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Kahr PM9 Range Report, and Kel-Tec 3AT Now Works

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Lonestar.45, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. Lonestar.45

    Lonestar.45 Well-Known Member

    Just picked up a Kahr PM9 a few days back, with the stainless slide and no night sites. I put 150 rds of WWB through it, with ZERO hiccups or issues. I am impressed with this little gun. After being on the receiving end of the recoil from my Kel-tec 3AT, I was prepared for some mangled hands. I was pleasantly surprised. It was snappy, but easily controllable. After another 50 or so, I'll start in with the JHP's.

    Accuracy was good, at least for me. At 7 and 15 yds I was shooting "fist sized" groups I'd say, with a few flyers here and there. It'll probably get better once I get more familiar with it and get some better ammo.

    On another note, I finally found the "fix" for the 3AT's FTE issues I was having.....Speer Gold dot. Exclusively. I've put 80 rds of GD through this Kel-Tec, with zero malfunctions. Corbon=FTE's; Fed Hydrashok=FTE's; WWB=FTE's and FTF's; Remington FMJ=FTE's and FTF's. You name the ammo, I tried it in this little gun. I was going to send it back to KelTec if it didn't work with the GD's. Now that it does, I think I'll be keeping it, and just feeding it the ammo it likes now and then to make sure it's working right, and relegating it to a strictly BUG/shoot sometimes gun.
  2. highdesert

    highdesert Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking about getting a PM9 for CCW. Looks like it would be quite a bit thinner than my Glock. Is it still doing well for you?

  3. 1 old 0311

    1 old 0311 member

    Guns are not unlike kids.......some like to eat this some that

  4. Jiml3

    Jiml3 Well-Known Member

    You made an excellent decision. I have a Kahr PM9 and found it to be excellent.
    While I had no problems with it, when Kahr issued a recall to polish and shave off a small piece of the feed ramp, I sent it back and turnaround time was just a couple of working days. Getting use to a dao gun took a little getting use to but now I really like it. It seems tro me to be the safest method and if confronted with a stressful situation, just draw, point and shoot. Don't have to worry about safeties.
    Good luck.

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