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Is there a civilian version of HK MP5?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Kentak, May 5, 2006.

  1. Kentak

    Kentak Well-Known Member

    If so, I want one.

  2. boofus

    boofus Guest

    HK94 They haven't been imported since 1989
  3. walking arsenal

    walking arsenal Well-Known Member

    I belive bobcat weapons makes a decent copy if i remember right. Vulcan armaments makes one too i think, but beware quality with them.
  4. nbkky71

    nbkky71 Well-Known Member

    I believe that HK did import semi-auto MP5's too. However, they are pretty rare. They're still NFA items since they have the 9" barrel.

    HK94 carbines can be had but they will cost you some serious $$$. There are some CA DOJ returns floating around in the neighborhood of $2600. You could always buy an HK94 and have it legally converted to a short barrelled rifle.
  5. hksw

    hksw Well-Known Member

    SOG has some HK94s on sale this month. (Genuine HK.)
  6. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    Vector makes a .40 S&W copy.

    I personally would not buy any of the other brands mentioned above. There are no good quality 9mm MP5 copies currently available.

    The best options for a non-NFA weapon would be an HK94/ SP89, or a Vector.
  7. chopinbloc

    chopinbloc Well-Known Member

    bobcat IS vulcan. both have less than sterling reputations. i have heard, though i can't verify it, that the hk clones marketed by vektor are also bobcat/vulcan.

    in any case, they are all well over a thousand and that's way too much for me to spend on a product of suspect quality. to make it worse, it's not even just a reliabilty issue. there have been reports of major breakages and spontaneous disassemblies including injury.

    again, it's all internet hearsay but it seems to be the general consensus and not just a few angry owners.
  8. Bwana John

    Bwana John Well-Known Member

    Yea, MP-5's are pretty cool!
    Not a HK, but a select fire, HK licenced, "Hecho en Mexico" clone.
  9. Number 6

    Number 6 Well-Known Member

    Bobcat is not Vulcan. Vulcan used to be Hesse, but to the best of my knowledge there is no association with Bobcat. Bobcat has been associated with Special Weapons Inc., but the degree that they are related has been in dispute. It is true that Hesse, Vulcan, Bobcat, and Special Weapons Inc. all have less than stellar reputations in terms of quality.

    I would seriously doubt this claim mainly due to Vector's reputation, but also due to each design being chambered in different calibers. The Bobcat is a copy of the HK design, but the Vulcan I believe is not however. The Vulcan design is a straight blowback design and is only an MP5 clone in terms of appearance. From what I have heard, Vector is supposed to make a high quality clone of the MP5 and the problems have been associated with the Vulcans.

    Ohio Rapid Fire is also supposed to make a decent copy of the MP5 in 9mm, but I have not heard of any reviews yet. Almost all of the clones that I have heard of have been well over $1000, so I would expect to pay a good chunk of change.
  10. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    I'm a dealer. I won't do business with Special Weapons or Bobcat or Hesse/Vulcan.

    I do business with Vector and Ohio Rapid Fire and have only had good experiences.
  11. CleverNickname

    CleverNickname Well-Known Member

    If they did, then they're pre-sample SBRs. No title II guns (not just machine guns) have been importable for sale to the general public after the passage of the 1968 GCA. Since they're not available to the general public, I'm guessing they're probably just push-pin receivers with FBI trigger packs, which still makes them machine guns in the BATFE's eyes.

    If you want a HK94, now's the time to get one, as the California CHP recently traded a couple hundred HK94's back to HK, who turned around and put them back on the market. This has depressed the price for HK94's a little bit in the past months.

    As an aside, because these guns were imported for use by a law enforcement agency, once they're sold by that agency they're not subject any more to the revised 1989 "sporting purpose" import restrictions that banned HK94 imports for sale to the general public. I bought one of the aforementioned California HK94's last month, and its date code indicates it was manufactured in 1992.
  12. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    I can get you an HK94 for about $2,900 and do the SBR paperwork for it if you want.
  13. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member


    Here's mine. :)

  14. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    I saw an MP5 in a CDNN catalogue recently. 3000 dollars for it, however. It was a semi-automatic with a 16" barrel.
  15. smince

    smince Member.


    Great pic of a great gun with a great background.:D

    I had a friend sell a Special Weapons 9mm (HK 94 copy, fixed stock, 16" barrel) today. His has been reliable, but it is the only one I know of. He sold it for a grand.
  16. rkba_net

    rkba_net Well-Known Member

    As a side note HK did import some SEMI MP5's.... these are NOT SBR'S (Short Barrel Rifles)... they are machineguns as they can be converted to full-auto by changing the trigger group...
  17. Diamondback6

    Diamondback6 Well-Known Member

    +1 to Correia's comments about (not-so-)Special Weapons. They screwed over a friend on AWBanSunset bigtime.


    Now, if HK would build a US plant and learn to, as Gunny Ermey might say, "sound off like they had..." (consult the Mail Call piece on doughboys, specifically the "Mini-Lee" commentary afterward...), then scuzzballs like SW wouldn't have a market for the crap they pull. Next to them, Kahr Thompsons get superlatives...
  18. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member

    Any HK semi can be made to shoot full auto by changing the trigger group. If I had been smart enough to buy a HK SP-89 before the price increase of 1989, I could use my full auto trigger group to make it a MP5K.
  19. Destructo6

    Destructo6 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure what he meant was that these semi MP5s had push-pin receivers and could accept any factory MP5 trigger group without modification.
  20. smince

    smince Member.

    Didn't the FBI start issue of MP5's with a semi trigger group after the Miami incident?

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