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Just picked up a Redhawk...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by izmarkie, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. izmarkie

    izmarkie New Member

    Jan 2, 2007
    Las Vegas
    Hi all,

    A Ruger Redhawk 7 1/2" with a Burris 2X scope came in used at the range I belong to about a week and a half ago. I saw it in the case the Sunday before last, and it looked cherry, but I thought the better of it as I had picked up a GP-100 3" and a Browning Buck Mark the day before. Last Saturday, I had them take it out of the case to get a better look at it, and they said the owner had 50 rounds through it before he let it sit in a safe. It really nagged me until today, so I picked it up for $500.

    I don't think I've ever seen a factory cylinder gap like this. With the trigger back and the hammer dropped, I had to really look to get a glimpse through the gap. I doubt you could get a piece of paper in there. No wiggle. I couldn't resist.

    Did I get a good deal? Seems to me the price was right for the gun and rings alone, and with the scope that seems to price out around $170, I do believe I stole this package.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. absolute0

    absolute0 Member

    May 10, 2004
    Zimmerman, MN
    44 Mag Redhawks are one of the best bargains going in my opinion...and you got a USA built Burris in the deal too. Great pick up!
  3. Gator

    Gator Senior Member

    Jul 23, 2003
    Stuck in Crook Co., IL
    Great deal!
  4. LT.Diver

    LT.Diver member

    Feb 1, 2007
    Can't go wrong

    Yup. That's a fair price for great rig. That's one of my " ...if you were stuck on an island and you could only have one gun..." choices.
  5. Smith & Wesson Man

    Smith & Wesson Man New Member

    Apr 27, 2006
    That is a nice pickup with the scope. I would be happy with that. I have two redhawks and love them.

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