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Jammed up 3 dies with Hornady one shot spray

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Float Pilot, May 3, 2013.

  1. Float Pilot

    Float Pilot Well-Known Member

    I usually roll my brass on a pad....

    But I let myself get into a hurry due to an upcoming match... So I sprayed the heck out of 50 pieces of 30-06 brass and started to resize...

    About 5 cases in,,,, I had one stick and rip off the case rim....

    So I went to another set of dies and even sprayed the inside of the die.... Two cases later another one stuck and ripped off the rim....

    So sizing die number three came out and after a few more it too was stuck....

    My can of Hornady one-shot spray sucks....

    Thinking I was going to save some time just cost me a bunch more time....
  2. bugs1961

    bugs1961 Member

    Do you give the cases a few minutes for the lube to dry?
    Do you shake the can hard for at least two minutes before use?
    I've loaded a couple thousand cases with it and never had a problem. Everything from .223 to 300RUM, including 30-06.
  3. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

    Odd....I have sized at least two cans worth of brass with One Shot and never had an issue.
  4. StretchNM

    StretchNM Well-Known Member

    Though I've never used it, I've heard nothing but good about Hornady's lube. Maybe shake it and let it dry a few minutes, as has been said. Also, go to a collet neck sizer die whenever possible! ((:)D)))

    Last year or so, I ordered a tin of Imperial Sizing Die Wax. Now, a little tiny tin like that couldn;t last long, could it? After a couple of hundred rounds of rifle brass, you could hardly tell I used any! That stuff is the original "greased lightning".

    But!...I went back to my old favorite, Lee's Sizing lube. Why? Much easier to clean off the cases and works just as well. I've heard guys say one swipe with a towel cleans off the Imperial wax, but that wasn't quite my experience.
  5. tightgroup tiger

    tightgroup tiger Well-Known Member

    I just resized about 30) 30-06 cases with one shot and didn't have any problems.

    I literally "hose it down" and let it dry for about 10 minutes. They resized very easily. I stuck one when I the first time I used it but discovered I wasn't putting enough on and wasn't letting it dry long enough.

    I stand them up in the loading block and literally hose them down hard with it, direct blast, spray it in the mouths also, no dented shoulders and they resize easily.

    With pistol brass and carbide dies it doesn't take a lot but 06 shells and the like take a lot more then "One Shot" to do the job.
  6. 45lcshooter

    45lcshooter Well-Known Member

    Never had an issue with Hornady spray lube. Lay brass on cookie sheet, spray over the brass for a few seconds, shake cookie sheet to spread lube. But.....if your lube more than about 20 or 30 pieces of rifle at a time, the last few pieces are going to be hard to resize because the lube has dried.

    Spray on lube isn't fool proof either, its just like sun block, reapply, reapply, reapply very very often.
  7. beatledog7

    beatledog7 Well-Known Member

    There's a common theme with One-Shot trouble: trying to shortcut the directions. Shake-shake-shake, spray evenly and thoroughly, let dry one minute.

    I've used One-Shot many times, especially these days for 357 Sig, and have never stuck a case. I do find that it leaves a mildly sticky feel and hazy look to the cases (as the product description says it will), but this is easily tumbled away after just a few minutes in corn cob.

    I prefer to use a pad and Lyman lube for rifle brass, though I have used One-Shot for .223 without issues.
  8. nix4me

    nix4me Well-Known Member

    Did you use One-Shat Spray Lube or One-Shot cleaner. There are at least 2 different 0ne-shot products.
  9. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    I do not like the performance of Hornady One shot in the spray can when used on bottle neck cases. It works fine for me on 30 Carbine and bottle neck handgun cases (357 SIG and 38/45 Clerke).

    I have never stuck a case with it but I could see the train wreck on the horizon even after excess spraying the cases and letting them dry for a long time.

    I recently have been experimenting with lanolin and alcohol and shaking cases in a plastic bag and it has been working for me. But, I have only tried it with 204 Ruger and 300 BLK at the moment.

    In my opinion, the spray can Hornady One Shot is not a very efficient or a cost effective lubricant.
  10. PsychoKnight

    PsychoKnight Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's the only explanation.

    Almost did that myself, but it didn't feel right going into the sizer die. Take a look at the spray, and what do you know?

    No biggie, just went over all the brass again with the right spray and everything was honkie dory.

    Now, when something goes wrong, and you just keep doing the same thing with another set of dies - you should figure its not the dies. At least, you didn't kill five or six 30-06 dies, just 3
  11. emb

    emb Well-Known Member

    The cans look the same. I stopped by Bass Pro and bought what I thought was 2 cans of lube. When I got home I realized that I had one of each. Someone apparently dropped off the can of cleaner in the reloading department. Oh well, we'll see how the cleaner works.
  12. kelbro

    kelbro Well-Known Member

    Never thought about spraying the dies with it. Where did you read or hear to do that?
  13. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Imperial wax is your friend.
  14. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    Reading the directions is your friend.
  15. icanthitabarn

    icanthitabarn Well-Known Member

    Plain rubbing alcohol and some drops of lube on a pad are my friends. I size them soaking wet and they go easily and I see no dents at all. I have never gotten close to sticking any .223. Maybe my Lee die is lucky because a lot more experienced, than myself, do otherwise. The Oneshot does seem to give people problems
  16. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    I use spray lube with great results, just not one shot. If any of you folks that like it want some, I won a can of it at the TX State multigun with my prize package a few weeks ago and I'll give it to you. Just cover shipping.
    Last edited: May 5, 2013
  17. Kingcreek

    Kingcreek Well-Known Member

    After sticking a couple cases, I only use One Shot on straight wall pistol cases where any lube is optional anyway.
  18. EMC45

    EMC45 Well-Known Member

  19. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    It looks like it's time to buy some more dies.
  20. stavman11

    stavman11 Well-Known Member

    I have never had any issues with Hornady on my .223.. in my Lee pro 1000...toss 40ish in box, spray, shake box, spray again, let sit in box for a minute, place in case tubes... start sizing away...

    I also use some Synthetic motor oil on 1st case when i starter sizing... just some added insurance for me... works great.. I always tumble again to get lube off so no worries about goopy cases to load..

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