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Just got a Remington 11-87

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Pistolman36, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Pistolman36

    Pistolman36 Active Member

    Ive never had an semi auto shotgun before, but Ive always wanted one. Theyre usually too pricey for me. Yesterday however while at the local pawn shop, I found an 1187 used, with a 20in rifled barrel for only $229! In really good shape too.

    My question is, the magazine only holds 4 rounds and I want to pick up an extension for it. Does anyone have any experiance with them? Should I get a factory one, and if I want it to match the barrel length, how many rounds should it hold?
  2. JNewell

    JNewell Well-Known Member

    Good price for a good gas gun. A +2 extension is probably what you want, but you might want to shoot it first to see how it works before you fix what ain't broken? ;)

    Off the top of my head, I don't know which of the leading companies make 20 ga extensions, but the better choices include the Remington factory extension, VangComp, Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies, and Nordic Components. THese are all top quality.

    Hint: make sure you put the gas rings back on in the correct order and direction when you reassemble the gun after cleaning and lubing it before you take it shooting for the first time, or it will act more like a single shot. Ask me how I know this??? ;) The owner's manual/instructions are on the Remington website.

    A caution: if you're planning on shooting bird or buck shot, you probably want to buy a different barrel. The rifling will play heck with shot patterns.

    $229 is an outstanding deal - congrats.
  3. Pistolman36

    Pistolman36 Active Member

    I was thinking more of a home defender gun. I usually load with 2 3/4 slugs. Ive seen a few extensions for the 870 and was wondering if they will fit. Ive also heard that you need to dremel some of them before they will work right.
  4. JNewell

    JNewell Well-Known Member

    Dremeling (verb???) was to remove the "dimples" in the 870 Express mag tubes. I don't know whether Remington did the same to the 11-87 and 1100 Express models and you didn't say whether yours was an Express or not. The threads are the same on the 870, 1100 and 11-87 mag caps. A little (very little) searching does not show much choice other than the Remington factory extension, though. Nordic makes one, but the shortest is 4 rounds.

    Slugs are definitely not an irrational choice, even though slugs vs buck vs birdshot is one of those horses that has been and will continue to be beaten to a bloody pulp, just like 9mm vs 45 and all the other answer-less debates. :D

    Found what you want: Wilson Combat, +2, 20 ga.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2010
  5. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    Since he said it was a RIFLED barrel, first things first - he needs a different barrel - unless he is going top shoot sabot slugs.............
  6. Pistolman36

    Pistolman36 Active Member

    I actually drilled out the magazine dimples myself. Took forever with a hand drill, but it worked nicely. I had to file them smooth inside so the follower wouldnt snag on it.

    I picked up a Remington brand 3+ round extension at the local mega sporting goods store. It cost a hefty $59.99. The TacStar next to it cost $54.99 lol. Anyway, looks awesome and works great. Now I have a great tactical inspired 11-87 and it only cost me a total of $300!

    One gripe, the extension is blued and my shotgun is parkerized. It seems to match unless you get really close.
  7. Virginian

    Virginian Well-Known Member

    I know what they say, but I have a buddy who is a serious deer hunter and he loves the Winchester regular rifled slugs out of his rifled barrel, and the groups do look real good at 125 yards.
  8. Pistolman36

    Pistolman36 Active Member


    Posting a pic of the finished work.

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