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Jukar Colonial Pistol Kit.

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by mec, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    CVA was distributing these in the 70s and it appears that the small selection of kits still available from Traditions might be Jukar types. Spanish anyway.

    There is quite a high degree of interchangeability in these cva kits and I already had several partial pistols and locks on hand when one,
    AK Church gifted me with this intact kit. By and large, the parts appear to be of high quality- even though they are disrespected among the cognicenti.
    The butt-ugly potential comes from the undifferentiated hardwood stocks thought to be birch. The grain is pleasant enough in places but in others, takes on a specked aspect that tends not to soak up stain very well. The whole stock will come out looking like a banana if you don't stain it and it will have freckles if you dont' stain the heck out of it.
    I started by reconfiguring the stock so it wouldn't look like the generic JuKar and then laid in some water based , Birchwood Casey walnut stain. I followed that with a soak of oil based cherry stain to redden it a bit. I also hit some of the freckle grain with a black majic marker. The thing comes out looking like deep figured burl from an ancient root.

    I roughed in the sights today, using a couple of loads that seemed likely. The H 777 load was consistent, lower in velocity than I anticipated and not particularly accurate. The Pyrodex P load was just about right for this pistol but had a fairly wide extreme spread. I believe my .445 Ball and .015" pillow ticking patch was overly large in combination. I was aware of at least one ball punching right through the patch material. But, the Pyrodex load was pretty accurate.
    H777 15 gr./vol equivalent .445 ball
    Velocity: 665 Spread-58
    25 Gr/vol Pyrodex P
    Velocity 771 Spread- 118
    50 FT one hand
    The trigger pull is light and I suspect better patch-ball ratio will produce better on target results. The Jukar locks are basic and period-authentic except for the screw adjustment which can adjust trigger pull by reducing sear contact. This works fine until you get it so light as to drop the sear into the half cock notch. I have one jukar lock- one lockplate fits all, that has a bridle over the tumbler and a fly which would make it good for a set trigger.

    Overall impression is that these pistols deserve a good bit more respect than they got from us when they only cost $60.
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  2. 22hipower

    22hipower Well-Known Member

    this was my first blackpowder pistol i still have it . use .440 rb and .o15 patch .with 20 to 25 gr powder. i have not shot it for quite a while. i will have to take it out and shoot it
  3. 22hipower

    22hipower Well-Known Member

  4. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    I suspect the .440 ball or a thinner patch will work well with this one. The combination I used was pretty tight.
  5. cbluesdog

    cbluesdog New Member

    CVA Colonial Pistol

    I have a CVA Colonial Pistol that I was given some years ago. I recently fired it for the first time and found that it fires extremely high -- about 6" at about 10 yards! It looks to me as though the stock front sight is very low, and that the front sight in the photo that MEC posted is considerably higher -- was the original replaced or modified somehow?

    I didn't have a chance to sight the gun at a range, so the first opportunity was a primitive shoot in the woods -- not ideal circumstances to figure out where it was shooting! Anyway, I started off using .435 bullets with 0.018 unlubricated wads and 15 - 25 grains of Triple Seven. The bullets were very tight with the 0.018 wads, so someone lent me some lubricated 0.015 wads which fit nicely. Obviously, I need to get to the firing range and experiment in a systematic fashion but I'd like to figure out what to do with the front sight first (preferable to filing down the rear sight).

    My Colonial Pistol is marked "Dikar" (instead of "Jukar") but otherwise looks like the photo except that my ram rod was steel, whereas the one in the picture looks like aluminum. Unfortunately, I lost the ramrod on the first outing and I can't find a replacement on the web (Dixie Gun Works carries almost every spare part for the gun *except* the ram rod). For now, I'll just use the short starter that I bought from DGW since the barrel is only 6" long. I'll probably fabricate something myself as a replacement ramrod if I can't find the part on the web (is ramrod in the photo also a replacement?)

    Any help is much appreciated

  6. kjeff50cal

    kjeff50cal Well-Known Member


    My Jukar pistol (top) is in .45 caliber and was bought (some say stole:p ) at a gunshow for a princely sum of $20. It was a kit built by a deceased shooter. His widow was getting rid of all of his shooting stuff and the Jukar was sitting in a box of cleaning supplies with the aformentioned price on a green sticker. I looked at it and saw that it was largely complete although the trigger guard was cracked and there was no sights.

    I added a brass bead front sight and a rear sight from a Rossi Single barrel rifle. The first shot (fouling) cut the X ring @ 25 Yards (.440 ball, .010 patch over 25 grns of FFFG Goex BP), and resulting 4 shots, not as good but opened out to 3".

    The bottom pistol is a .50 CVA Plains Pistol I built from a kit $99+ ttl;) . Indeed it has questionalble wood stock. I "aged" the gun by plumb browning the barrel and dyeing the stock with brown shoe dye. The ram rod was a brass tipped wood dowel which was soon replaced with a solid brass one made by a friend. The Plains Pistol is good for about 2" at 25 yards if it do my part. .490 cal ball, .010" patch over 30 grains of FFFG Goex powers it although I have fired "Howdah" loads though it (50 grns. FFFG) it really likes the 30 grn load.

    The "patch knife" is just for show;) .

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  7. Dove

    Dove New Member

    Jukar Pistol

    I've been searching about the two pistols we have had a number of years and found MEC to show pictures exactly as these except ours has a long barrel. On the metal along the barrel reads Jukar 0005819 Spain. I am trying to find out more about them. What do they shoot and how are they loaded? My husband may know more but I can't see how they load. How old are they and have they much worth in dollars and cents? Thanks, new to guns:)
  8. mec

    mec Well-Known Member


    The Jukars were/are very soundly made low priced spanish pistols marketed by Conneticutt Valley Arms and others. The ones Ive handled have provided very satisfying accuracy, durability and reliable function.

    very likely, your pistols are nominal .44 caliber which can mean different things but oridnarily, they shoot a .440-.446 ball inside a patch of .010 to .-015 inch thickness. the loading drill is as follows:
    1. clear the barrel and nipple area of all oil or debris- generally by poping one ro more caps on the otherwise unloaded gun:
    2. charge with black powder or substitute- never modern smokeless powder.
    3. center a patch over the bore and place a ball on top.
    4. start the patch and ball into the bore and tap it in with a mallet or ball starter
    5. use a ram rod to fully seat the patched ball on top the powder.
    6. move the hammer back to half cock and put a percussion cap on the nipple (cone/tube).
    Drawing the hammer back to full cock prepares it for immediate firing.

    If you have more than a passing interest, we have prepared this book about the percussion handguns. I can be ordered through your local book store or a wide selection of on-line book sellers. You will not find it on bookstore shelves.

    It is not a money making proposition and the pictures are what one reviewer called "Newspaper Quality." This was governed by what I was willing to spend on a hobby effort. Those that complain do so about the size and general quality of the pictures. They are fairly useful but the only artwork is the cover. Example:
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  9. Skofnung

    Skofnung Well-Known Member

    I don't know why, but those pistols look quite appealing to me.

    They kind of remind me of some of the belt pistols made by Henry Deringer.

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