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Kahr .380?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by welshdude, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. welshdude

    welshdude Active Member

    This past weekend I had the great joy of going plinking w/my son. He's got a Springfield XD40. Mine is a KT-P11. We checked out the store at the range and they had a couple of Kahr .380s. Neither had a polymer base.

    My question is are these older generations of the P380? The only part that was black were the grips. I'd never seen ones like this. I want one of course. :p They were asking 612.00 for each. One had an extension and the other was flat.

    Would an offer of 500.00 be fair? They were really sweet. Thanks ahead for your rs.
  2. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    The tiny P380 comes with a metal base plate. It's standard and normal on that model. Most Kahrs have a polymer base but many can be retrofit with a metal base.

    An all black P380 just went on Gunbroker for $560. IMHO, $500 would not be accepted but a negotiation may save you some money.
  3. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member


    As far as I know all of the Kahr .380s are polymer frame models. I'm not sure what you mean when you say neither one had a polymer base and only the grips are black as the entire grip frame assembly is made of black polymer. There are all steel models available but these are the T, K, and MK series and are chambered in 9mm. and .40 S&W. Retail price on the P380 is $649 so I doubt that they would take an offer of $500 on one. Kahr makes 6 and 7 round mags for the .380 models.
  4. JN01

    JN01 Well-Known Member

    The new budget version of the P380 (CW380) has a much lower MSRP- $419 for essentially the same gun.
  5. WRGADog

    WRGADog Well-Known Member

    I purchased my P380 shortly after they went on sale. The gun has a polymer frame with SS slide. Great little gun. I carry it frequently.
  6. welshdude

    welshdude Active Member

    Called the gunshop in question and was assured both P380s were polymer. The sales rep was looking right at them. The main difference between the CW and the P380 is the quality of the barrel. And the CW only comes w/one mag. The P380 comes w/two.

    I was going to go for a P3at or a LCP for cycling cc, but once I held the Kahrs I was ruined. I've a KT P11 that I'm very happy with, but it prints too big for CC on a bicyle. An Intratec Protec .25 ACP falls under the 'better than nothing' catagory. And ammunition is impossible to find for it. I'm down to 13 total. It's what I use now w/my wife carrying the KT 9mm. Plenty of ammo for that. Carry rounds are COP 115 gr +p jhp. 394 ft lbs. Not much more kick than Federal standard.

    Well, I better sell some stuff if I want one of the Kahrs. :eek:
  7. Big_John1961

    Big_John1961 Well-Known Member

    The only thing I can say about my time owning a P380 is that is was a disaster. Easily the most unreliable pistol I've owned, even after a trip back to Kahr. I dumped it as soon as I could. My PM9, on the other hand, has been flawless. Go figure. Hope you have better luck with yours.
  8. CZguy

    CZguy Well-Known Member

    I carry both a Kahr P45, and a P380 depending on how I dressed. Both have run flawlessly from the first shot.
  9. orionengnr

    orionengnr Well-Known Member

    I've owned a PM9, a P45 and a PM45. I still have the PM9 and the P45. I thought that the PM45 would be the perfect compromise, and would allow me to sell both the PM9 and the P45. Wrong, big time.

    I recently sold my LCP (which has worked perfectly and served me well for 5 years) and am currently waiting for a CW380 to come in. Sounds as if I might be waiting a while.

    If you have a P380 or a CW380 that you are not happy with, please contact me. Maybe I can solve both of our problems.
  10. bhk

    bhk Well-Known Member

    My P380 has been flawless since day one. It is, by far, the easiest tiny .380 to shoot accurately that I have experienced.
  11. CSG

    CSG Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of what Kahr is doing and bought a PM9 a couple years ago. Initially, it was a disaster and my LGS sent it back to Kahr twice. The first return did not fix the extraction and stove pipe issues but the second trip did and I've been confident with it now to carry.

    However, the whole experience put me off of Kahr for a future purchase although I really like the PM9 now that it's working the way it's supposed to. For .380 I went with an LCP for front pocket carry. Of course, you'll read all sorts of beefs with the LCP, Bodyguard .380, Sig .380 and on and on. The nature of small autos is challenging for reliability. However, I carried a Beretta 950 .25 as a pocket pistol for close to 30 years with never a hiccup.
  12. jigglyjames29

    jigglyjames29 Well-Known Member

    If you read around on the kahr forum, you probably won't buy a p380. Seems as if they still haven't fixed the bugs. I wonder if there'll be any updates on the CW380.
  13. welshdude

    welshdude Active Member

    CSG an endorsement like yours it makes me rethink my bicycle CC. 50 gr FMJ .25 in an 8+1 configuration. The IT operates very well(once I cleaned it) and it is very small and light. I've got an extra mag for it, too. I have been determined to get a mousegun .380, but may just stick w/what I have for now. Again the only problem I'm having is finding ammo for it in the current 'gunscare' market. 30 years is a long time w/o a problem. Thanks for posting.
  14. CSG

    CSG Well-Known Member

    I have so much .25 ammo I don't know what to do with it anymore. I still have two sealed cases of 250 rounds each (magtech?). I tried to trade it to a local gun shop for .380 but they said no one wants .25 anymore.

    Look, the .25 is not terribly powerful as a cartridge but almost no one I can think of wants to get shot in the face with one. Considering how unlikely it is that any of us will ever need to pull our CCW, at least you've got a gun. I went to the .380 just because it's really as small as the Beretta so I feel better about carrying it as my main CCW at this point.
  15. Cokeman

    Cokeman Well-Known Member

    My P380 is probably my favorite gun. I carry it every day.

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