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Just moved to Florida

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by John/az, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. John/az

    John/az Well-Known Member

    I live now in the Kissimmee area and I have a few basic questions about the 2nd amendment politics of Florida.

    First of all, are there any local newspapers that accept ads for private sales of firearms?

    What gun shops have you found to be honest in appraisals, service and sales in the Kissimmee area?

  2. buy guns

    buy guns Well-Known Member

    dont forget to change your location on here.

    register at www.floridashootersnetwork.com

    i dont live near kissimmee so i cant help you with your questions.
  3. JimJD

    JimJD Well-Known Member

    I moved down here just over a year ago.
    Can't tell You anything about Kissimmee though.
    Some of the local papers do allow gun ads in the classifieds, but the one I subscribe to for instance(the ledger), only allows "sporting" longarms. No pistols or those evil assault rifles. :rolleyes:
  4. Orthonym

    Orthonym Well-Known Member

    I wish you well, sir, but

    the people of the contrary persuasion arrived there in great numbers, long ago.

    You've read "The Yearling", I suppose? Well, Central Florida ain't like that anymore, and hasn't been for 70 years, or so; in fact, it's been completely Eisnerized! (I won't say Disneyfied, as I don't think Walt would have wanted anything like what his company has done to central Florida.)
  5. eagle10

    eagle10 Member

    I live in South Orlando near Kissimmee. The Orlando Sentinel stopped allowing ads for private gun sales 2 -3 years ago. I'm not sure of any other local papers that allow the sales.

    Luckily I have not had the need to deal with the local shops for appraisals, service, and such. Usually do any trading at the gun shows at the Fairgrounds or in Lakeland. I know of 2 gun shops in South Kissimmee, but have not had the opportunity to stop in and look around.
  6. Dave P

    Dave P Well-Known Member

    Don't forget the little want-ads you find at the local stop-n-steal: Little Paper, Thrifty nickel, etc.
  7. feedthehogs

    feedthehogs Well-Known Member

    There is a paper called The Sportsmans Gazette which includes all of Florida.
    Should be able to find it in any gun store.
  8. >SHOCK<^>WAVE<

    >SHOCK<^>WAVE< Well-Known Member

    I post on there under daredevil, I'm in Belleair but someone will have answers over there Florida has good gun laws if there is such a thing.:D
  9. Burt Blade

    Burt Blade Well-Known Member

    The fish-wrapper / cage-liner paper of Orlando really earns its name:

    The Orlando SLANT-inal.
  10. 0007

    0007 Well-Known Member

    Used to be one of the best FL gun show was the annual Orlando show. Out at the fairgrounds, a huge show. Unfortunately, most of the big city Florida papers are hard core lib-suck-ups and don't do gun ads. On the other hand with the net and shows, who needs'em? Just another reason not to waste money on them. Also Tampa and Lakeland have good shows about every three months. All my dealers are in the Tampa Bay area so I can't help you on that.

    Almost forgot, after you get settled in be sure to start the process for your CCW. Welcome to one of the (still pretty) free states.:D :D
  11. mummac

    mummac Well-Known Member

    Gun Shows

    There is the Suncoast Gunshow that tours around the state and there is the Lakeland Rifle and Pistol Club that has a show at the The Lakeland Center (short trip West on I-4) that is usually twice as big as the Suncoast shows. The next one of those is supposed to be 9-18 & 19, but I don't see it on the calendar of The Lakeland Center.
  12. JimJD

    JimJD Well-Known Member

    It's there on the calendar of events. It's going under the "Central Florida Arms Show" name.

    The Lakeland Center

    The ones held by the L.R.P.C. are great. It's at least twice as big as the ones held by suncoast. By the way, My coworker's grandparents are on the L.R.P.C.'s board, and She has told Me it's still on. I'm sure I'll be seeing Her there again :D

    I'd like to pick something up, but might not have the money for the firearm I want this time... but You never know...
  13. pharmer

    pharmer Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Kissimmee

    Been living here for 25 years come January. Lots of gun shops have come and gone in that time. Addison's on South 17-92 has been around longer than me. Haven't been in since they moved into the new building. Good folks, gunsmith services. Retail prices. Ed Rieg's on the Trail in Orlando been around forever. Indoor range, decent prices, always reccommending Glock or Kimber. Like others have said, Lakeland Show (LRPC not Suncoast) is best of shows local. There is a shop on east side of St. Cloud, been in once, not bad. Noticed a sign recently on 192 going toward St. Cloud says "guns". Never been in, seems to share space with a pottery place. Poking around is half the fun.
    Florida treats guns as part of life, no big deal if you don't cause one. One thing, if you have a CWL, getting a speeding ticket takes a lot longer with the "new" procedures. Joe
  14. bubbygator

    bubbygator Well-Known Member

    I've been in Florida since 1966 & will 2nd (or 3rd,4th) what has been said abour LRPC show at Lakeland. You should be able to do whatever gun business you desire either at the show or through contacts made at the show. Way to go, LRPC !! :D
  15. joab

    joab Well-Known Member

    If it's the big blue bldg on the north side of the road don't bother very limited selection and very high priced.

    My favorite shop to hang around is Buffalo Bill's Shooting Store in Winter Park, or A&N in Sanford. Pace Outfitters in Altamonte is another good one but aimed more at cops.

    The Shootstraight stores are good on selection but have a buy low sell high mentality. And an insider tip the price listed is the sticker price theyalways haggle down a good bit.

    The only place I have seen gun ads lately was in the Thrifty Nickle or the Gazette.
    Some of the smaller towns that have their own independant paper will run ads but I'm not sure about Kiss.

    One problem with selling used guns in Fla is . as somebody else has alreadt said, they are a part of life here. I honestly don't know anybody that doesn't own at least one, even the liberals.
    Some of the prices I've seen others pay for used guns are high above what we would pay down here

    I don't know about Osceola but Orange and Seminole cty have very pro gun sheriffs and most of the towns I have worked for have had pro police chiefs.
  16. bubbygator

    bubbygator Well-Known Member

    There's good points & bad points about everybody down here having guns. I met a local who was interested in trading for a gun of mine - I said what you got, & he named about 10!! that he would be willing to trade. So I could have my pick - that's good..... but he was extremely up on gun prices, so I couldn't get the better value out of the trade. Oh well, he's a good old boy.
  17. The_Antibubba

    The_Antibubba Well-Known Member

    I hope you've got a gun that fire underwater. Batten down the hatches!

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