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Just out of curiosity......

Discussion in 'Legal' started by seeker_two, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. seeker_two

    seeker_two Well-Known Member

    ...has anyone noticed that we haven't seen an uprising of illegals from other, non-Hispanic cultures openly protesting and calling for immigration reform?

    Where are the Chinese....

    ...or the Irish...

    ...or the Eastern Europeans...

    ...or the Middle and Far Eastern peoples?

    Why are we just seeing Hispanics?

    (I have no point to make. As I said, I'm just curious & would like to discuss this....)
  2. Kodiaz

    Kodiaz member

    Umm to quote my aunt about the illegals and their marches

    "para afuera con todos esos" which in spanish means out with all of them.

    Anyway some (I'm sure most) of us Americans with Cuban born parents or Americans born in Cuba are for sending the illegal aliens back.

    Unfortunately Senator Mel Martinez who it shames me to say was born in the same country as my parents has weighed in on the side of the protesters and their greedy corporate employers.

    So if you live in Fl Mel Martinez has weighed in for the illegals.
  3. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    The vast majority of illegal aliens are Mexican nationals.
  4. solareclipse

    solareclipse Well-Known Member

    because the other groups generally respect the laws enough to usually follow the legal process and if they overstay their visas, they don't spread it around with pride.

    border jumping illegals are a whole other breed. can't compare them with anyone else. :barf:
  5. PlayTheAces

    PlayTheAces Well-Known Member

    And speaking of protesting, this weekend may get interesting.

    My brother's involved in law enforcement out San Berdo way, and unless it rains hard over the weekend, they're bracing for problems.

    I told him if they get short on manpower, I could round up a posse to lend a hand. :)
  6. saboteur

    saboteur Well-Known Member

    The reason is that it is generally a lot harder for the Chinese, Irish, etc. to walk/swim across the ocean. Mexico, however, shares a huge border with us, and it has many passable spots.

    Kodiaz, my dad and his side of my family came here from Cuba (legally), and they too think America needs to close up that border.
  7. shootinstudent

    shootinstudent Well-Known Member

    When Irish immigrants were just starting to immigrate in large numbers, they did have huge riots about labor, drafts, and discrimination. Some of them even abandoned the army to fight for Mexico in the Mexican War.

    We're only seeing hispanics because those are the new wave of immigrants. All the same things happened before with every other group. This is really a truly old and worn out story..."Oh no! They're going to ruin america!"...."We need labor!"...in the end, we're all still here, despite 200 years of predicting doom at the hands of Germans/Irish/Polish/Italian/Jewish/Slavic immigrants.
  8. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Off-topic and adding to a sea of existing immigration threads that have some scant relation to civil liberties.
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