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Kahr CM9

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Ghostrider_23, May 12, 2011.

  1. Ghostrider_23

    Ghostrider_23 Well-Known Member

    I see that Kahr came out with a new CW version but in the PM size. It is now called the CM9 which is like the CW same features and design just smaller.

    Has anyone bought one yet or had a chance to shot it?

    I am thinking of buying it for summer carry instead of a 380. AKA the Sig 238 is the only one I would be interested in. The weight between the Sig and the Kahr is almost the same and the 9mm is much cheaper to shoot and has more power/energy.

    If you have any info on this gun, please give me the skinny
  2. Dean1818

    Dean1818 Well-Known Member

    there is an excellent review on youtube

    I am looking at one as well. I havet seen one case on the boards from one failing yet.... so far very positive for the few who own them.

    Hopefully I can scrape the pennys together ........
  3. straightshooter9

    straightshooter9 Well-Known Member

    I've read nothing but Rave reviews for the CW9. Weighing in at only 15.8oz
    and width of .90" is a comfortable carry weapon.
    I'm considering one of these as well as a PM9 and CM9........and this after owning a several Walthers, RUGERS, SIG SP2022 and XDm9 COMPACT, which are all
    awesome guns!

    I fired a friends GLOCK over a 3 week period, just plain didn't like it, especially the trigger and the "brick" shape, needless to say I didn't like carrying it, as well as being fugly!

    I just can't seem to find anything negative with any KAHR and I'm gonna try one out soon.
  4. IdahoLT1

    IdahoLT1 Well-Known Member

    The CM9 is:
    lighter than the P238(14oz vs 15.2oz)
    shorter in length than the P238(5.42" vs 5.5")
    taller in height than the P238(4.0" vs 3.9")
    thinner than the P238(.9" vs 1.1")
    has a longer barrel(3.0" vs 2.7")
    has a similar capacity in a more powerful cartridge

    all while having a $110 cheaper msrp.
  5. Apollo46

    Apollo46 Member

    I can't wait to get one.....
  6. MikePaiN

    MikePaiN Well-Known Member

    I'll be all over the CM9 as soon as I find one locally.
    What few CM9's there are trickling in go like hot cakes.

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