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Just a quick note on ammo -

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by drunkensobriety, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. drunkensobriety

    drunkensobriety Well-Known Member

    I don't have the cashola to fork out and buy reloading equipment (eventually i'll break down and do so). So I'm constantly rummaging through different places and looking for decent ammunition at a not outrageous price. I found one I think is a good deal and I'd like to share with everyone else.

    I bought a new Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 mag not too long ago and began the process of deciding which kidney to sell in order to afford ammunition for it. Mainly because every time I fire the little minx it's like pressing the "fun" button over and over.

    I did find one though, blazer aluminum (again, I don't reload) 240 grain jsp. It has the stated MV as winchester whitebox but at a significantly lower price. I honestly think it's actually loaded lighter than it claims but I haven't shot it through a chronograph.

    I say I think it's lighter because it's got a very manageable recoil. Worse than my .45 commander but not unpleasant. My first range session using the blazer ammo I was able to begin firing the gun one handed with limited difficulty. By comparison I have a box of remington 180 grain hunting loads (<-resident of ill-annoys), and that stuff makes people waaaay down the firing line lean backwards and look down the side to see what the explosion was.

    At which point they usually see me smiling not entirely unlike this: :evil:

    So yep, that's all I had to share. I'd like to see what the blazer loads chronograph at but otherwise yes. Accurate, very pleasant to shoot and a real deal compared to the average price of commercial .44 mag these days. Even better, I have a local store which sells it for $22.95 a box: and I'm not telling anyone where that is.
  2. gunlaw

    gunlaw Well-Known Member

    reloading equipment really isn't all that expensive. Look into it. Lee often runs specials on their kits. I have been useing lee products for years with no problems
  3. Lost Sheep

    Lost Sheep Well-Known Member

    Take the long view

    Gunlaw is right.

    How much 44 mag would you like to shoot between now and election day in November? Add up the cost. Consider buying all that this weekend. (Prices, according to rumor are NOT going to go down between now and then.)

    If it is more than $400, you can get yourself a truly first-class loading setup WITH all the powder, primers and bullets to shoot that same amount of ammunition.

    If it is only $300, you can get yourself the basic parts of a loading setup that you can turn into a first-class setup over time and still have all that same amount of shooting this summer.

    If under $200, you can get yourself a good quality single-stage setup that will still keep you shooting all summer.

    You just have to take the long view.

    Oh, and I didn't even count the 45 ACP.

    Lost Sheep
  4. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

  5. 16in50calNavalRifle

    16in50calNavalRifle Well-Known Member

    Want to echo Lost Sheep here - I've only been reloading since last fall, but it's not hard to achieve big savings by reloading - and it's even more fun than all the experienced reloaders said.

    I don't shoot .44 (yet ....), but it is a great reloading caliber, I believe. That is - quite pricey in factory ammo form, and easy and fun and much cheaper to load yourself. The 45ACP will be similar (I load that and it's nice to do it for about half of factory, or less - and it's very easy).

    ColtPythonElite's got a good point, too. I almost went with Mastercast but then decided to reload myself. Now I get bullets from them (decent prices on FMJ, plan to try their lead once my current Missouri Bullet stock runs low).
  6. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    You can buy most of what you need to reload for between $200 and $300 from Lee. With the price of .44 Magnum ammo you will make that amount up within a few months.

    When I started reloading I was shooting a lot and I made up the cost of reloading equipment in 6 weeks.
  7. skt239

    skt239 Well-Known Member

    You can start buying your reloading equipment piece by piece, that's what I plan on doing. Right now, the wife and I live in a apartment that does not give me much room for a reloading bench. We plan on moving once our lease is up at the end of the year and I hope to have a complete bench by then. I started saving my brass a few months ago and I've already got over 1000 pieces.

    Another good ammo option until you can start reloading is Georgia Arms. They sell new and remanufactured ammo and it's great stuff. I just picked up a butt load at a recent gun show and if it's as good as I remember, it will serve me well.
  8. james layman

    james layman Well-Known Member

    reloading .44 mag

    If you were my neighbor, you would be welcome to use my dies & equipment. I suggest looking for a friendly reloader. Most of them are very accomodating. You save moola & possibly gain a friend. Some magnum loads may need fine tuning. Takes time, but fun.
  9. drunkensobriety

    drunkensobriety Well-Known Member


    I made a reply based on the suggestions presented and the fact that one of the other forum members is going to sell me his older reloading equipment. I just didn't think it would necessarily be appropriate to have a reloading thread in the revolver section so I posted the reply in the reloading section: and here's a link to it.


    Thanks for the encouragement btw, it was probably about time I started reloading anyway. Sometimes I'm too apathetic for my own good. It requires the proper application of fire to ass in order to get me to do something sometimes.

    I'm not lazy - I don't care. Two very different things. :eek:

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