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Just a little bias...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by SomeKid, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. SomeKid

    SomeKid Well-Known Member


    My favorite part...

    Nevermind that AP ammo is illegal. Was the dealer laughing because he thought you were kidding or an idiot? :cuss:

    Ah well, nice picture of the rifle nonetheless, and somewhere in there they quote Barrett a couple of times.
  2. clt46910

    clt46910 Well-Known Member

    "Other reports have observed the rifles have made their way to terrorists, drug cartels and survivalists."

    Seems like us survivalists are as dangerous as terrorist and drug cartels now...:rolleyes:

    I would think if you write for a living you would have some grip on the real world, but I guess it is not the case here....:cuss:
  3. LynnMassGuy

    LynnMassGuy Well-Known Member

    What "other" reports? Survivalists? So what? What a dope.
  4. Live Free Or Die

    Live Free Or Die Well-Known Member

    If you thought the article was lame (I sure did), don't forget to rate the article accordingly by clicking on a star near the bottom. The lowest you can click is 1/2 star, the highest 5 stars.
  5. Oldtimer

    Oldtimer Well-Known Member

    Ron Barrett "created" the .50 BMG? I think NOT!
    Barrett came up with a "variant" design.

    "The .50 caliber rifles are EASIER to buy than handguns"? HMM!

    "The .50 caliber rifles have FEWER restrictions than handguns"? Another HMM!

    "Other reports" supposedly document that terrorists, drug cartels and "survivalists" have been able to purchase .50 caliber rifles? WHAT "other reports"? While I'm fairly sure that terrorists, drug cartels AND (HMM!) "survivalists" HAVE, indeed, purchased such weapons, I'd like to see more specifics!

    What is a "survivalist"? By throwing them into the same bag as terrorists and drug cartels, it sounds like a "survivalist" is a criminally-inspired person! Personally, I don't feel the NEED to buy a .50 BMG caliber weapon for "survival" purposes, but....what if I walk into a local store that carries food seeds for planting, and announce that I'm a "survivalist", does that mean that my garden foods are going to be used for some sort of CRIMINAL purpose? Put it one notch up by walking into a gun store, announcing that you're a "survivalist", and that you want to buy several boxes of .22LR ammo? HMM!

    "Assault seeds"! Well, I guess that if you were to grow potatoes for the express purpose of launching them out of "spud guns", you might be a terrorist or member of a drug cartel! The "survivalist" would bake them, mash them, or eat them raw! I like mine buttered, please!
  6. Mongo the Mutterer

    Mongo the Mutterer Well-Known Member

    I wonder who wrote this POS? There is no byline... interesting.

    Anyway it came from MSNBC -- More Socialists Needing Better Communications.. Same network that puts on *spit* Chris Matthews *spit*.
  7. migoi

    migoi Well-Known Member

    My favorite part...

    ""They're (.50 caliber) easier to buy than a handgun," Diaz said. "These are ideal weapons of terrorist attack. Very dangerous elements gravitate toward these weapons.""

    Of course they are ideal terrorist weapons, especially for bringing down airplanes or federal buildings...which is why the 9/11 idiots and Timothy M used petroleum products and box cutters when they performed their idiotic acts.

    If I had known that you could just make stuff up in journalism I would have headed down that career path when I was younger. I have a pretty good imagination...I could sit around drinking beer (this article was obviously written while under the influence of some type of chemical brain alteration which divorced the writer from reality) typing all day.

  8. afasano

    afasano Well-Known Member

    :neener: Other reports means, someone said it but I ain't gonna tell you who it was or where to look it up to prove or disprove it. :rolleyes:
  9. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    Barrett model 82....$7000
    Glock model 17......$500
    Berretta model 92..$700
    Springfield XD.......$450

    9mm.....$11....100 rounds
    .50 BMG.......$2.......1 round

    Which ones easier to get?
  10. Peet

    Peet Well-Known Member

    Box cutter $1.79 at Home Depot
  11. nfl1990

    nfl1990 Well-Known Member

    Take out airplanes? What a moron!
    You want to try that? Try trap shooting with your .50 and see how 'easily' you can take out the clays.
  12. DontBurnMyFlag

    DontBurnMyFlag Well-Known Member

    Other reports have observed the rifles have made their way to terrorists, drug cartels and survivalists.

    Whats the big deal about survivalists? They just lump them in there with scum??? I hate the media
  13. nfl1990

    nfl1990 Well-Known Member

    The problem with survivalists is that don't require the gov. to take them from cradle-to grave, and pay for the process to.
  14. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    The bigger the lie and more frequently it's repeated, the more likely it is to seem factual to the gullible.

    Goebbels would be so proud!
  15. one45auto

    one45auto Well-Known Member

    Survivalists?!? Hey, I resemble that remark! :mad:
  16. akodo

    akodo Well-Known Member

    #1 the 'ideal weapon of terroists' seems to be explosives, be that jetfuel or some TNT and nails on a vest for a suicide bomber. The 2nd most ideal seems to be an AK of some sort, judging by what weapons they most train with in their terrorist camps, etc.

    I recall a line early in the afghan invasion. "Could an Afghani us a .50 Cal rifle bought at an American gunshow to shoot down a plane? In theory, maybe so, but it would be much easier for him to shoot down a plane with a Stinger Missle, which the USA gave to him for free about 10 years ago."

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