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Is this a good deal on a Glock 17?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Jim PHL, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Jim PHL

    Jim PHL Well-Known Member

    I'm still not convinced I want one but a local shop had one on display used, with nite sites for $339. I don't know a lot about them but I believe it is "first generation" as it has the straight front strap. (No finger grooves.) Is that the only difference in first gen? Again, I'm not sure I really want a Glock, but I do kind of want a 9mm. I'm just guessing I won't see them used at a much better price. What do you think?
  2. Rockstar

    Rockstar member

    I'd say buy it, you won't have spent a lot of $$ if you find out that you just don't like Glocks. Anything that needs upgrading or repairing will be handled by Glock, free, forever. 17-rd. factory mags are plentiful and available for $16 or so. You can learn to replace any part on a Glock in twenty minutes of "study" on the internet. (glockmeister.com, under "free services")
  3. glocker1911

    glocker1911 Well-Known Member

    First gen Glocks had smooth grips all around with light stippling in them. Second gen had molded in "checkering" on the front and backstraps, and third gen add rail and finger grooves. $339 is a pretty good price if the night sights are still fairly bright and the gun is clean. There are many, many worse 9mms you could choose, and not many better than a G17. Good luck.
  4. riverrat27

    riverrat27 Member

    Sounds like a good deal. If there doesn't appear to be any abnormal abuse and you are comfortable with the fit go for it! I never cared much for them untill I bought my first GLOCK. I must give credit where credit is due, they are very reliable. With the abundance of aftermarket and stock parts available, "tweaking" is reasonable. A certified GLOCK armorer can warranty unmodified parts even if you are not the original buyer.
  5. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    Pretty good deal if in decent shape with night sights if they have life left in them. I'd not jump on it though unless I really wanted a Glock 17 or had a fair amount of $ to waste if a similar deal came up for me.
  6. kennyboy

    kennyboy Well-Known Member

    Buy it. When you can get a Glock for under $450 with night sights and in new condition, you have to buy it.
  7. 3rdpig

    3rdpig Well-Known Member

    Good price, I really the 2nd gen full sized Glocks. This is probably a police turn in weapon and the nite sights are probably 10+ years old and only have a few more years in them at full brightness. The Glock 17 is, IMHO, the best full sized, 9mm service pistol made. And that's coming from a guy that owns High Powers, Sigs and Colts as well as Glocks. In other words, get it.
  8. Common Tater

    Common Tater Member

    Is is not just a good deal; it's a great deal. If the dealer doesn't have a Glock Certified Armorer working in the store, find one after you buy the G17 and get him to check it over for you.
  9. Jack19

    Jack19 Well-Known Member

    That is an extremely good deal. Run, don't walk, back to your dealer and pay your money.

    The G17 is one of the finest full-size 9mm handguns available. At that price, if you decide you don't like it, you'll be able to get all of your money back....and then some.
  10. Zach S

    Zach S Well-Known Member

    Good deal IMO.
  11. Tecolote

    Tecolote Well-Known Member

    It's a good deal but don't forget that you can get factory refurbished G17s with 3 new 17 rounders from Summit for about the same price.

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