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Is there a reason for leaving space in a BP can?

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by BigBlock, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. BigBlock

    BigBlock member

    Dec 8, 2006
    I want to consolidate my cans of Goex that I have scattered around. Is there any reason it would be unsafe to fill some cans that already have 1lb in them full to the top? Is the air space in the can for any safety reason?
  2. Smokin_Gun

    Smokin_Gun Senior Member

    May 10, 2005
    Mojave Desert, California
    Maybe it's just me, bit i don't mix batches of Black Powder, I use it till that can is empty. I do the same with Flasks and Horns too.

  3. Claude Clay

    Claude Clay Senior Member

    Mar 6, 2007
    cant answer about safety ( though i dont think it is a problem if it is not compressed) but mixing powders just dont sound right. different born on dates, handling and storage. rather than store it---have fun using it up. good luck.
  4. arcticap

    arcticap Senior Member

    Mar 20, 2005
    Central Connecticut
    I suppose there are good reasons to not mix them.
    However, if the cans are all partially used and the batches are satisfactory and haven't spoiled due to poor storage, then I don't see what the harm is to consolidate them. My older full can of Goex doesn't have much air space, maybe 1 inch or less. It's just enough room to tip the can before it will start pouring out.
    The only other concern would be to homogenize the contents of each can by mixing them up. One way to do that might be to transfer partial amounts back and forth into each partially empty can several times until you're satisfied that the powder is well mixed. Not that there's much of difference per can, but there might be more fines in the bottom of one can than the other. At least mix the fines up.
    I wouldn't recommend losing track of the batch if you were shooting in competition and wanted to keep it separate for performance reasons.
    But as long as the batches haven't had any quality issues or concerns, mix them, and you can always record all of the lot numbers etc...if you really want to.
    When it comes to substitute powders I'm more of a purist. Some batches can be quite old and their potency or formula might have changed over the years. But since black powder doesn't usually have qualititative problems as often as the subs, I wouldn't worry about it.
    You're not going to smoke a cigarette while transferring it are you? :D
  5. scrat

    scrat Senior Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    Monrovia, CA
    I have mixed goex no problem. I shoot too much to worry about it. I would not mix a substitue though. Goex being oe black is a lot more stable than others. Not like smokeless powder. Goex does not really go bad. remember you can wet it, let it dry then still shoot it. unlike smokeless when its wet its dead.
  6. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Senior Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Los Anchorage
    Real BP of the same type and brand should be fully fungible. FFG Goex is FFG Goex. It's not like a smokeless substitute or smokeless powder.
  7. Omnivore

    Omnivore Member

    May 30, 2006
    North Idaho/Eastern Washington
    The reason there is space in the top of a new can of BP is very simple and paractical. As with most any other packaged product, it is far easier at the factory to fill the container if there is some extra settling room. To top it off completely they'd have to vibrate the can, and possibly do it in stages, to get the last little bit in there. It's as simple as that-- packaging efficacy. Same goes for breakfast cereal, potato chips, you name it. The net weight is controlled and accurate.

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