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Is this "adequate" accuracy?? pics added

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Dave Bulla, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Dave Bulla

    Dave Bulla Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, just went and shot my new toy today and I thought I did okay but that I certainly have room for improvement. Just wondering how my shooting compares to you all who are good at it and do a lot of it.

    The "toy" is a Ruger super blackhawk, Hunter Bisley in stainless steel with a 7.5" barrel. Got it a couple weeks ago but didn't get to shoot it until today.

    Went and shot it today for the first time and was pleasantly surprised.

    I do NOT consider myself to be much of a handgun shooter and this is the first time I've shot a handgun at paper in about 19 years so.... if I talk about groups I like that you all would laugh at, cut me a little slack eh? (But DO be honest, I can take criticism when it's needed.) I hope to get better with some practice. My most limiting issue is my eyesight. I was shooting with my reading glasses on to help me see the sights better but it made things a little fuzzy at the target.

    Temperature outside was about 22 degrees so I wore a pair of those stretchy spandex camo gloves that are real thin. They're pretty slick though and I wondered if I'd have trouble hanging on to the grips.

    All shots fired were from the bench with wrists resting on a padded block.

    Anyway, I started out at 15 yards with some Hornady 200 grain Hp's. Shot 3 rounds in a 1 1/2" group about 5 inches low holding with the front bead covering the center of the target.

    Shot 3 Hornady 240 Hp's at the second target and hit same POI in a 7/8" group. Not bad I figured.

    Next, I shot 3 more 200gr Hdy's and had two touching and one less than an inch away. Adjusted the rear sight about one full turn up and got a little under 3 inches of upwards movement. Shot two shots there almost touching. Gave the screw another full turn and fired one shot to verify elevation was now "on".

    Shot some cast lead that I'd loaded 19 years ago when I had my other 44 and it did real well. Put 9 shots into 7 visible holes. If you throw out the two worst, the other 7 went into 1 5/8".

    Once I felt I was dialed in at 15, I moved the target out to 25 to see how I'd do. I put 6 shots into a 3.5" group a little right of center. If you throw out the worst one, it's a 2" five shot group.
    I spent the rest of the time shooting at snow clumps on the backstop about 60 yards out and did pretty good hitting them. I think I did better than on paper because my sights showed up better against the dirt and snow than against the black target circle.

    I finished off shooting a little N.A.A. "Black Widow" 5 shot 22 deringer at 7 yards. That little bugger shoots pretty good for as tiny as it is! It needed a firm hold to do well though. That's 10 shots on the left, 15 on the right and 5 on the bottom middle. Remington milk carton cheapo ammo.
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  2. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Your shooting sounds pretty good, especially after not having done much target shooting recently; throwing out worst shots, however, may make people wonder whether you're not a "gunriter," as one of the gun magazine "writers" puts it. Go ahead and count them all.
  3. Dave Bulla

    Dave Bulla Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm no gun writer but I read a fair bit of stuff from the magazines. The "throw the worst one out" thing comes from when I was a kid and had great eye sight and could call my fliers when shooting a rifle. If I was "on" and missed, it was a flier, if my sight picture was "off" and the shot hit there, it was a "called miss". We used to call our shots and if a known bad hold ruined a group, we'd throw that one out. But yea, I understand, I really should count them all.

    But back to the question I started with...

    Could I expect to get this type of accuracy with open sights out to say 50 or 60 yards with practice? i.e. about 3 inch groups at 50 yards?
  4. RidgwayCO

    RidgwayCO Well-Known Member

    That's pretty good shooting after such a long layoff. Nice job. Unfortunately, using iron sights doesn't get any easier as the target distance increases...

    The nice thing about the Ruger Hunters is that it's easy to add a pistol scope. Made life much easier for my old eyes...

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