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Its been 4 months since i have fired a gun

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by chetrogers, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. chetrogers

    chetrogers Well-Known Member

    Well to make a long story short i have not shot a gun in 4 months or so.I dont know why ,i took 3 different NRA classes to learn gun safety "First steps pistol,first step Shotgun,and first step Rifle" but since then i have just been so consumed with work and other issues.I have been offered to go shooting tomorrow with a fellow worker.And I'm going to go..Now I dont know why but i think that i need to buy a new gun or do something to get me excited into the whole gun scene again.I currently have a sar-1,30-06,22lr,and a double barrel 12 gage.along with a 9mm and .45acp pistol.

    I'm curious what rifle should i get next.. Is .308 something i should consider or should i really buy a gun that will bruise my shoulder.To tell the truth i wouldn't mind putting 800 bucks down on something that would leave a bruise on my shoulder :) .I just hate to be so "pro-gun" and not go shooting .Thanks for any info or suggestions
  2. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Well-Known Member

    Since you already have a 30/06, the 308 wouldn't really be that much of a change. Looks to me like you need a 223, and for $800 an AR type rifle might just fill the bill. You can shoot it all day and not have a sore shoulder.
  3. Kharn

    Kharn Well-Known Member

    I'd say hold off a month on the AR, so you can get one with all the features, it seems like what your collection lacks most is a .22 pistol.

    I ran into your problem when I was in college, I couldnt go shooting more than 3-4 times a year due to never being home and not having any guns at college. I ended up with 15+ guns, but I only shoot 4 of them regularly (an AR, a 1911, a Sig 228 and a Ruger MkII)

  4. chetrogers

    chetrogers Well-Known Member

    Maybe a 45-70?
  5. otomik

    otomik Well-Known Member

    since you have a lot of trouble getting to the range, how about an airgun you can fire in the basement or even a large backyard.

    i recommend the Daisy 622X or 617X for C02 pistols (but maybe you don't really care about pistols since all you have are businesslike defense caliber pistols, no .22 pistol or hunting caliber pistol)

    There's a lot of great air rifles, Beeman, Weihrauch and RWS come to mind.

    you'll find something you want to buy once you get shooting again.
  6. chetrogers

    chetrogers Well-Known Member

    Will the ban ending "if it does" change the price on the ar type rifles.Thanks for all the comments guys.

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