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Kahr should make alternate caliber M1 carbines

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Otony, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Otony

    Otony Well-Known Member

    This subject comes up frequently at the High Road. How many here think Kahr should make M1 carbines in any or all of the following?

    10mm (mmmm, 10mm)
    .357 Magnum

    Personally, I vote for the 9mm, .357 & 7.62x25, but all are theoretically possible. At one time Iver Johnson/Plainfield made a 9mm M1 that used (if I recall correctly) High Power magazines, so the concept is certainly workable. Years ago Universal made a .357 or .44 magnum version of the carbine that was pump operated, so magazines for rimmed cartridges are obviously workable as well.

    Perhaps different magazine wells could be made for your choice of 9mm magazines. One for Glock, S&W M&P, SIG, etc?

    Bored sick day, the minds wanders.......
  2. kBob

    kBob Well-Known Member


    Those 9x19mm carbine magazines started out as P35 magazines but then got little dimples punched into them to make them work with a regular Carbine magazine catch. The one carbine I handled had a magazine of that sort and it would not work in a Hi-Power.

    I believe a guy named La Rue was making rebarreld and modifiec M-1 carbines that used one of the Magnum class .45 autos (.451 or .458 something and a friend got one but I have not used it.

    For a bit there were some folks that would modify a carbine to use .223 cases cut down to near .357 length, inside trimed and loaded to .357 levels. S&W revolvers were also prepared to go along with the gun and modified to use the new rounds in Moon clips, or the normal .357 without.

    SOme folks liked the old 5.7 Spitfire or Johnson cartridge( .30 carbine necked down to .223 )and the government even at least looked at it.

    Many have commented on its striking resemblance to todays 5.7mm FN cartridge.

    Magazine from Coonan or Desert Eagle pistols would likely feed rimmed cartridge like .357 or .44 Mag with ease as they were designed to do so. Forming a new triger group/magazine housing that featured a clip latch like the original pistols (as with the Marlin and Ruger pistol carbines) would make magzines easier to get, but add cost to production.

    Have fun.

    -Bob Hollingsworth
  3. paintballdude902

    paintballdude902 Well-Known Member

    i saw an iver johnson a few days ago that was rebarreled in .45acp looked pretty cool
  4. .45Guy

    .45Guy Well-Known Member

    Heck, I'd be happy if someone did as Universal managed with the "ferret." A .256 Win. carbine would be nice. Nothing like a 60 grain pill at around 2800 fps.
  5. Anteater1717

    Anteater1717 Well-Known Member

    I do!!!

    I would love to see one in 10mm, or 5.7FN. One in .357 might be hard because of the rim, but if they found a way I would probably buy it.
  6. paintballdude902

    paintballdude902 Well-Known Member

    why 5.7 FN? .22 hornet would be 10x as practical better ballistics and much cheaper to shoot
  7. Otony

    Otony Well-Known Member

    Or for that matter, why not 5.7 Johnson, as kBob mentioned. It really is very similar to the 5.7 FN. Of course if you already have a 5.7 FN pistol, well then, THAT would make sense.........:p
  8. iamkris

    iamkris Well-Known Member

    I'd vote for the 10mm
  9. .45Guy

    .45Guy Well-Known Member

    With the length of action on a carbine, why waste space with a shorty like 10mm? Heck, go with .351 WSL!
  10. smee781

    smee781 member


    I want
    7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25 7.62x25.......is my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. DiN_BLiX

    DiN_BLiX Well-Known Member

  12. Click Click Boom

    Click Click Boom Well-Known Member

    9x25 Dillon!!!!!!! 95gr 2000FPS from a 5"1911 Barrel!!!

  13. MarshallDodge

    MarshallDodge Well-Known Member

    I would like one in .357 Mag. Ammo and brass is a lot more plentiful than .30 Carbine.
  14. SageMonkey

    SageMonkey Well-Known Member

    I they made one in .44 mag I would almost certainly buy it. I would love a reasonable capacity .44 mag semi carbine.

    9mm would be interesting, but I'd expect it to handle +P easily.

    I would strongly consider 7.62x25. Always thought that was an interesting and under-utilized cartridge. Seems to be a lot of surplus ammo for it too.
  15. jeff-10

    jeff-10 Well-Known Member

    10mm and 357 Sig would be the most realistic.
  16. Myself

    Myself Well-Known Member

    A vote for the 10mm magnum. :what: :)
  17. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    This thread is a good example of why Kahr won't offer carbines in other calibers. Everybody has his own pet project and would not be happy with someone else's.

    As I recall, the elaborate conversions to rimmed calibers only had five round hunting magazines; no 30 shot 'nanner clips for the .256 Ferrett or .44 Vulcan pump.

    The .45 Win Mag conversions were treading on the edge of the carbine's strength and flexibility. Winchester factory loads were apparently ok, but a light handload wouldn't function and it did not take a very heavy one to wreck the gun.

    I think 9mm Win Mag would be a good carbine round, but doubt it would sell well enough for the ammo companies to crank up on the volume and get the price down.
  18. Dumpster Baby

    Dumpster Baby Well-Known Member

    Heck, I'd be happy if someone did as Universal managed with the "ferret." A .256 Win. carbine would be nice. Nothing like a 60 grain pill at around 2800 fps.

    I have a Universal Ferret in .256 Win Mag. I always wished they had used the .38 Super rimless case instead of the rimmed .357 case. If I had any money, brains, or talent I would pursue that.
  19. ronin223

    ronin223 Member

    I think it is a bad idea. absolutly no demand for it.

    If they make a 9mm version, people will not buy it, most would get an uzi, ar in 9mm, or if they want the rifle stock a rugar pc-9. all really don't sell well.

    the carbine sells because of history, really only rifle in the caliber.

    7.62x25, maybe since there is little competition, and ammo is really cheap now. BUT if they make it, garantee'd someone will realize that the ammo is corrosive and the M1 carbine design is not condusive to complete cleaning so will complain on some gunboard how theirs rusted, and to not buy such a poorly designed gun, and kahr arms will get burned.

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