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IWB with the XD

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by SpookyPistolero, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. SpookyPistolero

    SpookyPistolero New Member

    Hi folks-

    I recently picked up an XD9 and need a decent holster to haul it around in. My first thought was a paddle rig, but as convenient as they are, it's a pain trying to conceal them without a shirt that feels like a moo moo.

    I really like my CompTac CTAC for my 1911, and was considering getting another one for the XD (or something similar). My main curiosity was whether folks here regularly carry pistols as thick as the XD IWB? I'm trying to decide if it's a worthwhile pursuit without dropping $75 to find out.

    Thanks much-

    PS- Anyone have any experience with the BladeTech Revolution holsters? They're pretty convertible and are dirt cheap.
  2. skinewmexico

    skinewmexico New Member

    I carry an XD9SC in a crossbreed supertuck, works great.
  3. chupacabrah

    chupacabrah New Member

    i have a fullsize m&p 9mm, it's of comparable size. I just had to get some bigger pants, and use a UBG Canute holster, with a wilderness tactical belt. Normal shirt that runs a little big, at about 3:30 position, and it is hardly noticable.

    i have a bladetech OWB kydex, i dont know about the revolution. so far I prefer my leather, there is no spring screw tension thingy to back out and make the gun loose like in the kydex. but that's just me.
  4. krs

    krs New Member

    I have a Glock 19 that might be my favorite SD weapon but I gave up trying to find a comfortable IWB carry. The pistol is just too squared to not be poking and chafing. I'm sure it'd be a similar experience with an XD9 as I have an XD45 Tactical that I wouldn't even try to carry IWB (not that I want to carry that big monster anyway). Squared guns IWB make a bad situation worse, IMO.

    I carry the G19 in a yanqui slip through type from Galco, OWB at my 8:00 and wear either a jacket or an untucked shirt to cover it.
  5. Hurrel

    Hurrel New Member

    I carry an XD-40 sub-compact routinely. I recently purchased a
    Galco leather High-ride holster and it works great.
    The weapon is close to my body and under my arm so it is difficult to
  6. RKirby

    RKirby New Member

    I carry a 4" XD in a Gun Leather brand Summer Special clone at about 4:00 with an un-tucked polo or t-shirt as a cover garment. I've never been made AFIK.

    The full size XD isn't the easiest gun to conceal due to the long and bulky grip, but it can be done with the proper holster. The hard (and expensive) part is finding the holster that works with your body shape.
  7. Paragon

    Paragon New Member

    Another vote for the Crossbreed Supertuck. I carry a XD9SC and an XD45 Service in one, and I couldn't be happier. www.crossbreedholsters.com
  8. LKB3rd

    LKB3rd New Member

    I carry an xd45 compact in either a crossbreed quick clip or a milt sparks versa max 2, and it works well in both.
  9. TX1911fan

    TX1911fan New Member

    I carried an XD9 subcompact IWB and it was just fine. I used a cheap pouch type holster and didn't have a problem. With a better holster I'm sure you'll be fine.
  10. usp_fan

    usp_fan New Member

    You've already nailed down the company I'd suggest for a holster. I carry my SIG P220 in at Comp-tac MTAC. Pretty comfortable and somewhat more refined than the cross breed.

  11. mhillsing23

    mhillsing23 New Member

    I carry my SC and Service XDs in a Crossbreed Supertuck and couldn't be happier with the setup. I have worn it 20 hours straight, sitting, driving, running, crawling, etc.
  12. Ske1etor

    Ske1etor New Member

    I carry mine in a Galco Summer Comfort at about the 2:30 position. Very hard to spot even if you know it is there (Sometimes I can't even see it... lol)
  13. esol

    esol New Member

    i have an XD40sc that i carry in a CTAC holster
    i have had it on my hip for almost 48 hours straight a few times with no complaints... i barely noticed it was there

    i have no problem concealing the XD with a t-shirt tucked or un-tucked... a more substantial shirt makes it that much easier
  14. xpun8

    xpun8 New Member

    CTAC with a gun belt.
    Carry XD45 service in it all day without comfort issues. With an ordinary leather belt it worked, but become uncomfortable as the day went on. When I purchased a belt made to support a holster I was amazed at how much a difference it made. Some of the comfort may depend on body type. I'm of a medium build and I'm fine with the XD or a fullsize 1911 IWB, bottom line I think is the belt.
  15. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew New Member

    I have a CTAC for a XD9SC and it works fine. I end up carrying the glock 26 more though because the grip angle makes a big difference for me with respect to printing.
    If you want/have more than one XD, get the slide model. I'm probably going to cut the bottom 1/4" off my CTAC for the XD9SC so the XD45 will fit. Should've gotten a slide model.
  16. emtpacker

    emtpacker New Member

    One more vote for the crossbreed Supertuck here. I carry my XD9 in the supertuck all day and it is very comfortable. I've found I can conceal my pistol slightly better when my shirt is tucked in over it. Downside to this is more effort to get the weapon out when you need it. I usually only do this when I'm at Church or my wife insists I tuck in my shirt :mad: Oh well, she's the fashionable one in the family! :rolleyes:

    I've used a CTAC in the past, but that was for my P229. I liked how trim the CTAC was and it felt incredibly durable and wear resistant.

    Comparing the two, the supertuck is thicker due to the leather backing, but for me is somewhat more comfortable. The CTAC used to pinch me in the arse sometimes if I sat down more on my right side. The supertuck is gentler on the rear end but does need regular cleaning and conditioning when it gets sweaty. Either way, both are good holsters!

    Oh, if you get the supertuck, consider the combat grip adjustment they do - I didn't care for the standard cut because I couldn't get a good grip on the pistol without some effort. Combat grip solved that! Enjoy!

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