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Kahr trigger feels better than new.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by TheWarhammer, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. TheWarhammer

    TheWarhammer Well-Known Member

    I just installed the Wolff 5 Lb. striker spring in my Kahr K40. The trigger always felt really nice... now it feels great! I've had this pistol since 1997 and I long ago lost count of how many rounds I've fired through it. I wish I would have done this years ago.

    Just to show off my pretty Kahr, here are a few pics. Notice the new striker spring?
  2. jocko

    jocko Well-Known Member

    Have the 5#in my k9 and PM9, love the way it now feels, Nice thing about it, no big deal switching back if one is unhappy with it. Certainly changed my two kahrs.
  3. Dave P

    Dave P Well-Known Member

    Get the springs at midway??

    You guys don't have the elite trigger do you? I don't - but would like to improve the stock feel. It is long and hard.

    Great guns, tho!
  4. TheWarhammer

    TheWarhammer Well-Known Member

    I got my springs directly from Wolff. It was $7.49 for a set of 3 springs. Here's a link: http://www.gunsprings.com/1ndex.html

    You are correct, I don't have the Elite trigger. I bought my K40 way back in 1997, long before the Elite trigger existed. From what I've heard about the Elite trigger, I'd rather have the standard trigger with the 5 Lb spring than the Elite trigger. The length of the trigger pull really doesn't bother me. I wouldn't want a heavier trigger pull just to get the pull length a 1/4" shorter. Then there is the $147 cost difference between getting the Elite trigger or just changing the spring!
  5. Rob1035

    Rob1035 Well-Known Member

    I have always been impressed with Kahr triggers, but I'm glad there's some wiggle room in there for improvement...
  6. jocko

    jocko Well-Known Member

    1/8" less trigger travel with the elite trigger, and any kahr whether it is the elite trigger or NY trigger will take the 5# striker spring replacement from wolffs. Works great as most every person who has tried them has stated.

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