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K-31 Swiss - should I go for it?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Golden Hound, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Golden Hound

    Golden Hound Well-Known Member

    JG sales is all out of K31 Swiss rifles but Samco has them. At about 200 dollars it seems like a great price for a lovely looking rifle which from everything I've heard is exceptionally accurate not to mention fun to shoot.

    What do you say? Do you like your K31? Does it live up to its reputation for great accuracy? How's the recoil (compared to, say, a Mosin Nagant?)

    Is ammo readily available for these things? It seems like kind of an oddball cartridge. Are they likely to continue to be available in the future? What are some good deals on ammo?

    I'm this close to making the call and ordering one right now.
  2. Dave P

    Dave P Well-Known Member

    Great rifles. 200 doesn't sound bad.
  3. polizei36

    polizei36 Well-Known Member

    I bought one on gunbroker awhile back (4 plus yrs ago) for $120 bid, $20 to ship, $15 to transfer through my FFL dealer. So If you don't have to pay shipping or an FFL transfer/processing fee it sounds good to me. Their fun guns to shoot! Mine had the guys name plate with it.
  4. 308sc

    308sc Well-Known Member

    yes go for it, but remember there is a search function. :neener:
  5. Golden Hound

    Golden Hound Well-Known Member

    Oh and 2 other questions.

    1. I've heard that the butt ends of these rifles are often in poor condition. Has that been your experience? The pictures on the Samco site look really nice.

    2. Is it worth it to pay the extra 20 dollars to get the soldier's tag under the butt plate? Has anyone here actually ever gotten in touch with the guy who owned the rifle, from the information on that tag?
  6. RyanM

    RyanM Well-Known Member

    They probably cherry pick them for the photos. When buying from a big dealer, never assume that the photo is a representative sample. "Average" condition for a K-31 is numerous dings and dents you'd expect from a decades old military rifle, which was primarily used to knock snow and ice off cleated boots. Many of them show water damage on one side from lying in the snow, or they'll have water damage to the end of the stock, from being set upright in the snow. Plus dents from being kicked, because they froze in place. And from pounding tent stakes.

    If you want that extra history with the rifle, go for it. I have heard of a few people managing to contact the original owner. It helps if you know German and/or French, or have friends that speak those languages.

    Whether extra history is worth $20 is up to you.
  7. Shung

    Shung Well-Known Member

    I can give you a hand finding the previous owner.. if he still is alive !
  8. M39SKY

    M39SKY Well-Known Member

    K-31 are nice rifles. I have a few of them. Some are beaters and others are really nice. Among my collections of K-31s, one has no serial number on bolt and one with electro-pencilled serial number on bolt sleeve. Two of them has bores that are worn out. So, I would say go for the highest grade available. The one that I shoot is really accurate and the recoil is less than the Mosin that I shoot. I don't know if there's good deal in ammo for this rifle. The surplus available is match quality so the price is up there (for a surplus). The commercial ones are average price of new manufactured cartridges of same category. I only shoot handloads on mine.
  9. shuvelrider

    shuvelrider Well-Known Member

    Mine had the beaver-chewed stock but I was able to sand it down to a good surface. Very accurate, almost like shooting my A3 Springfield in the fit and feel. By all means, reload for it cuz it will be cheaper in the long run and you can tailor a load for your rifle.
  10. 7.5-Swiss

    7.5-Swiss Active Member

    I'd go for it, you wont regret it!
  11. ohioarmedneutrality

    ohioarmedneutrality Well-Known Member

    Great rifle, from a country of great riflemen. Ammo is pricey but even the surplus 7.5 is quality stuff. $200 seems to be the going rate right now, so go for it!
  12. Mr White

    Mr White Well-Known Member

    The ammo is kind of pricey but readily available, but don't let that discourage. K-31s are so cool, I'd probably pay $200 for one even if I couldn't find ammo for it.

    If you reload, Graf's has brass and 7.65 Swiss uses a .308 diameter bullet.

    The rifles are very accurate and there are some things you can that will increase accuracy without changing the outward appearance of the gun.

    They have THE BEST triggers of ANY milsurp rifle ever made, IMO.
  13. ROMAK IV

    ROMAK IV Well-Known Member

    No. I have a K-11, and the stock is in much better condition than the average unrestored K-31 I have seen. I also spotted a K-31 WITH A DARK BORE!! Unbelievable! Usually every Swiss rifle has a mint bore, even my century old 1896/11. And yes, ammunition is still available, either the Swiss GP-11 surplus or new PRVI Partisan. Both are good, the PRVI is reloadable, but isn't as common, from what I have seen. The surplus runs about $30-35 per pack of 60. It has those silver colored nickel alloy bullets, and is as close to match as any surplus you will see. The rifle if produced today, would probably cost more than $2000 to make, thats the kind of quality you are getting for your $200! I intend to get a K-31, along with my other two swiss rifles, I have just had more pressing priorities. There is even a no drill scope mount made for the rifle.
  14. Golden Hound

    Golden Hound Well-Known Member

    Any sites that sell the K-11?
  15. Furncliff

    Furncliff Well-Known Member

  16. Navy joe

    Navy joe Well-Known Member

    Ammo is easy. Uses .308 bullets, every now and then Graf's makes a run of brass. The GP-11 is cheap, $230 for 480 rounds, that is cheaper than decent .308 now. The GP-11 is the only ammo I know of that hasn't about doubled in price in the last few years. So far my running count is four rifles, 1200 some rounds of GP-11 and 500 pieces of new brass and plenty of bullets to stuff in them. Get one now, Hit up Dan's Ammo and buy a few 480 rd packs while they still exist.
  17. jkingrph

    jkingrph Well-Known Member

    Probably one of the most accurate mlsurps out there, along with the Swede 96., and definetily the mose precisely made. No matter what the stock condition, which was related to use, this is the highest quality military rifle you can find. I have six and all had horrible looking stocks, one has a beautiful piece of flame grained walnut which would have looked fantastic on a high grade double shotgun. The Swiss 1911 stocks apparently were not as abused in training as the K-31's, most I have seen have original finish and look very good.

    The Swiss GP-11 ammos is very good, some say almost match grade, I do not know but it was good enough I bought up about 5 cases before prices went up, Also bought most of my rifles about three years ago while price was in the $70 ea range. My first which is the one with the fantastic stock was a gun show pick up for an inflated price of $130, and I do not regret it, because of stock quality which was not apparent at time of purchase. This one was an example of you will not always know what you are getting , wood wise, except for type, walnut or beech, due to chewed up, stained appearance. Pictures would not always help much either. Pay your money and take your chances
  18. RenardSubtil

    RenardSubtil Well-Known Member

    there's a pretty good line of well made products for the K31 as well by St. Marie (sp?).

    I've got the muzzle brake and bipod adapter for mine and it definitely makes the rifle fun to shoot.
  19. jkingrph

    jkingrph Well-Known Member

    Excellent prodcts, I have no interest in bipods, so no experience there. I do have a muzzle brake on one, their clamp on scope mount on another, and the third has their double diopter sight set up, fantastic target sights. It uses a clamp on scope mount and the rear receiver sight is adjustable for a bit of eye relief if desired. All of their products are of highest quality.
  20. mccook8

    mccook8 Well-Known Member

    I'm getting lots of enjoyment out of my K31.

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