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J.C. Higgins

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by kimbernut, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. kimbernut

    kimbernut Well-Known Member

    Looking for information on a J.C. Higgins .22 semi automatic rifle Model 30. Looking through the Blue Book and every manufacturer cross reference list I could find I have not been able to find the actual manufacturer and manufacturers model number. Any help would be most appreciated.
  2. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    It could have been a High Standard. I believe the J.C. Higgins name was a label slapped on products made by an assortment of manufacturers.
  3. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    Is this the one with a retractable sling?

    I think it's a Mossberg, but I'll have to call around and check when I get home this evening. A buddy bought one and I think it's a Mossberg.

    IIRC <=====> :)

  4. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

    Look in the back of the blue book. There is a listing in there somewhere telling where all of Sears guns were made.

    I'm not at home or I could tell you where.
  5. NRA Instructor

    NRA Instructor Well-Known Member

    J. C. Higgins was a trademark used on various models of rifles and shotguns sold through Sears and Roebuck between 1946 - 1962. Manufactures included: Browning, High Standard, Marlin, Mossberg, Savage, Stevens, Winchester, etc.
    My "store brand" crossover listing does not show a model 30 as a semi-auto. There was one reference to a model 30 Sears but it was a pump made by High Standard.
  6. kimbernut

    kimbernut Well-Known Member

    Retractable sling

    JohnBT, yes this is the one with the retractable sling and has the wood of the fore stock that covers the sides of the receivers. This particular rifle has the J.C. Higgins scope that came with the rifle at the time it was originally purchased. Thanks for checking it.I look forward to your reply.
  7. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    Just FWIW, I think the real J.C. Higgins was a Sears VP and head of sales or something like that, not some famous hunter or athlete.

  8. BonesofGa.

    BonesofGa. Active Member

    Hey NRA Instructor, look at the High Standard model 31 and tell us what you think. I believe you're looking at the same book I am. Kimbernut, does the gun have model 583.3403 anywhere on it. Just guessin.
  9. NRA Instructor

    NRA Instructor Well-Known Member

    Bones, I'm not sure.
    A photo sure would help as the description on the shape of the stock does sound like a Mossberg that was made in the late 1940's and '50.
    I'm using an old copy of The Blue Book (15th edition) plus my memory. I have a J.C. Higgens .22 that is clearly marked 101.13 on the barrel and, according to the book, was made by Stevens and was their model 85-7. I bought it new in '46-'47.
  10. kimbernut

    kimbernut Well-Known Member

    Hey , guys I appreciate all the research. I've not had the time to take the stock off to examine underneath yet but all that is stamped into the seen portion is J.C. Higgins Model 30 and then elsewhere .22LR. I believe the retractable sling and the stud that it attaches to may be the key. I've not seen another one like it. Unfortunately I am not yet set up for pictures.I'll try to match it up to the Stevens 85-7 tonight.Thanks again,guys.
  11. NRA Instructor

    NRA Instructor Well-Known Member

    Sorry to send you in the wrong direction. My rifle, the one that was made by Stevens, is a bolt action, not semi-auto.
    I think you should look at the old Mossberg listing.
  12. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    I haven't been able to get through to my buddy with the rifle. He must have dropped his cell phone in the river (he lives on a boat.) I called his sister's house with no success. I'll keep trying.

    Numrich actually has spare slings for these things.

    There's a pic showing the sling in this ad:


    Anybody recognize the gun?

  13. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    Guess who just called? Great timing.

    His rifle is marked J.C. Higgins and he's researched it. He named 3 local sources, all 'gun guys' I'm familiar with, and they told him that these rifles were made by High Standard for Sears and were not offered in the High Standard line.

  14. kimbernut

    kimbernut Well-Known Member

    J.C. Higgins Mod.30

    JohnBT, you found it ! The GunsAmerica picture is it with apparently a modification or two as a Mod. 31. I appreciate the High Standard info as well. I'm surprised Hi Standard did'nt put it into their line as well . It seems to be a fine rifle. That may have been the problem in itself(too much gun
    for the price they could get for them at the time). Much thanks to all who helped in the search.
  15. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    At one time, High Standard had a close working relationship with Sears and made guns for Sears that did not appear in their own line. IIRC, HS made those rifles for Sears before they made any rifle with the HS name. I tried to do some research yesterday, but got so confused I gave up; I am glad the question finally was answered.

    To add to the confusion, HS model numbers appear in the old Gun Digests, but their advertising and the Blue Book list only the name "Sport King", the same name they used for some of their pistols.

  16. Cave Man

    Cave Man Member

    My wife and I were going togeather in 1950-52 and she bought me that gun. Dont rember what she paid. I still have the gun with the scope that came with it. Mine is for long rifle only . a friend at the time got one about a year later and it would use all, shorts longs, and long rifle,it is just like new to day. and I love it. any one know what it would be worth today.

    BADUNAME7 Active Member

    J. C. Higgins

    The model 30 was manufactured by high Standard. For a copy of the original manual, go to my website at:


    Higgins was indeed a Sears exec( in accounting if I recall correctly)
    but his middle initial was not "C". Sears marketing thought the "C" sounded better.
  18. billwaring

    billwaring New Member

    YA ME TO M30 #2552429 SEARS&ROBUCKS 583.70
  19. Sunray

    Sunray Well-Known Member

    "...YA ME TO..." Please shut off your caps lock.
    Did you notice how old the thread is?
    Parts for either J.C. Higgins or High Standard 583.70 rifles are scarce. To the point of not being available. Gunparts lists some J.C. Higgins and High Standard parts but nothing for a 583.70.
  20. clamman

    clamman Well-Known Member

    Hey I'm glad he brought up this old thread. I have a model 29, and am happy to find out that I can download a owners manual!

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