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Kansas and Nebraska CCW

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Gray Peterson, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Gray Peterson

    Gray Peterson Well-Known Member

    I looked at some of the returns from the elections in Kansas.

    The State House of Representatives appearently gained 3 Republican seats, now 83, over 80 before the year started. Of course, the veto override of Sebelius' veto failed by 78 (needed 84 to override), so the question to all the vote counters in Kansas: Any incumbent anti-gun Republicans get defeated in the primary and won the general election? Same with democrats?

    And what of Nebraska? Is there enough votes now to get rid of Ernie Chamber's stupid filibuster?
  2. Shanghai McCoy

    Shanghai McCoy Well-Known Member

    Kansas is the home of the Free Range RINO.Both of the sponsers of last years carry bill were women and democrats.When a bill was passed while an alledged republican was governor he would'nt sign it.Kansas has too many limo liberals and country club conservatives to get anything like concealed carry passed.Dang I miss Oklahoma....
  3. Sisco

    Sisco Well-Known Member

    Yeah but we got stuck with Ward Lloyd from my district again, he's a Dem. disguised as a Republican.
    Tried my best to get rid of him but it just didn't work out. I haven't heard anything from Candy Ruff since the last CCW go-around, hope she plans on bringing it up again.
  4. LoneStranger

    LoneStranger Well-Known Member

    Re: Candy Ruff

    I'm a constituent of hers and while I saw her the other night I failed to ask.

    From previous statements I would expect that if she thinks things are right the CCW will come up again. :)
  5. Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman Well-Known Member

    It took Minnesota years and years. (And is now tied up in a court challenge!) Don't give up!
  6. Firethorn

    Firethorn Well-Known Member

    Nebraska already has CCW?

    and the right to keep
    and bear arms for security or defense of self, family, home, and
    others, and for lawful common defense, hunting, recreational use,
    and all other lawful purposes, and such rights shall not be
    denied or infringed by the state or any subdivision thereof.


    Of course, there are court cases that allow "reasonable" regulation :scrutiny:
    (The quoted is 28-1203, which prohibits class IV equipment, unless you've been authorized by the feds).

    I don't think that a plain CCW prosecution has ever succeeded. Who wants to be the test subject?
  7. ThreadKiller

    ThreadKiller Well-Known Member

    My understanding is this past election brought us more Dems to the Unicameral and that probably does not bode well for the CCW effort in Nebraska.

    However, conversations I've had with "those in the know", Nebraska and Illinois are to be targeted by the NRA and GOA as we are some of the last states to have an acknowledged lawful CCW law. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    And yes, there are those who claim Nebraska law already allows lawful CCW but who wants to put the bell around the cat's neck? Lots of latitude in words like "prudent" and "reasonable."

    Little guy like me would get swallowed up by the "justice" system and never be heard from again most likely. (Although first offense is but a misdemeanor.)

    But again, I've been told that there are those looking for a test case in Nebraska to bring the issue to bear and will bankroll the defendant's case (if properly charged anyway).

    It's a shame really. Most of us Nebraskans are pretty decent folk. But there a few in power that apparently hold a dim view of their fellow citizens.

    That's what Liberalism does to people.

  8. Robert J McElwain

    Robert J McElwain Well-Known Member

    My local RINO, David Atkins, didn't even run this time. He was replaced with a Republican who, hopefully, will support CCW. Let's hope.

    Dang, I really hate it when Kansas is known as one of the last holdouts on CCW and for promoting Creationism. We're almost as screwed up as **********. :cuss:

  9. tulsamal

    tulsamal Well-Known Member

    Now, now. You know we don't allow swearing on the High Road!

    I also wish Kansas would get the CCW thing straightened out. I only live 31 miles south of Kansas. I was very happy when MO finally got it right since I go to Joplin quite a bit. It would be wonderful if I could drive to Colorado through Kansas and "be legal" the whole way there and back!

    We elected Coburn to the US Senate so it is only going to get better!


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