. :D

    It just cracks me up that from my first 3913 in 1995 I have gone through all sorts of other pistols and here I am, in 2008 choosing the 3rd generation Smiths as my cc and home defense firearms of choice all over again..

    Also, I recently bought the pictured 6906 from CDNN (also NIB), so guess I've got it pretty much covered?

    Best Wishes,


  13. blkbrd666

    blkbrd666 Well-Known Member


    I didn't know there was another Walther collector on here...especially in GA. What's your focus, anything Walther or a specific era? I'm working on the older metal frames right now...and sticking with handguns...unless I find a random deal on a rifle.
  14. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    I'm not "really" a Walther collector. I bought my first surplus Walther PP back before I retired and liked the quality of it. I sold it when a co-worker's wife wanted it more than I did. Then later I got a nice surplus P1, then P5, then the P99's came to my attention, then finally the PPS. Of them all the only one I never felt "warm and fuzzy" about was the PPS. They are all sold now with the exception of the P99/AS..

    My interest varies over the years, but my general interest is in compact or sub-compact 9mm pistols. I also have a couple of J-frames and several D frame Colt revolvers.

    This past year I discovered the Seecamp pistol, and now I'm a big fan of Larry Seecamp and his almost hand made mouseguns. My wife and I each have a LWS32, and I have an LWS380 on order, due next month.

    Then about six months ago I ran up on those CDNN HK P7 surplus Lower Saxony Police pistols and I have three of those in "A" grade. I've never had or owned a more inherently accurate pistol than the HK P7... AMAZINGLY accurate.

    And of course most recently I have come back to my first love in the 3rd gen Smith & Wesson pistols.

    I'm out of money and I'm well satisfied with the small stash of pistols/revolvers I have now, so hopefully my lust after new acquisitions will be tempered in the future.:barf:

    If I want to go out back and "try" for small groups I just break out a P7.. If I want to mosey into unfamiliar territory I will take my 3913LS, or perhaps 6906 if wx permits.. Then, I ALWAYS have a Seecamp in my back pocket..:D

    The 5906 takes care of nighttime noises from my side of the bed, and my wife has a Security-Six 357mag. in her nightstand.

    Yep, guess we're covered.

    Best Wishes,

  15. Storm

    Storm Well-Known Member

    Many people are finding themselves in the same boat.

    I'm not sure whether I really have a focus. Here's what I have, maybe there's a pattern: P1, PP Super, P5, Interarms PPK, Interarms PPK/S, P99 AS .40 S&W 1ST Gen, P99C QA 9mm, and Smith/Walthers SW99C 9mm and .45. I'd love to add a P88 and am going to start back with the early Walthers with the Model 4. I had a P22 but traded it. To me it wasn't up to Walther quality. My collection is in its infancy. I also collect early 20th century European semi-autos so the early model Walthers will fit right in.
  16. ldp4570

    ldp4570 Well-Known Member

    I still concider myself to be in Ga, just stuck in Ok right now. I have at this time ten Walthers, and 21 S&W's. My Walther collection is still growing, as I'm lacking an Olympia, a Model 8, and a KKJ in .22Hornet to compliment my KKJ in .22lr. I also need a PP in both .22lr & .380. I don't really care for the PPS, I got to play with one, and found it very hard to release the mag without having to turn the gun in my hand, breaking my firing grip. Its not a problem I have with my P99QA. As for my S&W collection, well I'm pretty happy with it, don't really see anything I'd like to add.

    PPK/s .22lr
    PPK/s .32
    PPK/s .380
    KKJ .22lr

    5906, 4566, 4516-2, 3913, 639, 41

    686/CS-1, 640ND, 624-4", 624-3", 67, 66-2.5", 64 4", 64 2", 60-4 3",
    M&P Victory 38SPL, 1917, 28 4", K22, K38, #4 breaktop.
  17. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    Now the Walther PP Super is a pistol I've always been attracted to. I started checking on them last year when one appeared on GA or one of those online sites, but after I found out about the ammo requirement I just had to pass..

    Beautiful weapon tho.. Glad you have one...

  18. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    I had the same problem with my PPS regarding the mag release levers, but it was not an issue with my P99's... Go figure?

    The S&W you need to take a look at is the 6906.. Same pistol as the 3913 but in double-stack. CDNN is selling them for $399.99 NIB w/Lifetime Warranty, (one mag). The 6906 will accept the 5906 mags and with the S&W "grip+2" it's a perfect match and offers you 15+1 should you need the extra capacity when buying or selling drugs in bad neighborhoods late at night...:barf:

    Yeah, I know.. Me either, :D but anyway more capacity is never a bad thing?

    Best Wishes,

  19. searcher451

    searcher451 Well-Known Member

    Jesse: The PP Super also was made in .380 ACP. You can find them from time to time if you look around, although they tend to bring a little more money than the standard 9X18 Ultra guns. The Super is just that -- a heckuva fine pistol that exudes Walther quality and crafstmanship.
  20. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    I didn't know that. The only ones I've ever seen for sale online required the 9X18 "Ultra" round, which from my limited research are hard to find, and pricey when you can find them.

    Actually, anymore the 380cal round is not cheap either... I have some stashed for my new LWS380 which is due next month, and it's sorta costly too, even in the Winchester White box 100rd value packs..:barf:

    One reason I love the 9mm pistol so much is because the ammo is fairly reasonable when compared to any other centerfire round.

    But I do love the "looks" of the Walther PP Super... Classy...:D

    Best Wishes,


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