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J.C. Higgins 20 gauge bolt action 583.1101 parts questions?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Cauterizer, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Cauterizer

    Cauterizer Member

    Hello all,
    I inherited a J.C. Higgins bolt-action 20 gauge shotgun, (583.1101) and it's missing the Magazine Tube Assembly as well as the Mag spring and follower. I found parts online at Numrich Gun Parts, but I'm wondering if it's cost effective to spend $30+ on parts for a $50 shotgun. It works just fine as a single shot and has warded off many an evil spirit on the farm. It came with the optional Poly-Choke, which, after I learned to use it correctly.... put a few 12 ga. trap shooters into a world of hurt when i could nail clay pigeons further out then their Browning Citoris could. Anybody have any ideas what route I should take if I were to bring the magazine back to max capacity? I wondered if I'd be better off buying another one for parts, or just get new parts for the old beast. I'd appreciate any input or ideas. Thanks!
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  2. Bud Tugly

    Bud Tugly Well-Known Member

    I have a Mossberg 20 gauge 3 shot bolt action and can tell you from experience that repeat shots are pretty uncommon for most hunting situations. It's possible to get off multiple shots with a bolt gun but it takes a lot of practice.

    If it's a family heirloom I'd probably fix it just out of nostalgia, but it won't matter much for most actual use.
  3. El Mariachi

    El Mariachi Well-Known Member

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a JC Higgins bolt action shotgun that's gonna cost you $80.00.

    Buy the parts from Numrich, or spend some time going thru Gunbroker. Trust me, in the long run, you'll be happy that you did.....
  4. Cauterizer

    Cauterizer Member

    Thanks for the info..

    Gracias for the info El Mariachi & Bud Tugly... I decided that money isn't really the object to increase the magazine size...I keep it around because I like shooting it and once i figured out how to dial in the poly choke, i'm comfortable shooting anything from #3 buckshot (home defense back-up) or using it as a slug gun. So 30 bucks is a small price to pay to not have to load it as a single shot..plus it's a cool conversation piece when i tell people i have a bolt-action 20 gauge shotgun...then bring it out for show and tell...and raise a few eyebrows from the younger crowd. I'm ordering the parts from Numrich on Monday....and multiplying my firepower...LOL Thanks again.

    Last edited: Jul 25, 2011
  5. El Mariachi

    El Mariachi Well-Known Member

  6. Cauterizer

    Cauterizer Member

    Done and Done

    I bought the parts and they showed up a week later marinated in grease...my buddy the ex-marine armorer put together and buffed & lapped all the edges..
    It cycles the shells through like they were made out of Teflon frying pans..
    without a flaw. I have a Cabela's Shotgun Shell Band on the stock from its days as a single shot only...so that's good for another 5 as well...all in all I have no complaints and the fun is back in the gun--acking 'em in with the bolt action.

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